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Coastal karnataka tour
Coastal Karnataka Tour

Coastal karnataka road trip | Coastal karnakata tourist places.

Welcome to the best travel blog on coastal Karnataka tourist places and coastal karnataka road trip. I have always been chasing sunrises and sunsets from my childhood, that rejuvenates me for a bright start and concluding my day on a positive note. Such positive vibes can only be achieved in the beautiful western section of India, where the mountain meets the sea. Surrounded by the ancient western Ghats which is older than the Himalayas and Arabian sea on one side ,western coast of India offers stunning landscape to cherish in coastal karnataka road trip. A tour to the coastal Karnataka and exploring the beaches of this mighty state in India enables us to have a long lasting memory in our life. So let’s not waste time and read my blog to know about some of the best beaches in western Karnataka.

Coastal karnataka road trip | Coastal karnakata tourist places

Someshwar Beach-Holy beach in coastal karnataka tourist places

I started my tour with the sunrise on Someshwar Beach, early in the morning. Someshwar beach is situated near Mangalore. Stunning landscape and clean sands welcome the travellers to observe some serene moments here. The beach is devoid of any crowd and has boulders that paves way to go inside the sea. The splashing of the waves on the boulders makes a perfect photogenic moment in coastal Karnataka.

Someshwar beach mangalore

Someshwar beach mangalore

Sasihitlu Beach-scenic beach in coastal karnataka tourist places

A white sand beach located near Mangalore ,is one of the cleanest of all that I have covered. Driving along the coastline and playing hide and seek with the coastal thatched roof houses and the Arabian sea I reached this beach in the morning after witnessing a surreal sunrise in Someshwar beach. The beach was very clean with patches of mangrove shrubs and small fishing boats creating a surreal scenery . The clear blue waters adds a catalyst in the colourful nature of the Arabian sea.

Sasihitlu Beach mangalore

Padubidri Endpoint-unique beach in coastal karnataka tourist places

This is one of the most unique beaches in coastal Karnataka . A birds eye view will fetch a terrific landscape with a river estuary on one side and sea on the other. A park has been built which opens at 9 in the morning where one can take a walk in the avenue with sea on one side and river on the other. The government of Karnataka has really done a great work in maintaining the cleanliness of the beaches. Padubidri end point can be reached with a diversion from the Mangalore to Udupi highway towards Udupi.

Padubidri Endpoint

Padubidri Endpoint

Kapu Lighthouse Beach one of the best coastal karnataka tourist places

A truly scenic beach with a lighthouse on its shore. The terrain is rocky with clear blue waters splashing on the rocks and the lighthouse together makes the location dramatic. Spending some tranquil moments on its sea shore gazing at the ancient lighthouse offers some great photogenic moments for a traveller.

Kapu Lighthouse Beach

Malpe Beach

The most famous beach that I encountered in this coastal Karnataka road trip situated in Udupi. The Beach is famous for water sports activity so a traveller can also seek some adventure in this trip in the Arabian sea. Though the beach was crowded but it is well maintained by the local people. The umbrellas with yellow sands creates a beautiful scenery of the maple sea shore.

Malpe beach

St Mary’s Island-unique island in coastal karnataka  tourist places

This was the most scenic beach in the entire trip and the most unique one in the whole trip of coastal Karnataka. One has to take a shared boat ride from Malpe beach and it will take Rs 200 per head and 40 mins to reach the island. No plastics ,alcohol or smoking is allowed inside the island that helps in maintaining this wonderland of coastal Karnataka. The rocky terrain of the beach with mountains rising from the sea creates a stunning scenery. The terrain of the rocks and the mountains suggests that it was attached to Africa in prehistoric age before the tectonic movements. In fact Vasco da gama visited this island when he arrived on the western coast of India. History, geography both combine together make this island a wonderland of coastal Karnataka.

St Mary's Island

St Mary's Island

Delta Point Udupi – Gangolli Endpoint

Another mesmerising place with two kind of beaches at the same place. On reaching this end point of a river estuary we can see the confluence of river and sea. And the right side will be the river beach with crystal clear  waters of the backwater and white sand. On the left side is the sea beach with crystal blue waves splashing on the sea shore. I witnessed a beautiful sunrise on the river with fishermen boats creating a stunning scenic backdrop. While in the evening one can witness a superb sunset on the sea beach. Such opportunities to witness a sunrise and a sunset at the same point is rare in terms of geography.

Delta Point Udupi – Gangolli Endpoint

Delta Point Udupi – Gangolli Endpoint

Kodi Beach

This secluded beach is famous because of its mangrove forests on the backwaters and dolphin sighting point. For Rs.1300 one can hire a boat and visit these places. Dolphin sighting is common in this place and then one can take a journey to the clear blue waters of the backwaters and take a tour to explore mangrove forests. This beach is a must visit place in coastal Karnataka road trip for its beautiful mangrove forests. One can also see different migratory birds feeding on the fishes in these forests.

Kodi Beach

Kodi Beach mangrove forest

Maravanthe Beach

One of the most famous beaches in coastal Karnataka tourist places while we drive down from Udupi to gokarna ,this beach is situated just on the NH 66 highway and offers stunning views at the sunset time. The beach has Kolluru river on one side and Arabian sea on the other, thus a unique combination of river and sea surrounding the national highway. I enjoyed some photogenic moments at the time of sunset and took back some refreshed memories of coastal Karnataka road trip.

Maravanthe Beach

Maravanthe Beach

Murudeshwar Temple Beach

This is one of a kind holy beach dedicated to lord Shiva. The beach is famous for a huge statue of lord Shiva which is 2 nd highest in Asia of lord Shiva. According to the legends when Ravana was returning from North India to Sri Lanka he was carrying the auspicious Shiva linga which was very powerful. The Devas got frightened and immediately asked help from lord Shiva.

Lord Ganesha stepped in and disguised himself as a child and came to earth. When he met Ravana he asked to help him by carrying the Shiva Linga and thus when Ravana handed him he kept the Linga there on the ground. Furious by his attitude Ravana cursed the child and tried to pick the Linga up. Instead it broke into pieces of which two pieces are found now in Gokarna and Murudeshwar temples. This story is being narrated inside the temple premises below the foot of the statue of lord Shiva.

Apart from that one can also visit the main temple and offer puja to the main Linga of lord Shiva. Travellers can also go to the 18th top floor of the temple and capture the panoramic view of the statue of lord Shiva with the beach. The cost of entry to the temple is Rs 10 and I offered puja inside the temple at the cost of Rs 250 and took his blessings for my future journeys. The temple is clean and peaceful with fragrance if incense sticks everywhere. I started my day in this auspicious place and started off my journey in exploring further the divine coast of coastal Karnataka.

On the way to Gokarna from Murudeshwar I explored an offbeat place known as Pavinakurva hanging bridge. This hanging bridge is located on the backwaters of Arabian sea in a village known as Karki and one has to take only 1 km diversion from the main NH 66 highway. The view from this bridge is beautiful and owing the to the hanging bridge this place gives an unique experience to any traveller trying to explore more such offbeat tourist spots in coastal Karnataka.

Murudeshwar temple


This coastal town is also called as the land of Shiva and has some out of this world beaches to explore. Kudle beach, om beach, paradise beach and half moon beach are few beaches in Gokarna each having its own geographical significance due to its location and shape of the sea shore. Om beach is the most famous of all beaches in Gokarna with its sea shore having the shape of tge letter “aum”. Aum is the letter of the universe and of lord Shiva.

Mythology and geography both combine together to make these beaches even more special. With green western Ghats rising from the Arabian sea and rocks protruding on the sea shore. The splashing waves creates some beautiful photogenic moments on these beaches. One has to take a boat ride for Rs 300 each to reach paradise and half moon beach. Gokarna is also a holy place dedicated to lord Shiva. So you can visit the temple and take blessings from lord Shiva.

gokarna salt farming

kudle beach

om beach

Where to stay in the this route from Mangalore to Udupi

1- Where to stay in Udupi

White lotus Hotel Udupi provides a comfortable stay and is located just amidst the hustle bustle of numerous shops and bakeries. Where one can walk and explore the place. The rooms in White Lotus are quite spacious and well designed. The restaurant in the hotel has a beautiful ambience and provides good food. I loved the pomfret fish preparation over there , which was delicious. It also has good options of food for breakfast buffet.

2- Where to stay in Maravanthe

Blue Waters resort in Kundapur is a resort situated just beside the back waters of the Gangolli end point. The rooms in the resort provide excellent view from the cosy balcony. Where one can sit with their dear ones and spend quality time enjoying the panoramic view of the back waters. We had booked a suite room which was spacious and clean. The restaurant in the hotel provides delicious food and I loved the authentic South Indian breakfast  and fresh juice.

3- Where to stay in Gokarna

We stayed at the luxurious Stone Woods resort which is very close to Om beach and Kudle beach. Which are about 4 kms away from the resort. The resort has wooden cottages which are beautifully designed. We were given Kokum sharbet as welcome drinks . The restaurant in the resort serves delectable dishes and one must try their butter chicken which tastes heavenly. There are tall palm trees in the resort campus which adds to the charm of the place.

The only thing to be noted here is that the cottages in the resort are located at different altitudes which require steps to be climbed and hence, it is not recommended for elderly people.

Hope you enjoyed my blog on coastal Karnataka road trip and coastal Karnataka tourist places. You may also read my other trip by clicking here: Trip to the Land of Coffee, Chikmagalur

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ):-

What is the best place to stay in this route of Coastal karnataka?

Radisson blue in udupi is the best hotel to stay near manipal in udupi with a lavish property and roof top swimming pool.

Number of famous beaches in coastal karnataka?

There are in total famous 10 to 12 beaches in coastal karnataka.

What is the route of Coastal karnataka?

Coastal karnataka tour extends from Mangalore to Gokarna .

Is there any dolphin sighting point in this route of coastal karnataka?

Yes in kodi beach near Kundapur there is a dolphin sighting point

Where can we find mangrove forests in this route of coastal karnataka?

Near Kodi beach in kundapur we can find mangrove forests and there is also a boating facility in this route of coastal karnataka.

Nearest airport in this route of coastal karnataka?

Mangalore is the nearest airport in this route of coastal karnataka.

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