Best Restaurant in Guwahati With Great Food and Ambience
Best Restaurant in Guwahati

Guwahati is the capital city of the northeastern province of Assam. It lies along the Brahmaputra River. Its etymological root lies in two Assamese words, “Guwa,” which means areca nut and “Haat,” which means market. Guwahati is one of the quickest developing urban areas in India . Additionally it is the biggest city of Assam.The city has a nearly high caliber of life.The door to the seven other northeastern states, Guwahati is an essential vacationer connect point, other than being a fascination in itself. in this post you will see details about “Best Restaurant in Guwahati With Great Food and Ambience”.

One thing is without a doubt, when in Guwahati, a traveler will never feel exhausted or be in need for good food. Like wherever nowadays, individuals, youthful and old—are continually searching for good places to eat and have a ton of fun. I am going to show the Best Restaurant in Guwahati With Great Food and Ambience. Here you can enjoy with family and furthermore attempt some genuine great food.

Paradise restaurant:

Paradise is perhaps the most seasoned restaurant in Guwahati. The sheer vintage quality of this spot is an additional fascination in the variety of various food choices. It is a notorious restaurant that has served maybe ages of a similar family and made every last one of them return for more. Located in an exceptionally helpful spot of the city, a food sweetheart must visit Paradise to improve his/her count of eating joints. Its interior is unique by showing across two floors of well designed halls. Also the restaurant is famous for its hospitable staff and cozy ambiance.

Best Restaurant in Guwahati

 The menu covers by ethnic Assamese food items. Also all these particular dishes are cook with most extreme consideration and thoughtfulness regarding details. I recommend you attempt the hilsa fish in banana leaf, sesame fish and goose berry fish curry with rice. The run of the mill Assamese dish Khar is one of the most respected food things in its menu. One will consistently think that it is full of customers regardless of its two-stunned seating zone. Brightened with customary bamboo things and local items, it has an atmosphere of open air.

Miahang Restaurant:

The North East of India is home to numerous peoples. They have their own way of life and culture with unique food habit. Maihang is an Assamese word for a special Dish/Plate with foot made of bell metal which was used by nobles of Ahoms dynasty. Maihang is one of the best restaurants in Guwahati. At Maihang you can enjoy an awesome assortment of Assamese as well as North East Indian dishes. In this restaurant you can expect to taste the best food in the city.

Best Restaurant in Guwahati

The food, service quality, ambience and the all that you expect in a restaurant are top notch. Delicacies of North-East India like Freshwater fish, duck meat and pigeon meat are a must have for the non-vegetarians. You can’t miss on the flavor of exotic wild herbs used at this restaurant. The ambience is top notch while the service is nothing short of excellent.  So go ahead, and let yourself lose in this North-Eastern culinary grandeur dignity.

Seven Restaurant:

Seven‘ is a throughout the day eating restaurant serving present day Indian, European and Asian food other than breakfast and supper buffet. At seven, you can commend the fascinating produce and plans of the seven sisters – Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Arunachal Pradesh. Fish lovers appreciates this place a lot because of the tremendous decision of new water fish from the Brahmaputra and fish from the Bay of Bengal, with the alternative of picking your fish live.

Best Restaurant in Guwahati

For a gathering feast or a significant business supper, book the 20-seater private lounge area that streams out into an in the open air garden. When you’re served second helpings of Arunachal Pradesh’s uncommon, hand-moved Singpho tea, the whole evening gathering will be enchanted by the culinary insider facts of the Seven Sisters. Besides territorial passage, the restaurant serves worldwide cooking styles, light meals like new moved pizzas, burgers, sandwiches and suppers for kids while taking into account explicit low- diet requests. Right from the morning meal buffet – which serves Continental, Middle Eastern, North and South Indian most loved alongside an all-rice Assamese jolpan to lunch and supper. To sum up is a buffet of provincial flavors.

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Naga kitchen:

This dazzling and beautiful restaurant is famous for the veggie lover and non-vegan food. You can guarantee great recollections by facilitating your huge day at Naga Kitchen, Guwahati. It is found away from the fundamental primary street into a rear entryway that goes somewhat profound. The vibe around that spot is plain. Likewise it really is a level by the looks and structure. Going to the restaurant in itself; when you enter that ethnic vibe of the striking Naga culture gets on with the antiquities on the dividers and the show bits of horns, mouths and more.

 Naga Kitchen

Naga Kitchen, GS Road, Guwahati, has a feast hall that can be use to have little occasions. Smoked pork and chicken is great decision here. Also you can appreciate the pork with bamboo shoot. In spite of the fact that It is extra hot and hot however feel good. You’ll cherish the spot in case you’re a fanatic of dumplings. Their Chicken Fried Dumplings are very delicious and good

Maach Restaurant:

Fish is a vital piece of Assamese cooking and Maach covers this pretty nicely. It is the delightful spot configuration completely to plan fish. Also this is one the most heavenly fish dishes in Guwahati. This outlet has such a significant number of tasty new dishes that you should return to this special eating place.


The inside of this restaurant is brilliant and design by present day decoration in orange and white color. The aquariums are full with brilliant and tasty fishes in them. The administration is inviting and numerous fans are intrigued with their incredible proposals on what to order.Try the Tandoori Fish Momos and the prawns on the menu. From dumplings and momos to burgers and prepared dishes, Maach utilizes fish in all things. So this is also one of the Best Restaurant in Guwahati, you can enjoy here with your family and friends, for more trave guide, keep visiting, Thanks.

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