Best Time To Visit Chopta Tungnath
Chandrashila Trek 

Best Time To Visit Chopta Tungnath

Best time to visit Chopta Tungnath is definitely one of the most beautiful and scenic treks in Uttarakhand. It is situated in the Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary. It can be te best trek for beginners who just started trekking and hiking. But do not think that a trek for beginners would not be that much beautiful. 

Best Time To Visit Chopta Chandrashila

It is situated in Rudraprayag district. My friends and I did this trek in July 2019, just the starting of the Monsoon in Uttarakhand to explore Tungnath tourism. We took our bus from Delhi to Rishikesh, and we reached Rishikesh in the morning at 5,0 Clock. After having early morning tea, we boarded our next bus to Rudraprayag. The roads are beautiful and the majestic river Ganga by your side. It was a ride of about 5-6 hours to Rudraprayag. From here you can book a taxi to Ukhimath or Chopta, or also by bus. We decided to go through by bus, in around 2 -3 hours we reached the beautiful hill station Ukhimath. After enjoying tea in that beautiful weather, we booked a taxi to Chopta valley.

best time to visit chopta tungnath 

The ride to Chopta valley was beautiful with some awesome views, and you would like to stop at almost every turn- I can say that Chopta valley is one of the most under-rated hill stations in Uttarakhand. In around 40 mins we reached Chopta Valley. 

If you want, then you can take a halt at Chopta Valley and acclimatize yourself. As for some people, it is important before starting any trek. It’s all up to you to stay at Chopta or to start your trek to Tungnath Mandir. The trek to Tungnath Mandir is about 4 km, and it is an easy trek in Tungnath tourism; beginners can do this trek, and they will surely be surprised by the beauty of this trek to Tungnath Temple. 

Tungnath tourism Temple Trek

Let’s Talk about the beautiful Tungnath Temple- Tungnath Temple is one of the Panch Kedar. Tungnath temple is the 3rd temple on the list of Panch Kedar. This is a must visit place for travellers trying to explore Tungnath tourism.

best time to visit chopta tungnath

It is the highest Shiva Temple in the world and is believed to be 1000 years old. The height of the temple from the sea level is 3680 meters. But the fact is that the highest Shiva Temple is easy to achieve. Keep in mind that the temple remains closed during the winter season as it receives heavy Snowfall. However, some trekking companies provide trekking facilities during the Snowfall and winter season. 

If you are a solo traveler, I would not suggest you visit Tungnath temple during Snowfall as it would not be safe that time. Yes, you can go there in groups with a guide.  The architecture and structure are beautiful, and The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and other Goddess Parvati and other gods can be seen there. 

Now here I was sharing my experience with you. We had tea and paratha at Chopta valley, and we decided to start our trek to Tungnath. The weather was cloudy, and we were very excited to start our trek to Tungnath Temple.

Rhododendron forest

Believe me, the trek is very beautiful, and you’ll see beautiful meadows and also the amazing Rhododendron forest. Visiting here in the springs can literally blow your mind. But as it was the starting of Monsoon here, but yeah!! The views in the Monsoon are outstanding. It was all fresh, and nature was at its best. We were all able to breathe in the fresh air of mountains, and that aroma of the forest was making us feel more happy and excited. 

best time to visit chopta tungnath

After completing around 2 km, there was a tea stall, so we decided to enjoy tea and maggie there. As for us travelers without maggie and tea, no trip is complete. After enjoying maggie and tea, we started our trek, and the views from here were outstanding. The specialty of this trek is that it is an easy trek while allowing you to enjoy the beauty of majestic Himalayan ranges. 

While trekking, you would enjoy the beauty of this trek with outstanding Himalayan Views. The weather here in Chopta is cold, do not forget to carry some woolen clothes with you. 

It started drizzling, and after 10-15 mins it was all covered in the fog. I cannot explain to you the beauty in words. We continued our trek to Tungnath temple while enjoying the beauty of mother nature. Soon we were able to see the long straightway to Tungnath temple, and this made us feel more excited as we were so close to the world’s highest Shiva temple in the world. 

After walking for about 100-150 meters, we reached our destination- Tungnath Temple. We booked our room there, we were five friends, and the owner allowed us all to stay in one room. It was a cozy room with two double beds, which was more than enough for us. 

One thing to remember, do not expect luxury there but yes healthy food and nice rooms are easily available there. After booking our room, we all enjoyed tea there and trust me the weather there in July was really cold. From our room, we were able to see the backside of the temple. 

Aarti in Tungnath temple-Must do activity in Tungnath tourism

After tea, we all got fresh. It was around 5:30, so we decided to visit the temple once in the evening. The temple was really beautiful, with some amazing views of the valley in the front. We met the priest of the Tungnath temple, and it was a good experience to talk to him also. He invited us to see the evening Aarti. It was an amazing experience to watch the Aarti live in front of us. This made us feel positive, and we were feeling blessed to be there at that time. 

Chandrashila Peak

After Aarti, we went back to our room. Raj bhaiya – the owner of the room cooked food for us and it was tasty, after having dinner we slept as we all were tired….but also excited for the next day as we have to visit Chandrashila Peak. In the morning, when we woke up what we saw that it was raining heavily. This made us feel sad because we wanted to visit Chandrashila. After having breakfast, we realized that it was just drizzling, so we decided to start that little hike to Chandrashila Peak; even Mahadev wanted us to visit Chopta Chandrashila trek. 

But Raj bhaiya told us to buy some raincoats as in the mountains we never know about the weather up there. After buying plastic raincoats 50/piece, we started our trek. We started our trek, and we were really amazed by the beauty of Chopta Valley. The clouds were moving, and it was all beautiful. The rain even made it look more beautiful. 

Route of Chandrashila Trek

The route to Tungnath temple was well maintained, but the trail to Chandrashila was a little risky because of rain. It was slippery, so we were moving carefully. After a turn, there was a steep climb to the peak, and we were able to see the gate of the temple up there. And this turn surprised us with the majestic Himalayan ranges, which were easily viewable. It was looking so close. If lucky with clear weather, you may be able to have a look at the Mighty Chaukhamba Mountain. 

Chopta Chandrashila Trek

We kept hiking while enjoying the beauty of this valley; within half an hour, we reached the peak Chandrashila Peak. This place was really unexpected that it would be so beautiful. You get a 360-degree view from Chandrashila Peak. The Himalayan ranges were looking so beautiful. There was a Shivling also. 

Conclusion of Tungnath tourism

After spending some time there at the peak, we were happy as we felt that the trip to Tungnath Chandrashila was completed now.  Chandrashila Peak was beautiful one should definitely go there and enjoy the beauty of that valley. There is also a temple up there. Daily the priest of that temple comes up here to offer his prayer to the temple. 

The view of the valley was all covered in clouds, and I’ll definitely share some pictures which will help in explaining what we witnessed there. After spending our time and offering our prayers to the temple, we went back to Tungnath temple to offer our prayers. After that, we went back to our room and enjoyed tea. After roaming there for some time, we packed our bags and stuff and said goodbye to Raj Bhaiya. 

Also, remember that Tungnath Temple is a holy place. Hence non-veg and alcohol are strictly prohibited at Tungnath. Also, it is our duty to do not to break the rules of such places as it can put you in trouble, and also, the local police can file a case against you if you do so. 

We started our descent to Chopta valley, and we were again excited for our next location, which was Deoria Tal. But that part is for the next blog. If you plan someday to visit the best time to visit chopta tungnath, go there without any doubt, your trip will be worth a visit. The beauty of Chopta chandrashila trek will make you feel happy in many ways. Chopta is definitely one of the most beautiful hill stations in Uttarakhand.

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