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best places to visit in ooty

Best Places to Visit in Ooty in 2 days

Welcome to this blog best places to visit in Ooty in 2 days. I was delighted the moment I embarked on my expedition to Ooty. It started with a journey on the illustrious Nilgiri Mountain Railway, which is commonly known as the Ooty Toy train.

Toy train to Ooty

The Toy train runs from Mettupalayam to Ooty via Coonoor and covers 46 km in 5 hours. Initially, the Toy Train was pulled by a steam engine but now a diesel engine is used for the purpose. The train is operated by the Southern Railway and is the only operational Rack Railway in the country. It has a braking system inbuilt in the rail tracks which makes it unique. This braking system protects train from reverse movement on steep climb or a free fall on slopes.

The train passes through the picturesque Nilgiri Mountains and lush green forest. I was getting something new to see every 100 meters of travel. The entire area was full of green trees with the casual appearance of tea plantations or a hamlet hanging on the hill slopes.

The scenery from the train’s window was so beautiful that I desired the journey could have continued for a couple of more hours. The only noise I was able to hear in the valley was coming from my train’s engine. Every thing else in the surrounding was composed and content.

best places to visit in ooty

I was casually browsing through the toy train schedule and was surprised to see that the train takes 4 hrs 50 min to reach Ooty from Mettupalayam. However, the return journey from Ooty takes only 3 hrs 35 min. Then I realized that it is because of the great altitude of the Nilgiri Mountains that makes the trek more demanding for the trains to climb.

best places to visit in ooty

Ooty Botanical Garden-Introduction to best places to visit in Ooty in 3 days

Once at the destination, I headed straight to the hotel room to dump my baggage, catch some refreshments, and quickly move around the city. The city is so beautiful and merely walking on the street is delightful. My first point of attraction was the Botanical Garden.

best places to visit in ooty

The Garden has a variety of flower and plants. It is spread across 55 acres and is divided into five sections such as Italian Garden, Fern House, Lower Garden, Nursery, and a Conservatory. This garden is a must-visit point of attraction for plant and flower enthusiasts.

St Stephens Church

best places to visit in ooty

St. Stephan Church is famous for its architectural beauty and immense religious importance. The church has equally beautiful interiors. It is said that the timber used in the church was brought from Srinangapatna, which is 140 km away from Ooty.

Doddabetta-highlight of places to visit in Ooty in October 2 days

best places to visit in ooty

Doddabetta Mountain is beautiful and the highest peak in the Nilgiri Mountains. It has an observatory at the top with two telescopes available for the public. One can have magnificent views of hills, plantations, forests, tea gardens, and small hamlets from this tower.

Wax World (Art Gallery and Museum)-Funtime for Kids in palces to visit in Ooty in 2 days

best places to visit in ooty

If you have spare time and have had enough of natural beauty throughout the day, you may visit Wax World in Vannarapettai on Kotagiti Road. It is an art gallery and museum. Operation timing is 9:30 am to 7:30 pm and is open on all seven days. It also has beautifully carved wax statues of prominent figures.

Ooty is also famous for authentic homemade chocolates. I saw a wide variety of chocolates from dark chocolates to strawberry flavored ones, from coconut to mango flavors.

Ooty Lake-Prime attraction of best places to visit in Ooty in 2 days

Ooty Lake is an artificially created water body and gives visitors and locals some escape from the city life. Eucalyptus trees surround it and the shores are full of green bushes. It has a nominal entry fee and is open for visitors from 9 am to 6 pm on all seven days.

best places to visit in ooty

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Pykara waterfall and Lake

Pykara River creates Pykara fall, which converts into Pykara Lake at a short distance from the waterfall. It is situated in the north of Oort and amidst the green shola forest. This lake is the result of a dam built on the Pykara River for power generation. Boating is allowed in this beautiful lake.

best places to visit in ooty

best places to visit in ooty

My visit to the best place around Ooty

Now comes the most memorable part of my trip to Ooty. The Avalanche Lake. The Lake has derived its name from a landslide that occurred in 1823. The Lake was formed because of that avalanche and is 28 km away from the City.

I started early from my hotel room and was out of town in barely after 15 minutes of drive. Soon I was on a road amid beautiful hilly terrain. The moment I left the city, tea vegetation started following my car on both sides of the road. There were settlements seen occasionally with colorful homes on the slopes of hills like below.

best places to visit in ooty

This gave an indication that if the approach to Avalanche Lake is so striking then the destination must be extraordinarily beautiful. I got to a forest department checkpoint a few km away from the Lake. Vehicles are not allowed beyond this point as the Lake is situated deep inside the protected forest. The buses are available at fixed intervals and cost 200 INR per person and a Jeep is available for 2000 INR per trip. The jeep can comfortably accommodate six persons.

I boarded a bus with ten other tourists. The bus stopped after a few km for sightseeing. It was for visitors to take a few good photographs. You need to reverse below photograph 180 degree to see what my camera saw that day. 🙂

best places to visit in ooty

Avalanche Lake

The bus traveled leisurely for another 20 minutes. Finally, we reached the central reservoirs of The Avalanche Lake. The lake runs across hills for several kilometers. Therefore, it is vital to see it from the best perspective.
I was mesmerized for a few seconds after I disembarked from the bus. I had never seen such a spectacular expanse of striking landscape ever in my life. The Lake looked incredible with blue sparkling water.

best places to visit in ooty

The Upper Bhawani Lake

Set amidst a magnificent setting and lush greenery, this lake is a delight for nature lovers. This is the most significant and beautiful location of the expansive Avalanche Lake. It is called the Upper Bhawani Lake. The island in the middle of the lake added splendor to the water body. However, it disappears during monsoon rain when the water level in the lake increases. So, one needs both, the clear sky and the island to experience and capture the real splendor of the Lake.

best places to visit in ooty

The upper Bhawani Lake is out of bounds for visitors. Therefore, one cannot go near the water body or touch and feel it as we can do in Nainital Lake or other lakes in the country. The vehicle would halt at this viewpoint barely for 20 minutes before returning to the forest check-post. Therefore, those 20 minutes were the most prized moment of my journey to Ooty.

Emerald Lake-Most beautiful among best places to visit in Ooty in 2 days.

Emerald Lake is situated in the silent valley between Avalanche Lake and the City. The name Emerald comes from the village located near the lake. This waterbody also has a dam that has created a huge water reservoir. Similar to the upper Bhawani Lake, this lake is also out of bounds for visitors. The beauty of the place needs to be admired from a distance only. The expanse of the lake is enormous and an individual cannot assess the real size or spread of the lake. We can only google and see satellite images to check the actual spread of the lake.

best places to visit in ooty

The Emerald Lake is famed for the scenic sunrise and sunset views. Good to see a variety of fish in the lake and birds around the place. The lake is surrounded by tea gardens where visitors can buy unprocessed tealeaves.

best places to visit in ooty

I choose to return via Coimbatore Airport. This called for a three-hour road trip from Ooty to Coimbatore. It was equally a great experience as the road again took me to Nilgiri Mountains, tea plantations, and dense forests. En-route this temple on the right side of the road surprised me with its unique Shiva Linga shape, so I got down from my vehicle carefully holding my camera.

best places to visit in ooty

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