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Bird Watching at Khonoma – The Parlour of Nagaland
Bird Watching at Khonoma in nagaland

Discover stunning birding spots of India like this travel blog on bird watching at khonoma in Nagaland with our senior birder Tarun. Email:  

Dimapur is the gateway of Khonoma, although, Kohima, the State Capital of Nagaland is only at a distance of 20 Kms from the place. Dimapur is well connected by other parts of the country by Air. Moreover, Khonoma is a 2½ hours drive straight from the airport.

Bird Watching at Khonoma in nagaland


This journey could be far better if the airport connecting road would have been maintained. Surely it will be taken care at the earliest. Although there is an airport at Kohima, that’s only connected to Mumbai by regular flight services.

Bird Watching at Khonoma in nagaland

Khonoma is the first Green village of the North Eastern India. Surely, it’s a picturesque paradise of greenery. Additionally, the beauty of Jhoom and step cultivation is so spectacular, it can draw huge tourists to the place.

Bird Watching at Khonoma in nagaland

Khonoma village

Where there is so lush green nature and fields full of grains, birds must be there for a fabulous stay. A variety of Himalayan birds including some endemic ones are sighted as bird watching in Khonoma in Nagaland based on this time of the year. 

Bird Watching at Khonoma in nagaland


Golden Babbler (012)
Bird Watching at Khonoma in nagaland
Grey Sibia (013)
Bird Watching at Khonoma in nagaland

Silver eared Mesia (14)
Bird Watching at Khonoma in nagaland

Red tailed Minla (015)

Golden Babbler (012), Grey Sibia (013), Silver eared Mesia (14) and Red tailed Minla (015) are some of the rare species of birds in Nagaland. In addition, you will surely notice are two small very fast moving birds: Fire breasted Flowerpecker (016) and Ultramarine Flycatcher (017).

Bird Watching at Khonoma in nagaland

Fire breasted Flowerpecker (016)
Bird Watching at Khonoma in nagaland
Ultramarine Flycatcher (017)

Water flow, deep forest, dense bushes, flowers and berries all these arrangements are available naturally here. Moreover, the mighty Himalayas protects the heavenly setting well. In addition, some rarely seen birds must be there in such habitats. Although, it becomes a matter of luck, you may even enjoy a single glance of a few of them. However, I couldn’t meet a number of rare birds like Red faced Liochichla, Green Cochoa, Black headed Shrike Babbler etc But fortunate enough to spot many of them.

Rufous gorgetted Flycatcher (018)

Whiskered Yuhina (019)

  Rufous gorgetted Flycatcher (018) and Whiskered Yuhina (019) are the Two most easy finding birds.

You may rarely catch a glance of a very sacred animal of local culture in the wild. The animal roaming inside forests is Mithun (020), a domesticated subspecies of Indian Gaur.

Mithun (020)

It was in the month of February when we visited. However, other times of the year might favour you with a different lot of winged stars and jewels. Whatever it is, our overall experience with local people. Moreover, the birding guides were satisfactory, except foods.  

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Night fall at Khonoma