Best Restaurant in Hyderabad With Great Food and Ambience
Best Restaurant in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital city of Indian state Telangana. It is the largest city of these state occupying 635 sq km. It is located along the bank of river Musi. Hyderabad is famous for its magnificence and opulence, the Mughals occupy Hyderabad in 1685. Hyderabad has become a center of exchange and trade. Furthermore it is a global community for data innovation (IT). Pharmaceuticals, cigarettes, and materials are the specialty here. Tourism has developed in centrality. The city has for quite some time been related with the creation of Telugu-language films. It justifies its nick name Tollywood. Now i am going to Share about best “ambience restaurants in hyderabad” or “Best Restaurant in Hyderabad With Great Food and Ambience“, so lets see below:

Punjab Grill as mughlai cuisine Punjab grill:

A perfect combination of north Indian and mughlai cuisine Punjab grill is on the best place. Although Punjab Grill was built up in 2001 by incredible restaurateur Jiggs Kalra. Punjab Grill completely nails its marking. Its unmistakable lion theme is all over the place from the huge announcements to the anteroom to the plates. The stylistic layout is a return to the vintage style of the incredible cafes of yesteryears just as Punjabi Bunglows.

Punjab Grill guarantees “to take you on a culinary excursion into the greatness of the unified Punjab”. As the result the menu incorporates flavors from both the communities Sikh and Pathan. Also it has valid works of art just as present day assumes the customary kinds of the region.


The Jubilee Hills outlet’s menu is more or less the same as the other cities. So here the main focus on seafood. The menu includes with Paneer Tikka Multani alongside Butteyan De Kebab. It is an interesting combination of corn, fennel, spices and chutney. it is a mixture of hung curd, combines with cardamom and cinnamon. Also Other dishes include Paneer Jalebi, Phirni, Lychee ke Tehri, and Dal Pinni.

Smoky Pitara of best ambience restaurants in hyderabad:

It is newly open restaurant in Hyderabad. it is famous for its vegetable buffet and Mexican sizzler. This restaurants offers cuisine from Continental and Italian to North Indian and Chinese, apart from Mexican. It is the pure vegetarian restaurants. So the ambiance here is pretty nice as well as the playlist.


As I have mentioned earlier that this is the pure vegetarian restaurants. So menu includes delicious chili paneer, Achari Dum Aloo, Dal Khichd Tomato Dhaniya Shorba, Galauti Kebab and Nachos, Makhmali Paneer, Khazana-e-Lazag along with Dal Peshawari. Dal Peshawari is the signature diah of these restaurants.  In drinks it covers Pina Colada,Citrus Drink and a Smokey Mojito. Come here for lunch. As the restaurant has sunlight rushing in and you can enjoy your meal and plenty of dessert with your gang of friends.

Cafe Bahar Restaurant as best ambience restaurants in hyderabad:

This restaurant is located in is famous for its Hyderabadi byrani and haleem. If you ask anybody in Hyderabad to tell his favorite brayni. Among all the answer you will must listen name of cafe bahar. Although this restaurant is serving brayani sinc 1973. There will never be a peaceful moment here. Cafe Bahar for the most part observes a successive line of supporters. That stretches right upto the finish of the road. The real challenge is for you to detect a table and afterward guarantee it.

best ambience restaurants in hyderabad

Despite the fact that their distinguishing strength is the biryani, they likewise make some really neat and tasty kebabs. You can request to add up masala in yours and they’ll cheerfully oblige. The meat pieces are all around cooked and the covered flavors cook it flawlessly tumbling off the bone flawlessness. A single plate of biryani can fulfill appetite for 2 individuals.


It is mostly famous for its delicious haleem. And for wider biryani yearnings, I would recommend you go for their classic Mutton Biryani. You will also find the Chicken Biryani. This chicken brayani they cook with ‘dum’ style. And the charcoal includes a layer of flavor that is quite unique and uprising. Similarly they serve the Ramadan exemplary Chicken. Although I don’t have to make reference to however it’s pretty darn acceptable as well.  The service is quick and brilliant. Legendary biryani served here makes it one of the best restaurants in Hyderabad.

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It is a new restaurant in Hyderabad. Simply buffet restaurants Flechazo serves dishes from around the globe. It is an extraordinary spotlight on the Mediterranean and Asian food. The restaurant at Madhapur can oblige around 250 diner’s joints and has a splendid stylistic layout in blue and white. Flechazo in Spanish signifies “love at first sight. The specialty of this buffet is due to unique features.

best ambience restaurants in hyderabad

In this restaurant liquid nitrogen is the source of making ice creams. Also they have quite a huge spread of other desserts too. Service is extremely quick and all guests gets full attention. The place has its own wifi and valet parking. So all these features makes this place one of the best kid-friendly restaurants in Hyderabad


The prominence of this easygoing eating restaurant is fundamentally depends on the flavor of food it offers. Also it does not focus on your pockets. Also this remarkably unique outlet offers you an variation of cooking styles comprising of North Indian, Pan Asian, and the Mediterranean food satisfying you with each bite.its ‘coastal front Crab Curry’ is an exceptional dish that adds enchantment to a Non-Veg platter. Other dishes include Pizza, Pasta, Paan Ice Cream, Panipuri, Fish, Sea Food, Prawn.

Cowboys and Angels:

Another of the best eating place in Hyderabad is Cowboys and Angels. They have a one of a kind and exciting menu, much the same as their name. Above all a retro inside with live DJ, the feeling is only the best! The polite staff, a colossal assortment of food and beverages makes this spot perhaps the best eating place in Hyderabad. Therefore it is among some of the top rest lounges in the city. In short this lounge provides an amazing ambiance providing a view of western bar in the 80 s.

best ambience restaurants in hyderabad


Cowboy and Angels offer variety of cuisine including Indian, Chinese and Italian. The cocktail and mock tails offers here are just mind blowing.

So now audience, I hope you have enjoyed our guide about best ambience restaurants in hyderabad . If you have any idea about best ambience restaurants in hyderabad, please do a comment below.

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