10 best Offbeat beaches in Goa

10 Offbeat Beaches in Goa

This Blog, 10 best Offbeat Beaches in Goa contains information about Offbeat Places to visit in Goa, things to do in Goa, and food to eat. 10 best offbeat beaches in Goa will certainly charm you with some excellent photographs and some unique locations of the beaches on the Arabian sea.

1. Palolem -best among 10 best offbeat beaches in Goa

When people talk South Goa, Palolem is one of the first beaches that usually comes to mind and it is also one of the 10 best offbeat beaches in Goa, and the tourists who have visited the beach would surely agree to that.   It’s a 20-minute drive from Agonda and is a beach with some of the most spectacular sunsets.

Getting to Palolem- Margao or Madgaon is the main city center to Palolem. While there are buses that take roughly a little over an hour, you can also drive down the route with some stunning landscapes insight and that takes about 45 minutes.

Palolem is a huge area, and if you’re looking for somewhere to stay, there are a lot of options that can suit your budget, right from backpacker hostels, to hotels! Highly recommendable hostels in the 500 rupee range include The Lost Hostels and the Rainbow Lining hostels which are not too far from the beach making it easy access if you wish to go for a swim. I’d highly recommend renting a scooter which costs roughly Rs 300 per day to take you around faster unless you have your own vehicle or prefer to walk.

If you’re hungry, here are a few recommendations on where to eat-

Papillon. Overlooking the beach, Papillon is a pleasant place for an afternoon drink at the bar, a light snack in their chill-out area, or a proper meal in their dining room. Their cuisines vary from Chinese specialties to various tandoor dishes cooked by highly experienced chefs.

The Space Goa. Offering more than just a quick bite to eat, The Space Goa encompasses a gourmet deli, craft shop, and a reflexology center. Serving wholesome and organic food, Space Goa provides revitalizing and healthy meals. Sourcing their produce locally, and specializing in raw, vegan, and naturally sweetened ingredients this is the place to go for lovers of healthy, sustainable eating. With a healing ambiance to accompany the peaceful retreat, there really is no better place to embrace a balanced diet than here.

Magic Italy- If you fancy traditionally made wood-fired pizzas, Magic Italy is your place to go! Run by Italian owners, the dishes are authentic and expertly prepared, making it a delightful place to eat at.

2. Mandrem-unique among 10 best offbeat beaches in Goa

Nearby Arambol, Mandrem is one of the best beaches for food, sunsets, and even drum circles and fire shows. Getting there is not the easiest because of well, no road, one has to ride through the sand to reach there, but that’s a lovely adventure in itself. The sunset is so spectacular that it attracts a huge crowd that lazes around for an hour or so.

In Mandrem, I stayed at the Bodhi Village which has cute wooden huts and a nice garden area as well. They have events too occasionally from yoga to excursions in the wild as well.

The only place I really ate at was Café Food Planet which is a big shack on the beach. They serve a lot of types of alcohol and cuisines from Burgers, Pizzas, Indian food, etc and if you’re looking for vegan food, they have that too. My favourite dish there was the Vegan Tofu burger, around Rs. 350 but very fulfilling. This place is very popular before, during, and after sunset and is open till late in the night.

3. Querim

Querim or Keri as it is popularly called is one of the most famous secrets of North Goa. A pristine isolated beach, it is ideal for surfers and paragliders who love the wind and the surf, and not too far from it are the Keri Caves which is a short adventure to get to. Fair warning, be away from the caves during high tide as it is very possible to get stuck inside which could prove fatal. But on a low tide afternoon, it is a perfect adventure spot!

Getting here is easy, it’s only a 25-minute drive or rides from Arambol through the beautiful scenery of banyan trees and other wild plants.

I stayed at an offbeat hostel called the No Name hostel, which is very connected to the land and the community, which it is, basically a community space/hostel where everyone lives together and works together. One can even volunteer and help them with their daily tasks if they wish to! Due to the covid situation, the dorms weren’t open yet but they did have private rooms at the time for Rs 900 and they provided 2 meals a day included in the price which makes it a very good deal! But if you choose to eat elsewhere in Querim, I’d suggest Vag’s Goan Corner down the road which makes the best chicken thalis with authentic Goan Chicken curry.

Querim beach

4. Butterfly Island- most beautiful among 10 best offbeat beaches in Goa.

While some call it butterfly island, it is indeed not an island, but a beach located North of Palolem. Here you get one of the most pristine views in all of South Goa and this is a well-kept secret too. One can get here either by a boat ride or once you park your car/bike at the nearest parking area, it’s a 30-minute hike through actual forests to reach here. Camping here is possible too but I would not recommend it .It is surely one of the 10 best offbeat beaches in Goa.

5. Agonda-most famous among 10 offbeat beaches in Goa

Agonda is one of the most beautiful and off-beat beaches in the South of Goa after Palolem and is only a few kilometers away from there. The drive or the ride down to Agonda is absolutely stunning and it is something I would always recommend. It is what one could expect from the beaches of Goa; clean, pristine, calm and clear waters, and beautiful golden sand. Despite it’s proximity to the city center it is one of the most isolated and secure beaches of South Goa and you’ll definitely have the best time there.

Given the Covid situation of 2020, there’s only one popular shack open there, which I can’t recollect the name of if you wish to dine in before or after your time at the beach. They have a variety of cuisines including Thai and Oriental. I personally love Thai cuisine so I ate a Pad Thai which was pretty close to what an authentic Pad Thai should be, so that was pretty good!

6. Arambol- Most lively among the 10 best offbeat beaches in Goa


Arambol is one of the northern-most beaches in Goa and is one of the last places in India where the hippie movement is still alive in full swing. It’s a very beautiful place to be and offers something for everyone to take part in and enjoy. Be it Tantra, Mantra, Yoga, dancing, food workshops, fire spinning workshops, anything that suits your fancy you’ll find it here. Not too far from it, a short hike, you’ll reach the sweet water lake where the water is legit sweet and is a very calm serene spot to laze around in and swim at.

To get to Arambol, the closest railway station is Thivim, from which it takes an hour by taxi or if you prefer public transport then there are buses that go to the Arambol village bus stand.

Around Arambol, through a little hike through the jungle connected to the beach, one can find a huge ground of banyan trees which is usually occupied by a Holy Baba who is usually high. If that’s not for you, you can always go and chill out over there as the vibes and the people who gather there are very relaxed.


It is an amazing place in Arambol to eat at! It’s close to the beach and the food is amazing. If you fancy some good Western food then Double Dutch is your place to go from exotic meals to vegan meals etc. Fa Tea Ma café which is in the same lane as Jungle Dance( a popular spot for events and workshops) has a variety of freshly made teas and drinks for you to cool off, highly recommended.

We stayed at The Wildflower hostel in Arambol which is a little far from the beach, but a fantastic place to stay at with the best vibes. Given the Covid situation, they only had private rooms available for 900 a night at the time but it was worth it with the free breakfast and the regular jam sessions. (10 Offbeat Beaches in Goa)

7. Ashwem Beach

Ashwem beach is located near Mandrem and Arambol. There’s not much to write about this beach except that it has a temporary lagoon which shows itself during high tide, otherwise it’s a pretty isolated beach where one can wade in for at least a hundred meters during the low tide.

8. Patnem

Patnem is a beach located between Palolem and Agonda. The waves here are amazing and non-threatening even for non-swimmers. While it’s not exactly isolated, a lot of cows hang around here during sunrise which makes them fun to watch as it really enrages the territorial dogs of the beach.

While there are budget hostels like the Rainbow Lining Hostel, which offer dorm beds for Rs 350 a night, I didn’t actually stay there as I stayed with a friend in a private villa near The Rice Mills restaurant. I ate there most of the time when it wasn’t for home cooked meals and I have to say, that the food here is pretty close to what soul food is. Everything here is amazing and they’ll make it as you need them to without charging anything extra. I ate the buckwheat vegan pancakes which was an amazing quantity and an absolute steal for Rs 250.

9. Miramar- Elegant beach among 10 best ofbeat beaches in Goa

This beach is a unique one as this is where the Mandovi River meets the Arabian Sea. This beach is flocked by families who just want to stroll or for family picnics usually in the evenings.

10. Majorda

Majorda beach is located in South Goa very near to Colva and it is in fact the easiest beach to access from Dabolim airport which is the main airport of Goa. It boasts of over 20km of soft, golden sand with beautiful views. Accommodations here are available at different budgets for everyone, from beach huts to fancy resorts and the same goes for dining in restaurants as well.It is definitely one of the 10 best offbeat beaches in Goa .

On where to eat, Martin’s Corner is undoubtedly one of the most famous restaurants in Goa located close to the beach. You can get traditional Goan, Indian and Tandoori dishes, as well as its superb range of fresh seafood. It is the perfect place for an extra special meal during your holiday. No matter which day you go, you’ll find the hustle and bustle always present. They have a variety of dishes again, my favorite being the Chicken steak for Rs 350 which was top notch!

Hope you enjoyed reading the 10 Offbeat Beaches in Goa Blog. 


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