Best Diwali Gifts for Travelers

Travelers don’t miss a chance of vacation during festive season. If you have a travel freak at home whom you wish to gift a Diwali present, you must not miss these gifting ideas. It can win you a million dollar smile amidst the pandemic.


  1. Gift Voucher:

Why don’t you gift a voucher to your friends who are planning a honeymoon after the pandemic? It could be a great surprise for the newly wedded couple. There are lots of resorts and holiday experts who can offer you awesome coupons which can be redeemed by travellers during their stay.


  1. Swiss Knife:

This multi-purpose pocket tool can be a great savior during travel. Starting from an apple cutter to nail cutter, filer to screw driver, you get 12 different varieties of tools in one device. There are multiple brands to choose from, but blades with a good stainless body will last rust free, forever.


  1. Foldable Luggage:

Well, there is nothing new about a duffle bag, but yes a foldable duffle can help the travelers in saving enormous space. Often, the return luggage is more due to destination shopping and other reasons, so this Diwali you can make your loved ones feel relaxed with a foldable duffle bag.


  1. Cool Sipper:

Water bottles are a must have during any travel. Especially in long train journeys, arranging cold water is a challenge. So, why not pick and gift an AC bottle to your traveler friend? Well, a thermos sipper can be a good solution for cool water carriage, keeping the water cold for hours.


  1. Travel Neck Pillow:

International flights often have long layovers and travellers are not allowed to move outside the airport in hopping cities. Budget travellers often lay down on the airport floor to ease the body. A comfy neck pillow can be a great present if you have one such friend in your gifting list.


  1. Eye Coolants:

For long travels by train or flight, eyes get tired the quickest. A coolant eye mask can help eyes rejuvenate the right way. Don’t forget to check the dermatological side effects before applying it, especially not advisable for children.


  1. Aroma Therapy Kit:

Trekkers often forget to carry a therapy kit like aromatic balms, oils or ointments. It is a healthy way to revitalize a tired body, healthily. This Diwali, why don’t you gift your partner a kit containing all aromatic essentials?


  1. Bluetooth Speaker:

For road trippers, this can be a great company. Music can soothe travel weariness during long self-drives. Just tune the Bluetooth speaker to your mobile library or car’s sound system and enjoy favourite music on the go.


  1. Passport Organizer:

For multi-city international travels, passports are checked more than often. Putting it inside a jacket would be advisable to present any physical damages. A leather made passport organizer would be a good pocket-friendly gift for your traveller friend this Diwali.


  1. Dog Bowl Water Bottle:

For those who travel with pets, a leak free dog bowl with embedded water bottle could be the perfect festive gift. Picnics are round the corner. Why don’t you take your pets too by the waterside? Feed them in a bowl and carry the water in same container, without increasing your stress.

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