Best Restaurant in Delhi With Great Indian Food and Ambience
best ambience restaurant in delhi

In this post, i am going to discuss about the best restaurant in Delhi with good Indian food and ambiance. We all know that Delhi is the capital city of India and is consider as the core of the country. The city is famous for its advanced culture and heritage. The city has some celebrated authentic landmarks and is developing with the passage of time. This capital city has two parts famously familiar as Purani Dilli or Old Delhi and Nayi Dilli or New Delhi. Old Delhi is famous for its antiquated culture and landmarks alongside its overcrowded gastronomical paths. Delhi is the hub of significant business, transport and symbol of social center. it is also consider as political focus of India. People of any age can enjoy there as it has something for everybody to commend their learning. in this article you will see “Best Restaurant in Delhi”.

Best Restaurant in Delhi with Indian Food

Delhi without a doubt is India’s culinary capital. The spirit of the city is complicatedly associate with the huge swath of food alternatives accessible all through it. Offering the sort of multiculturalism that is additionally reflect in the town’s historical centers, bars and occasions scenes. The best eateries in Delhi incorporate a far reaching spread of Asian, Mediterranean, European and, obviously, Indian suppers. Now i am going to share “Best Restaurant in Delhi With Great Food and Ambience“, so lets see below.

Indian Accent Delhi

Indian Accent is a restaurant which is located at The Lodhi Hotel in New Delhi, India. It was built up in 2009 by Rohit Khattar, Founder Chairman of Old World Hospitality. it is extraordinary compare to other spot for feasting in Delhi. This eatery in New Delhi has carried very number of honors to contemporary Indian food. This is the main cafe from India on the World’s 100 Best rundown since 2015.



The reason which makes this restaurant special as one of the top chefs in India and even the world, Manish Mehrotra has helped put modern Indian food on the gastronomic map, with Indian Accent at the heart. While he is consider as a champion for this cuisine, he believe that it is food, flavor and taste that are the true heroes. Reality TV loved him and his chef stardom continued on the small screen with an appearance on Master Chef India.


The restaurant provides Indian cuisine by mixing the flavors and taste of Indian culture with global ingredients and cooking methods. Duck khurchan is presented in a cornetto like cone with herb yogurt and, while galautis and chilli chutney is stuffed with foie gras. Other dishes include ghee roast mutton boti, chicken khurchan phulka, kashmiri morel roomali pancake, musallum and parmesan papad. There are also nine types of bread, including chilli hoisin duck kulchas butter chicken, wild mushroom, palak paneer.

Some of their most popular dishes are meetha aachar, galangal, patarani macchi, potato sphere chaat and (sweet pickle) spare ribs. Other facilities also included free WiFi, car parking, table reservation, full bar availability and luxury dining. So if you are a food lover and want to have a memorable trip you should visit this restaurant.

The Spice Route Delhi:

It takes outstanding degree of willpower for a restaurant of this stature to allow anything but the food to dominate conversation at the eating table. The decor of this restaurant is an amalgamation of history, architecture, and philosophy of all the most magnificent parts of Asia. The ambience is touristy. This extravagant high end foundation situated on the Imperial, Janpath Road. New Delhi is a dining experience for the eyes, with wall paintings and collectibles that mirror the underlying foundations of the verifiable zest course as much as the food. The spice restaurant is divided into nine different segments, each displaying part of the journey of life. Besides the stunning decor.

Menu of the Restaurant:

Menu includes crispy spring rolls ‘Por Pia Chae’ with ‘Som Tum Thae’ sauce; Kozhi Kodan Biryan (Kerala style chicken biryani); Papaya noodle salad (a cold noodle salad with raw papaya and peanuts). Irachi stew of lamb and potato in coconut milk, served with rice flour pancakes. Khao Klukh Krapi, (stir-fried rice with Thai shrimp paste served with sweetened shrimps). With a glass of spiced pineapple Rasam with fresh curry leaves. This restaurant find the Asian rich social legacy on a craftsmanship visit, where you didn’t simply have recollections of good food and accommodation. You make certain to find something new on each visit to this very good quality restaurant. So you can enjoy different dishes here with other facilities.

Lodi the Garden Restaurant:

Situated on the edge of Lodi Gardens, the area of this beautiful restaurant can’t be bettered. Lodi likewise has a changed menu, significant wine list and a beautiful, light tossed setting. Fine fashioned iron furnishings and great assistance add to the experience. The Garden Restaurant is one of the most famous in the open air feasting foundations, offering the best of European food. Taken cover behind excellent trees in a lavish greenhouse, this restaurant offers a curious and peaceful air, far away from the buzzing about of the city. Lodi additionally has a scope of social occasions from unrecorded music to book readings and stand up parody, making it the perfect social center point in New Delhi. So you should visit this restaurant while traveling in Delhi.

Best Restaurant in Delhi


Menu of the Restaurant:

The menu is Mediterranean, with a scramble of Middle Eastern flavor, and the pasta dishes are especially famous. Lodi the Garden Restaurant emphasize on newness and irregularity intertwined with the comfort of delicacies from around the world. The restaurant isn’t just known for its mark dishes like Moroccan Lamb Shoulder, Mezze platters, and The Lodi Chocolate Mousse, yet in addition for its specific natural ranch to fork dishes, cooking administrations and a live open air flame broil that serves bona fide Rajasthani food. The 16 tap wine machine is a stand out component which makes the bar floor an amazingly attractive area at the restaurant. So you can enjoy these dishes in this restaurant with lots of other facilities.

Moti Mahal Delux Delhi:

Moti mehal deluxe is the group of hotels having 150 branches around the globe. It was the first restaurant to introduce Punjabi cuisine and many other dishes, like tandori chicken and butter mutton. Moti Mahal Delux offers meals that are recognized mainly by creative flavor mixes and the artfulness of ‘Mughlai’ cuisine. Several years of history and various restaurants in the Indian subcontinent and abroad makes Moti Mahal Delux one of the most appreciated and eminent Mughlai food destination on the earth. So if you want to taste the original butter mutton this restaurant is the best place. Butter chicken has become its signature dish. So you can enjoy different dishes here.

Best Restaurant in Delhi

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Menu of the Restaurant:

Tandoori chicken the most eye opening item of this restaurant. Kaali Daal is “deeply, truly luxurious” and here at Moti Mahal Delux, can make you go “wobbly with joyness”.  It is cooked slowly on light heat and mix with butter. Other recipes include Manchow Soup, Panneer Butter Masala ,Burrah Kebab and ghost brayani. Shri Kundan Lal Gujral who established Moti Mahal is that uncommon culinary specialist who imagined, made, and gave the world one of its most all around cherished cooking styles; Tandoori food. So this restaurant is perfect to visit, while traveling to Delhi.

1911 Restaurant Delhi:

The historic ‘1911 Restaurant’ at the Imperial Hotel has been a dwelling place for recognizing dinners displaying Raj heritage for around 35 years. When you think back at the brilliant time and the time of the rise of New Delhi as the national capital of India with antiquities going back to the 1911 Durbar, etchings of ink, lithographs and colors and so on. Visitors are blessed to receive a wide and mixed Indian and western food, in this the entire day eating restaurant. So it is also one of the Best Restaurant in Delhi With Great Food and Ambience.

Best Restaurant in Delhi

Best Restaurant in Delhi

Menu of the Restaurant:

The meal is little bit expensive here and might not suited for many travelers. This restaurant is famous for snacks and brunches. The menu covers California roll; with ice cream, tasty Chili Cheese Toast (can be a bit too salty & spicy at times, so better to specify if one prefers less salt & fewer green chilis), pastries; Sushi rolls; cold coffee sago parfait pomelo; salad prawns chicken; chicken and the Veg lasagna; macaroons; chocolate verrine, Guchchi, Maash Qali Chandi Tikka biryanis. So if you want to eat at simplicity this restaurant is the best choice for you. So these are the best dishes of this place, that you can enjoy while traveling in Delhi.

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