Bird Watching at Jamnagar Sea Beach | Migratory Birds in Jamnagar
Bird Watching at Jamnagar Beach

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A business hub of Gujarat , a city full of all the hustle-bustle as also a serene destination for purification of the soul with endless natural beauty along with full of wild lives is Jamnagar…on the shores of Arabian Sea, in the state of Gujarat. Its about 260 Kms from Bhuj ,Western part of our country, where the day starts late but the sun gives you light till 7.00 pm.

Bird Watching at Jamnagar BeachAt Jamnagar Sea Beach

In January, the temperature remains around 18⁰ C and the range throughout the year is 18⁰C to 37⁰ C and the precipitation continues from June to August but at lower average scale. Therefore, January is the best time to visit the place 

Bird Watching at Jamnagar Beach
Seaside Road to Jamnagar – Best Spot for Bird Watching in Gujarat

Starting at about 5 .00 AM from GRK, we reached around 11.00 AM with breakfast break on the way. Passing through the busy roads of the city as soon as we reached nearby the Jamnagar sea beach, it was a completely different scene. Soon the wind flow, air-temperature, views all just turned into a comfortable chapter.

It was the time of low tide. The sea water was far from the beach and most of the birds were near the water edge. The sandy beach was looking so nice with water-flow designs and some birds were seen flying sporadically. Long billed Eurasian Curlew (001) were mostly there and at a distance on our left side huge number of them were roosting on the land. Some Whimbrel (002) were also sitting at other side but at a distance from them. Those two are same type of birds, the later one with smaller bills.

jamnagar sea beach birdEurasian Curlew (001)

Bird Watching at Jamnagar Beach
Whimbrel (002)

Now the small size Sand Plovers (003) came into view and they were also huge in number. On walking more towards sea, a few Dunlins (004) were seen to move very fast on the beach and searching for foods. Surely, all the birds were seen busy to collect food before the high tide starts. Additionally, Bar tailed Godwit (005) is a bird which actually travels more than 5000 kilometres before reaching the coast on their return migration.  


Two morphs of egrets are very much present at small intervals. Surely, they are Western Reef Egret (006) black & White morphs (007).  

In most of the sea sides, depending on the availability of fishes and small crustaceans are seen. In addition, some variety of Terns and Gulls are the part of it. Moreover, distribution of different types of Terns and Gulls are variable as per locations of our country. Therefore, here in the western coasts, Lesser Crested Terns (008), Caspian Terns (009) are mainly present. Moreover, there are Pallas’s Gull (010), Heuglin’s Gull (011), Brown Headed Gulls (012), and Slender Billed Gulls (013).

Additionally, two very rarely available birds, and only found in the western coast of India are the Oyster Catcher (014) and the beautiful Crab Plover (015). They are very shy birds. Therefore, they don’t allow human approach less than 100 meters. However, only some distant shots could be taken of them.  

Moreover, two types of Pelicans are also the beautiful sightings of Western sea sides. Very royal appearance and slow moving birds of the shallow watersSurely, they are Great White Pelicans (016) and Dalmatian Pelicans (017).

Moreover,  Greater Flamingo (018) and Lesser Flamingo (019) adds beauty of the western  coastal waters. As a result, The entire area becomes a pink-land in their presence.

At a different corner of the beach, some small foraging birds were also found to walk fast for food. Some were also having rest after heavy breakfast. Surely, they are Great Knots (020), Marsh Sandpipers (021), Sanderlings (022) etc.


By this time suddenly we saw the tidewater coming in very fast. Without loss of any further time, we just packed up and came out of the sea. Almost with our return, the sea also chased behind us. Surely, it is a memorable experience gained and Bird Watching at Jamnagar Beach ended there.

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