Best Time To Visit Goa in 2022
best time to visit in goa

Best time to visit Goa in 2022, when the weather is wonderful, how to reach Goa. Find out when is the best month and seasons to visit Goa, India. Who doesn’t want to escape from their busy schedules and spend some quality time with their friends and family, to go to a place to relax, indulge in their favorite activities, and have some memorable experiences?

We all can be sure that Goa will help you lose track of time. No one can ignore the cheerful tourist’s outlooks and beaches plus the feeling that something magical is going on. It is more like wandering away from busy schedules and taking out time for your loved ones and yourself.

Before moving to the best time to visit Goa in 2022, time and other stuff, let’s focus on how you can reach there.

How to reach Goa?

One can reach Goa by air, road, train, and even though the sea. You can opt for your ride according to your convenience. If you are planning to travel by road, then think no more as you are going to witness the most scenic routes that beautifully shine during the monsoons. You can either catch a bus or travel in your car.

Trains are more comfortable and convenient when it comes to traveling, and it makes your trip more memorable. If you are traveling from Delhi, many trains go to Goa (two main stations are Madgaon and Vasco-da-Gama). The route to Goa is filled with exceptionally attractive landscapes of Western Ghats.

Many visitors from around the world come to Goa to witness the place that first introduced hippie culture in India. Air is another convenient method to reach Goa in fewer hours, and Goa’s Dabolim Airport handles domestic as well as a few international flights. Sea is not the most famous way to travel to Goa. However, one can catch a cruise in Mumbai and travel to Panaji. For this, you will have to reach Mumbai first to hire a cruise, and then you can enjoy the sea travel with your loved ones. You can choose according to your convenience what will be the best time to visit Goa in 2022 for you.

Tourists attractions in Goa

If one is planning to run away from the bustling urban destinations, nothing is better than Goa. You will find everything here from palm trees touching the sky to golden sand beaches and the best surroundings for relaxation. There are plenty of activities and a robust calendar of events to fill your free time with the serenity and beauty of Goa.

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If you are visiting Goa for the first time, then you cannot ignore the popular beaches, especially Palolem Beach. It is one of the places that every tourist must explore. With the crescent-shaped stretch of the white sand in South Goa, one cannot miss the beauty of this beach at any cost. It is not just about visiting the beach but filling your free time with activities that fill this place like yoga classes, swimming, dolphin-sightseeing trips, and kayaking. Another beach that you must not be missing out on your Goa trips is Colva Beach. Among the Indian tourists, this is one of the most popular beaches. It also consists of an array of activities like the thrilling banana boat ride, jet ski’s and the famous bird’s eye view through parasailing.

However, the popular beaches usually get very crowded during the vacation seasons, and some of you might want a more peaceful environment. So, you do not need to worry as there are some other undiscovered beach attractions that can provide a more personal vacation experience. So, The best time to visit Goa in 2022 varies according to your choices.

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One of these hidden gems is the butterfly beach, usually brimming with blossoms and butterflies. It is one of the best spots to watch dolphins swim from a distance. To reach here, you need to go for a forest hike or take a boat ride from Palolem Beach or Agonda Beach. It is possible that you might get the place all by yourself.

Another place that is almost similar to the butterfly beach is Utorda Beach. You can find clean blue water, small beach shacks, and silky sand on this less crowded beach.

Apart from all this, you cannot miss out on the best part of traveling to Goa, and that is their food. Like all other states and parts of India, this place also has its specialty. The food here is a beautiful blend of Goan and Portuguese flavors with an abundance of coconut, fiery flavors, and fresh seafood. Vindaloo is the signature dish of Goa, and your trip is incomplete without trying this super-hot meat curry with dried red chili peppers. From breakfast to dinner, you will find various choices and dishes that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

Similarly, Goa is not just famous for its beaches but also important religious sites like the Basilica de Bom Jesus. You can tour this church on your own or hire a guide to help you out in learning more about the place.

Goa is also a place to go on a shopping spree in markets that are around 50 years old. Every Wednesday, hundreds of vendors set up a market at the Anjuna beach where you can find hippy-inspired souvenirs and trinkets. Whatever you want to buy from t-shirts with sassy slogans, dreamcatchers, woven bikinis to hammocks, beaded jewelry, and whatnot.

There are many other things one can explore in Goa. However, let’s move on and look at the seasons which are suitable to visit this hell of an attractive place.

What are the best seasons to visit Goa?

Winter is the best time to visit Goa in 2022, and the tourists get the life experience of festivals and various activities. During this time, you will sense a celebration in the air as it is the best time to venture outdoors and explore.

The churches add more beauty to the environment as this is the time for the arrival of Christmas. However, Goa has its own bunch of festivals that add more colors to the culture and spirit of this place. You cannot miss out on the Goa carnival held every year in February. You will experience the greatest feast of all time from music, dance, food, and a memorable time with your family. The wintertime falls between November and March.

During monsoons as well (from June August), the spirit of Goa remains the same. Patolleanchem Feast is the main attraction in the month of August and is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. There is another festival celebrated at Divar Island called Bonderam. This place is hardly 12 km from Panjim and is full of an energetic crowd with bright-colored costumes and loud music.

During summers, from March to May/June, usually, Goa is less touristy and quiet. However, if you plan to visit there, you can witness festivals like the

Shigmo Festival and the Sao Joao Festival. Shigmo is basically the Goa version of Holi, and you can expect a lot of colors and water at the festival. And you can consider it as the best time to go Goa in 2022. 

Although Goa is filled with festivals and activities, the peak season to visit this beautiful place is during the winters. From November to March, this place is more crowded and filled with different kinds of people from almost all around the globe. It is the winters that give you a chance to sit by the sea at night and watch the waves of the sea hitting the rocks.

What are the things you can do at this Party State of India?

If you thought Goa starts and ends with only beaches and parties, then you are completely wrong. Who would’ve thought about a spice plantation in Goa tourism? Yes, if you want a walkthrough on a tropical plantation, you must go to Spice Plantation in Ponda. You will see and learn about the spices that we eat in all India and also get lunch cooked with the same spices.

You can also opt for a stand-up paddleboard at Vayuu on the road facing Mandrem Beach. There are other options of opting for surfboards and try kite surfing classes. There is another attraction at Mayem Lake where you can bungee jump off a 55M platform.

Do you like climbing up? Well, Goa also offers a steep climb up to Chapora Fort, which allows you to see views over Vagator Beach. You can also witness crocodiles that hang out by the mangroves of Chorao and Divar Island.

If you go during the time Panjim Carnival takes place, the best time to visit Goa in 2022, then consider yourself lucky and do take part in this North Goa tradition. You can also just go to Hideaway in Vagator just to spend the night with great food, music, and vibe. You will find a lot of locals usually spend their weekends here.


Hopefully, the list in this article will help you plan your trip to Goa with your loved ones. With the right idea about the place, you can plan your trip all around it. So don’t wait and go plan your trip now.

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