Best Places in India to go in December

Best Places in India to go in December

Remember that by best places in india to go in december. The time you reach 30, things will start changing in your life. The number of responses will be hidden under the burden of the tax bracket. The early morning jogs and fun with your friends will vanish, and you will get tangled in the gym sessions. Your social life might take a hit as your colleagues will turn into friends, and your BFFs will slowly fade away from your life. However, unfortunately, this is what life is all about. People often deal with the growing up stuff by gifting themselves a trip of the lifetime. It can be with friends, family, or your partner. You can call it the best way to release stress. So, have a look at some of the best places to visit in India where you can lighten up before turning 30.

Goa – Party Paradise

Goa is the heaven every youngster nowadays dreams of. The mere mention of this place lightens up the face of a young boy or girl. This tiny place is filled with pubs and shacks and offers the best country parties.

In fact, Goa is not all about partying, and one can Kayak at Palolem, paraglide at Calangute, or even plan to ride a banana boat at Vagator. No wonder why this place s always on the top of the list of the best places in India.

Since this place is top on the list and always in every youngster’s mind, it is hard to make the trip budget-friendly. It is hard to find good accommodations at less price, and especially during the peak season, the flight tickets go extremely high. However, if you make your reservations beforehand, you can avoid any such issue.

It is quite common among a group of friends to plan a last-minute trip to places like Goa. You can always take the help of a website to get offers and deals on your last-minute bookings. There are many options available o these sites, and you can choose from luxury suites, BNBs, hotels, homestays, and many others.

Best places in india to go in december Ladakh – Mystical Land

Everyone wants to get the surreal experience of riding a bike with their friends on the roads of Ladakh. However, this road trip is not as easy as it might look. You have to push yourself to the absolute limit of mental and physical endurance. Even if nothing else happens, you will emerge with a stronger bond with your friends. Ladakh is one of the best places to visit in India if you are looking for beautiful terrains and landscapes.

Srinagar – Valley Of Peace

Jammu Kashmir is one of the most beautiful tourist places in India. However, if you and your buddies only have a single day to spend there, straight away go to Srinagar. Spend a memorable night on boathouse at the Dal Lake and do visit the Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden in the morning.

Dharamshala – Slice of Tibet

If you want to experience the tiny slice of Tibet in India, there is no place better than Dharamshala. This beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh is home to Dalai Lama, whom you might meet if you are lucky enough. Apart from this, for travel junkies, this place has a lot more to give. There are various activities you can take part in, like camping, trekking, and gliding, or trying a rented motorcycle tour. One of the best places to escape from the stressful work life and daily routine to find peace and enjoy.

Manali – Valley Of Gods

You can find a bunch of places to eat here, and the food quality is marvelous as well. You might wonder what is so special about this place in India. For starters, all you need to know is, you can bathe in a hot spring, do skiing and visit the largest wildlife sanctuaries in India. There are very few cities that offer so many things and provides an all-in-one package for vacations.

Solang Valley – The Indian Alps

Almost everyone knows about this place and how it gives a tough competition to the Swiss Alps. You can enjoy the cool mountain view, breathe in the cool air and look at peaceful snow-capped mountains, skies, and forests that give you a feeling of looking at a painting. This makes this valley the best place to visit in India and have a break plus enjoy with your family.

Shimla – Queen Of The Hills

We have seen how this place captures all hearts of the Indians, as shown in the Bollywood movies. It has been on the top list of Britishers when they ruled India, and they named it the winter capital. One of the most interesting facts about this place is it remains crowded throughout the year. Thus, if you are planning a vacation, don’t forget to make prior bookings to decrease any chances of cancellation.

Like any other hill station, Shimla is also filled with many tourist spots and adventure activities that will fill your day with joy. If you are planning a vacation, this place must be on your list.

Kanatal – Hidden Hamlet

It is because of the environs that this place is finally turning into one of the most precious tourist places in India. One will come across many reasons to visit this heaven with a companion or a group of friends. You can enjoy camping, various opportunities to be a part of adventure sports, and picturesque trekking trails all year. As Kanatal is not so popular yet and a very small town, this trip will not be that hard on your pocket.

best places in india to go in december Munnar – The Forest Of Love

You will find many forests at this place, and the greenery will add more beauty to your vacations. You can also hire vehicles and go for a scenic tour of the famous Adimali Forest Road. However, beware as these roads have tight hairpin bends, and for a spirited driver, the partner can get motion sick. Always go for pre-bookings through sites so that you can get accommodation at a reasonable price without any worries.

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