Madmaheshwar Temple Trek

Buda Madmaheshwar Temple Trek

Welcome to this blog of one of the beautiful Trek in Uttarakhand, Buda Madmaheshwar Temple trek. You can explore the land of Gods, magic and will enjoy an amazing view of the great Himalayan Ranges. This blog is about trip to a beautiful valley of Buda Madhmaheshwar temple trek. 

Madhymaheshwar or Madmaheshwar is a small holy town on the beautiful meadows situated at the height of 3490 meters above sea level. The town is named after the Sacred temple of Madhymaheshwar temple of Lord Shivji. Madmaheshwar temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the famous (Panch Kedars). Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of navel-shaped Lingum at the Madhyamaheshwar Temple. 

madmaheshwar temple trek

Age of Buda Madmaheshwar Temple 

It is believed that the temple is thousands of years old and was built by the Pandavas. After Mahabharata, Pandavas came here to worship Lord Shiva and to wash their sins. Bhima is believed to have built Madmaheshwar Temple. If you are planning to come from Delhi, then you can take a flight to Dehradun, or you can get the bus from Delhi to Dehradun or Rishikesh, Haridwar. Then you have to take a bus, or you can also book a taxi to Ukhimath. Ukhimath is a beautiful hill station that is well connected by motorable roads with major destinations of Uttarakhand state. From Ukhimath you can take a taxi to Ransi Village. 

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But Rishikesh- Ukhimath takes lesser time when compared with the route from Dehradun; our route was Rishikesh- Ukhimath. Ransi village is a little town that serves as the base camp for the Madhmaheshwar Trek, and you cannot go any further through vehicles as the road is under construction. 

I did this Trek in the year 2019 in the month of July, which is basically the start of the Monsoon in Uttarakhand, although I was not alone and my friends were with me. This Trek was not pre-planned, and we suddenly decided to do this Trek. We were at village Sari- which is the base for another beautiful trek to Deoria Tal, but this blog is all about the Trek to Madhmaheshwar. 

So we booked the jeep from Sari village to Ransi village. Ransi village is the base from where we start the Trek to Madmaheshwar valley. We reached there by 5 o’clock in the evening. We booked a room there and stayed there over the night. 

Madmaheshwar Ganga in Buda Madmaheshwar temple trek

The next day in the morning, after having breakfast, we started our Trek from Ransi. The Trek is beautiful as you see the river below and majestic mountains by your side. The Trek starts with a descent to the beautiful village of Goundar, which is situated at the banks of the river Madhymaheshwar Ganga.

Goundar village is a Sangam of two rivers, one which originates from Chaukhamba, the majestic mountain of which you’ll have a closer look from the top of this Trek and the other one which originates from Madhmaheshwar. We stayed for some time in Goundar to enjoy the natural beauty of this village. We ordered maggie and tea, and after having this, we again started our Trek to Madmaheshwar. 

Oh! and one more thing, you do not need any permission to do this Trek. Also, you do not need any guide for this Trek as the trails are well marked for this Buda Madmaheshwar Temple Trek. So the real beauty of this Trek starts from here. You can clearly have the valley view in front of you, and you can easily listen to the beautiful sound of the river flowing down below. The Trek can be tiring as it has some steep climbs in some parts of the Trek, but the beautiful view will definitely give you the motivation to do this Trek as in the end, you’re gonna have some beautiful memories of this amazing Buda Madmaheshwar Temple Trek. 

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The Buda Madmaheshwar Temple Trek will go through some dense forest which will give you that feeling of getting lost in the woods, there are some shops where you can enjoy maggie and tea with the view as we all know that “no trip is complete without maggie and chai.” As we were doing this Trek at the starting of the Monsoon, some rain showers were obvious, but rain sometimes can surprise you with the results it gives you. It was all fresh and green, it was like we were above the clouds, and this was making us feel more alive. 

The length of the Trek is about 16-17 km on one side. So, yes, it is a long trek. You can also do this Trek in 2 days as there are some rooms available in the houses of some locals. They are very welcoming and will provide dinner and breakfast. 

It was 3’o clock in the noon, and we were sure that we had covered more than half of the Buda Madmaheshwar Temple Trek. You can also see some locals with their sheep and cows so you can also ask them about how much distance is left. 

As we were moving closer to our destination, the view was getting more beautiful and mesmerizing. You can have a clear view of beautiful snow-capped mountains on your right side, and with each step, you’ll feel like you are getting closer to them. The view of the snow-capped mountains is definitely worth it. The river formed by the melting glaciers would look like pure milk is flowing down in the valley to get submerged into the Madhymaheshwar Ganga. 

The Madmaheshwar Dham

After hiking for three more hours and enjoying nature, we finally reached our destination, Madmaheshwar Dham. The happiness of reaching there can’t be expressed in words, and one who travels knows that feeling and satisfaction when you reach the destination which you were hiking for.


One can easily feel the positive vibes of Madhymaheshwar Dham, the glaciers behind the temple look amazing, and the temple itself can make you feel happy in different ways. We booked our room, and you should know that during On-Season, you may see a lot of pilgrims or travelers coming here to offer their prayers to Shri Madhyamaheshwar and to also enjoy the beauty of this little town. The temperature here in Madhyamaheshwar is cold, and you should carry one or two woolen clothes for yourself.

During On-season, you may have to only book a bed for yourself as rooms are not available during peak seasons. But we went there at the starting of the Monsoon, that’s why we were able to get a room with five beds for just 1000 rupees. The owner of the room cooked dinner for us, and we made dinner with them in their kitchen. Always remember that people up there in the mountains are very welcoming and helpful in nature. 

Aarti (prayers) are offered to the god Madhyamaheshwar in the morning and in the evening. You must see the aarti and prayers as this will give positive vibes to you and will definitely remove negativity from your mind and soul. 

The next day early in the morning, we started our Trek from Madhymaheshwar to Buda Madmaheshwar. Buda Madhyamaheshwar is a small temple that is 2km away from the main Madhyamaheshwar temple. It is a steep climb of 2kms, and then you will reach the top of this valley, and the view from here is amazing and mesmerizing. 

After hiking this steep climb, the view we got was unexpected. The Himalayan ranges were just in front of us, making us feel so small. The Madhyamaheshwar Valley was looking beautiful from up here. There was a small temple where we offered our prayers and bowed down our heads. 

Just behind this temple, the mighty Chaukhamba was shining in all its glory. It was so majestic that we all just lost ourselves for a moment. Chaukhamba is one of the highest mountains in India, Its height is 7138 meters, and that moment of having a look at this mountain cannot be expressed in words. 

But yes, you should start this Trek to Buda Madhymaheshwar in the early morning as Chaukhamba looks more beautiful when the first ray of Sunshine strikes on it. 

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The whole valley is visible from here. And if you want, then you can also go camping here at Buda Madhymaheshwar, but do remember that the weather here on top of this valley can change anytime. So it’s better to camp there with locals as they know this valley better than anyone else. Also, keep in mind that going there in the monsoon seasons, clouds may block your view. The best time to visit there is (Mid August- October).

Timing of Buda Madmaheshwar temple trek

Madhyamaheshwar temple remains closed in the winters because of heavy snowfall. The gates of the temple open up in April-May and are closed before heavy winters. This place is really calm and beautiful. Everyone can easily connect with nature and find peace here. Positive vibes and the fresh air of the mountains can set your mind free of all the stress. 

If possible, then try to spend 2,3 days here in this beautiful valley. Also, it is not necessary to reach Madhyamaheshwar valley in one day, and You can easily take a halt in Goundar village or Bantoli village. Remember, you are here to enjoy and feel nature. 

You can also visit Madhyamaheshwar Temple on the day when its gate will open, yes you have to prepare your trip according to this but trust me that will be one of the best days of your life. The locals and pilgrims will bring the Doli of Lord Madhyamaheshwar to the Madmaheshwar temple, and the temple will be decorated with flowers. You will definitely feel lucky to be there on that day. One more thing, do remember to keep our mountains and Himalayas clean for us and for our future generations.

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