Vijaydurg fort to Sindhudurg Fort.

Sindu durg Fort

A stunning road trip from Vijaydurg fort to Sindhudurg Fort. In this travel blog on list of sea forts in Maharashtra, I will explain in detail the road trip from Ratnagiri to Goa by car. The forts that I will cover are the two most famous forts of sea forts of Maharashtra which are the […]

Harihareshwar to Ratnagiri

konkan road trip

A stunning road trip from Harihareshwar to Ratnagiri Welcome to the second part of the Konkan coast road trip from Mumbai. After a surreal sunrise from MTDC Harihareshwar, we took a ferry boat service from Harihareshwar to Ratnagiri. Ferry rides are frequent to avail the shortest route along the coastal state highway in Maharashtra. To Ratnagiri, the […]

Mumbai to Harihareshwar road trip.

Drive from Mumbai to Harihareshwar. How about exploring the stunning and dazzling beaches in the Konkan road trip  in the drive from Mumbai to Harihareshwar. Well, every road trip should not be about reaching some pre-fixed destinations. Instead, road trips are made of journeys through an anxious traveler’s eyes. The mind of a true traveler […]