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Cherrapunji sightseeing

 Cherrapunji sightseeing is about nohkalikai waterfalls,wei sawdong waterfall,garden of caves and other waterfalls. Are you planning to visit the land of root bridges and khasi hills? Then let me tell you you have landed onto the best blog on Cherrapunji sightseeing Guide which is also known as Sohra. I visited this dreamland in the month of October when the monsoon was just retreating from the eastern parts of India. That was when the sky is blue and the mountain cliffs are graced with waterfalls. With such pleasant weather, my trip to this dreamland was much more enchanting as I explored the valleys,root bridges and waterfalls of Sohra. So let us move on and explore Sohra in this blog in details.

Cherrapunji sightseeing

Seven sister waterfalls:-

A mesmerising waterfall in the heart of Sohra ,this waterfall is only active only during the rains. Plenty of streams run down side by side to create a magical experience. You cannot reach to the bottom of the waterfall ,but you can see the streams from a view point situated just beside the main road. In fact the view point is a cliff overlooking a deep gorge and the panoramic view of the waterfall. The water falls from a height of about 310 meters making it one of the tallest waterfalls in India. 

Seven sister waterfalls, Cherrapunji sightseeing

Dainthlein waterfalls:-

Surrounded by beautiful valleys all around this waterfall is situated on the route to wei sawdong waterfalls. This is also known as the Niagara waterfalls of Meghalaya due to its huge width. Again this waterfall is active in rains. Reaching to the waterfall ,the road is very stressful and bumpy but as we know difficult paths results in success in life. One has to take a detour before entering Sohra to reach to this waterfall.

Dainthlein waterfall, Cherrapunji sightseeing

Wei sawdong waterfal:-

After seeing dainthlen waterfall we went further for half an hour to reach to wei sawdong waterfall . This newly explored wsterfall is a three tier and very famous among young tourists. This waterfall lies on the downstream of dainthlen waterfalls and form beautiful.colourful water streams of limestone and foms natural swimming pool where one can take a bath.The water falls in three steps forming an elegant shape. One has to trek down to the waterfall for 20 mins through steps to get the best views.

Wei sawdong waterfall, Cherrapunji sightseeing

Noh kalikai waterfall-best waterfall in Cherrapunji sightseeing :- 

This is the prime attraction of Cherrapunji and the trip to Cherrapunji is incomplete without visiting this magnificent waterfall. Nohkalikai has a mystical story of a khasi girl who unknowingly ate the flesh of her murdered child and then in rage jumped over the cliff. Thus this waterfall is named after her sad story. Nohkalikai waterfall is the tallest plunge waterfall in India and is 346 metres in height. Nohkalikai is fed from rain water collected on the top of a plateau which can be reached in the living root bridge trek. The waterfall forms a beautiful blue colored natural pool where one has to trek 45 mins after double decker living root bridge to reach there.

Nohkalikai waterfall, Cherrapunji sightseeing

KA Khoh Ramhah :-

Best time to visit this place is during the sunset when the Bangladesh plains can be seen clearly with sun rays making a magical diffraction of light. Ka Khoh Ramhah is identified with a big pillar stone like the shave of Shiva Linga. The place is beautifully decorated with waterfalls and streams of water flowing across the park built here. The place is devoid of any crowd so tourists visiting here find this place perfect for photography and spending lonely time with their loved ones.

According to khasi tribal stories there was once lived an evil man who used to disturb the villagers . Once the villagers decided to fool him by mixing the food with nails and stones and iron particles. After he ate all of them he was caged as a stone and cannot leave this place thus turning into a stone which is known as ka khoh ramhah. Apart from this mythical story this place is not at all a horror place as the story suggests but instead one of the most scenic place offering enchanting views of the Bangladesh plains.

Ka Khoh Ramhah, Cherrapunji sightseeing

Double decker living root bridge :-

Perhaps the finest and most lived destination of Cherrapunji, double decker living root bridge is a gem of a wonder for the tourists. Double decker living root bridge takes around 2 hours by walk to reach from the village tyrna. Double decker living root bridge is grown form the secondary roots of a special rubber tree which takes 25 years to come into full strength. The rots expand and elongate holding into each other to form the bridge. It is surely a natural wonder and is known as the most important heritage of Meghalaya.

Garden of caves-a historical wonder in Cherrapunji sightseeing:-

As the name suggests this place has a wide variety of caves inside the park and provides some historical importance in the form of stories to the travellers. Garden of caves is a versatile tourist spot having plenty of spots for tourists. It has waterfalls,view points of the khasi hills, historical spots and caves inside the park. 

Garden of caves, Cherrapunji sightseeing

Garden of caves, Cherrapunji sightseeing

Garden of Caves, Cherrapunji sightseeing

Awrah caves- must visit cave in Cherrapunji sightseeing :-

This is terrific place as we enter the hill station of Cherrapunji. The caves are deep and have stalactites and stalagmites. Owing to its geographical features these caves are visited by students and foreigners all through the year. However, in the monsoon times it is advisable not to visit as the stairs are slippery.

This cave has limestone walls filled with fossils of pre-historic age. So you can understand how informative and wonderful this place can be.The cave is low in crowd so one will surely find solace amidst the enchanting views of the khasi hills on the way to the cave.

Arwah caves, Cherrapunji sightseeing

Lyngksiar waterfall:-

This is one of the most beautiful waterfall in Cherrapunji. The two tiered waterfall derives its name from a rare orchid found here. One has to trek down for 15 minutes through concrete steps and reach at the bottom of the waterfall. This place is devoid of any crowd and the tranquility of the place will make any traveller much happier and engaged with nature. Lyngksiar waterfall is a much visit destination in Cherrapunji to witness one of the most beautiful waterfall of this hill station.

Lyngkisiar waterfall, Cherrapunji sightseeing

Besides these places there are numerous other tourist spots like eco parks ,monolith parks and view points. Cherrapunji is not only limited to caves and waterfalls. It is much more beyond that. Eco parks have been built overlooking the deep gorges and providing enchanting views of the entire khasi hills. Monoliths are rock pillars like structure built in memory or to dedicate the heroics of some certain local persons. These stone pillars protruding from the valleys looks mystical in nature and makes this quaint town even more scenic.

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