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Bakhali Travel Guide- A Weekend Gateway

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You have travel bug! I feel you. We all are stuck in our home since March 2020. This pandemic has given so much trouble to our normal life but will never be able to kill the bug inside us right!! We all are scared of COVID-19 but at the same time our inner soul is crying to explore, so here I am to give you a budget friendly Bakkhali travel guide trip idea for your weekend!!

If you are in West Bengal and bored with Digha, Mandarmani then this is the best trip you could do in this pandemic situation!! You know about Bakkhali Sea Beach!! But not interested for the trip!! Then you should definitely see the images and I am sure you will give a second thought to this trip and If you are new then stay with me to know about this budget friendly beautiful trip.

First Thing First : Kolkata to Bakkhali

If you are a road trip lover then this is the best time to visit Bakkhali. From which ever place you are coming take Diamond Harbour road and then straight drive to Bakkhali via Kakdwip and Namkhana. The roads are pretty good.You will have a smooth ride except the traffic in Diamond Harbour market. We took Maruti Suzuki Eeco as we were total 7 people. You can take bike or scooty too. It takes 4 hours to reach but the traffic adds more 1-1.5 hours to your journey. We started at 9 AM and reached there by 2PM (We took a snack break at Diamond Harbour River).









Where to stay in Bakkhali

After reaching to the hotel they first sanitized our luggage and then sanitized our room in front of us. We stayed in Hotel Dolphin (Rs.1500/night AC room). The rooms were pretty good and has nice view. You can choose the balcony room which has Jacuzzi. But the food quality was not good. The lunch was still good but the snacks were not good at all.









After our lunch we went to the beach to see the sunset. You can walk or take toto rickshaws (Rs.10-15) to the beach. We went in our car. There is a beautiful arrangements for sitting with the sea in front of you. There are plenty of stalls who are selling fish, crabs. You can choose what you want to have and they will prepare the food as per your taste. You can take massage at the beach ( full body โ‚น45, head and shoulder โ‚น10). You can have your tea-snacks and watch beautiful sunset. Our evening was more beautiful as it was a full moon night. Below are the photos, Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

bakkhali travel guide





















Day 2: Food in Bakkhali sea beach-best part of bakkhali travel guide

If you think you don’t have anything to do or see in Bakkhali then you are wrong. This place has two three beautiful places to look around. On the next day, we went to the beach side to have our breakfast. It was a pleasant experience as the sea was very close than the previous day. It was Joyar time. The foods were delicious and affordable. We bought fish ( Hilsa, Pabda & Pomfret)ย  from the local market and gave to the same stall for cooking as we decided to have our lunch in the very same place. They took only 100Rs for cooking and 30Rs for rice, Dal and another side dish(veg). Have a look in the photos :

bakkhali travel guide

















So everyone knows Bakkhali is famous for Henry’s Island Right!!. So like others we also decided to visit Henry’s Island after our lunch. So It takes 5-10 mins by car to reach Henry’s Island from Bakkhali beach but to our surprise it was closed ๐Ÿ™ . We asked the local people but they were not sure why it was closed. We guessed it was closed due to covid or because of the damaged happened after Amphan. We were very sad as we thought our evening is spoiled but that was not the case because whatever happens, happens for a reason. We discovered a beach near to our hotel called Frasergunj and It was the best evening with the best sunset of my life. I will write the detail about the beach for your knowledge.

Frasergunj Sea Beach :Scenic part of bakkhali travel guide

If you are visiting Bakkhali then you must keep Frasergunj in your list. This beach located between Bakkhali sea beach and Henry’s Island. 1 Km before Bakkhali beach and 2-3 Km after Henry’s Island.ย  You can ask any local people they will guide you. You can take toto rickshaws from your hotel to this point ( 10Rs ). This beach is known as Fishing Harbour. It doesn’t have stalls like Bakkhali beach. You will get only two tea stall but the time will fly so quick by watching it’s beauty you will not feel hungry at all.

The beach is not crowdy at all and what can be the best time to get an isolated beach than now. You can pass quality time by sitting here for hours. We reached there at 3.30 and thought how our time will pass as we were there to watch the Sunset but believe me or not this place will show you its beauty in every single mins. There you will find some damaged houses due to the the strong waves but those houses made that place more attractive. The beach is full of red crabs and its whitish sand is the major attraction of the tourists.

There is a watch tower from where you can see the whole area and the windmills surrounding to this area adds more beauty to the beach. You can also enjoy a boatride to Jambudeep, but after reaching to Jambudeep they will not allow you to stay there. So I suggest if you have time in your hand you can enjoy the boatride but if you want to enjoy the sunset like me then you can stay at Frasergunj beach and be with the waves. As the time passes by the waves becomes stronger and the breeze becomes cooler. But be careful and don’t go very far as the waves come closer very soon at the time of evening and the sands become soft and it will be hard for you to come back to the beach. I will now post the pictures for your visual happiness ๐Ÿ™‚

Frasergunj-bakkhali travel guide bakkhali travel guide bakkhali travel guide bakkhali travel guide bakkhali travel guide

































For a trip to this sea beach i have used amazon to buy some delightful apparels and light clothes alongwith sunglasses apparently best suited for travelling in sea beach towns.

So, I hope you liked this short and budget friendly travel story. People who are planning for a short trip must definitely give it a thought. If you liked this story and wants more travel stories like this please comment below.

You can ask or give any suggestions too. We are happy to hear your query and suggestions! Keep rocking!! Keep Exploring!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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