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Best things to do in Tripura trip

Best things to do in Tripura trip | Tripura tourism places

Lets start our journey in exploring Tripura tourism places.Tripura is a hidden gem located in the Northeastern part of the subcontinent and the 3rd smallest state in the country. States like Meghalaya, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, and Nagaland have already marked their tourism sector, but this place has still not reached the same status. But that doesn’t make this state any less serene.

With dramatic landscapes like Green paddy fields, betel-nut trees, and giant hill locks everywhere, if you ever take a Tripura trip- you can fall in love at first sight. Tripura is such a small state, and because of its proximity to India’s Bangladesh Border, one can find the majority of people speaking in Bengali. Even though Tripura is my native place, I’ve never had enough of the scenery and its simplicity. Here’s hoping that this itinerary will surely make your Tripura Trip memorable.

Best things to do in Tripura trip

How to reach Tripura

By Air-The nearest domestic airport to Tripura is in Agartala(the Capital city of Tripura). The International airport is still in the making. The most preferable and cheaper option to commute in the town ought to be Autos and Totos. By Rail: Tripura has a well-connected train network, so exploring the towns by train would be the ideal way to save time and money. You can find regular trains from Delhi, Jharkhand, Kolkata, Guwahati, and Bihar, which also include Rajdhani express.

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Things to do in Tripura

Day 1: The Tripura Trip starts by arriving in Agartala, the capital city, which is dotted with many wonders. After taking some rest, head to Matabari temple and Neermahal palace in Udaipur, which are in close proximity of 30kms approx. Malabari, also known as Tripureshwari temple, is one of the holiest Hindu shrines and holds an important place amongst the local residents. There is a saying that the ‘right foot’ of Mata Sati fell at Matabari, and hence this temple is considered to be one of the 51 Pithasthans in India. The interesting part of the temple is the famous Kalyan Sagar, where tortoise and fishes of huge sizes are found, and all the devotees feed them ‘muri’ (puffed rice) and biscuits. So skipping this temple would be some disappointment for your Tripura Trip since one cannot miss the ‘Pedal here, which is also the main prasad for the Goddess.

On the other hand, Neermahal is a picturesque fairytale royal mention situated in the middle of the Rudrasagar Lake. During the sunset, the palace looks so divine that it would be a mistake to return without capturing some breathtaking portraits. It is one of the favorite spots for local photographers for all kinds of shoots. Well, the evenings can also be spent watching the sound and light show which allows the visitors to learn more about the palace’s culture and heritage.Watching this light and sound show is one of the best things to do in Tripura trip.

Where to stay in Agartala

Even though the city has no hostels for solo backpackers, they still have tons of cheap accommodation options compared to luxurious stays. There is no such thing as off/in season here, so the price of the hotels remains the same throughout the year, and one can get rooms as cheap as 600-700 or lesser. Try not to book a hotel through any online sites, and it will always save you a lot of money. Dr. Das’s stay, Hotel City Centre, and Madhusree Hotel are a few ideal budget-friendly options to look out for. For the tourists who like luxury and don’t mind spending a Lil more on their trips, Polo Towers, The Parkline, and Ginger Hotel would be the best bet in the city. Agartala is the capital of tripura tourism places.

tripura tourism places

Day 2: Visit Ujjayanta Palace by 11 AM, which is a stunning white state museum filled with impressive collections of royal and cultural artifacts. The palace was initially the residence of the royal family but later turned into a museum. One can see the real Northeastern art pieces and true glory through this museum. The name ‘Ujjayanta Palace was given by Rabindranath Tagore, who was a regular visitor of Tripura. I am sure many of us are not well aware that Tagore had a very close relationship with successive Tripura kings, and thus, he took several Tripura Trips.
Later that day, take a boating tour at Dumboor lake. The place is almost 130 km from Ujjayanta palace. Dumboor lake is a charming water body, considered to be one of Tripura’s best destinations to spend some quality time away from the hustle-bustle. The view of the lake is astounding, with green vegetation all around. This lake consists of 48 beautiful islands, and one can enjoy an exciting boat ride under a blue sky. Let me tell you, and this isn’t just an ordinary lake. It is, in fact, filled with numerous migratory birds and reservoirs of fishes.

Where to stay in Dumboor

The best thing to do is stay overnight at Dumboor lake and enjoy the surrounding hills. Saima Tourist lodge, Sagarika Paryatan Niwas, would be a good accommodation in the area. This is the best place to explore among tripura tourism places.

Day 3:Chabimura, a rare combination of history and natural beauty that stuns your eyes. Visiting this place is definitely one of the best things to do in Tripura trip.This place is nothing but some rocks carving on the banks of the Gomati River, but what looks surreal about this place is the boating that takes you upstream, and you reach a place with massive rocks that has cut-image of Goddess Durga, locally known as Devi Chakram. Since the place is very isolated and unaffected by many tourists, one can possible feel mysterious during the boat journey. The more you keep going upstream, the more you get to see rock-cut images of  deities. But the interesting part is when you see a cave on the left side which is clogged with water. The tourists aren’t allowed to visit beyond that point since the locals believe there is some treasure protected by a python. There are some really gripping stories about the place that your boatman would tell you through the journey.
The next stop should be Baramura Eco Park, nestled amongst green forest along with a stream flowing through it. This eco-park has its own natural charm, and many residents visit this place to spend some relaxing time reading books or just gazing at the view. The reason behind this park holding a special place is also because Tripura’s first Hornbill Festival was hosted here. There are tourist log huts available in the park, so overnight stay won’t be an issue.

Buddhist cave in north east
How to reach Tripura

Day 4:Take an early morning train to Dharmanagar (the second largest town in the state after Agartala) and drive to Unakoti. The place is only 40kms away from the station. Unakoti, which literally means one less a crore, has huge rock-cut images and sculptures of the idol Lord Shiva. These stone carvings of Unakoti have been considered to be the favorite spot amongst the tourist. Every year between March-April, the locals celebrate Ashokastami by worshiping Lord Shiva and people from all over the town to enjoy the fair. A Tripura trip would be incomplete without visiting this ancient Pilgrimage and North Tripura’s best-kept secret. You can also pay a visit to nearby tea gardens if you have enough time.

Where to Stay:

Unakoti Tourist Lodge is the nearest and ideal place to stay, or you can also proceed further to Dharmanagar from Unakoti.
Day 5: It’s the last of your trip and so wake up early in the morning and leave for Jampui Hills from Unakoti, which is approximately 60-70 km. Jampui is considered to be one of the most unexplored beauty from the Northeast. Jampui Hills are covered with stunning tea plantations and wide orchards. A visit to this captivating hill will help you to see the tribal way of life. From scenic viewpoints to trekking routes, this place has everything to satisfy your soul. Nobody knows about Jampui because it’s famous for delicious oranges, and the orchard gets packed with it during the season. Since it borders the neighboring state of Mizoram, one can see the population in the area is mostly Mizo community. One isn’t obliged to miss the famous Orange Tourism Festival when planning a Tripura Trip. This is the best place to stay if you are exploring tripura tourism places.

Where to stay:

This hill station has some adorable-looking cottages, but you can also stay at Government tourist lodges. Make sure to make early bookings to avoid any inconvenience at the site.

Tripura trips can be made throughout the year, but I suggest October to March as the perfect time to come here as the summers can be a bit harsh, just like any other city. We have already mentioned all the great things about this North-East gem, but the greatest part is you don’t need a special permit to enter Tripura. The things we are looking into for a beautiful escape to raw nature are here in Tripura. So now that you know what the best things to do in Tripura trip are, we believe you have a chance to relish the best of this beautiful state.

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