Coorg tourism | Best Places to visit in Coorg

Welcome to the Blog, Coorg tourism and best places to visit in Coorg. Places to visit in Coorg is not only about coffee plantations and romantic scenery, it includes a lot more experiences. The experiences in Coorg tourism for a traveller is noteworthy for exploring every detail of culture and history of Coorg. Starting from Madikeri Fort and Raja’s seat the history of Coorg unfolds and then pages the way to explore the scenic part in Mandalpatti village. Reaching the peak top of Pushpa Giri wildlife sanctuary

We get to know why Coorg is called the Scotland of the east owing to its smooth terrain of the mountains and colourful grasslands. Reaching further to another coffee estate and the birthplace of café coffee day we reached Chikmagalur. Chikmagalur is a quiet Hamlet and offers stunning sceneries of the western ghats. I found the natural landscape of Chikmagalur more versatile owing to the waterfalls, lakes and mountain peaks crafting the beautiful landscape in its unique form. Let’s not waste time further and jump into the various places that I have visited while exploring the coffee estates in India.

Coorg tourism | best places to visit in Coorg



There a lot of tourist places in Coorg to explore and among them I chose 7 finest places to explore Coorg in a more detailed way. In fact, the versatility of a place is important if we are writing a travel guide of a tourist place like Coorg. The versatility should include natural scenic places along with the history and culture of that place. To start with I first tried to explore the historical structures in Coorg and then moved on to exploring Coorg in the waterfalls and mountains.

madikere fort in coorg places to visit
1. Madikeri Fort – Best Places to Visit in Coorg

Madikeri fort is situated in the heart of Coorg city centre and easily accessible by road. Cars can go right in front of the main gate of the fort and so reaching this place is quite easy. Just in front of the fort main gate is a church which was rebuilt by the British officers after it was handed over to the East India company when you sultan was defeated. The fort was found by king Mudduraja and is also known as the Fort Mercara. The fort also has a palace which is now used as the office of D.C.

Later the fort was renovated and built by Tipu sultan and he named it as Jaffarabad. The palace inside the fort has a museum which has different weapons used in the era of tipu sultan. There is no entry fee to visit the fort. The fort is now maintained by the government of India and is a preserved tourist place of Coorg. There are also two huge elephants and a small park built inside the forts for the tourists. Madikeri fort has different elegant corners for photographers as it offers the dilapidated church and palace surrounded by the ancient huge walls of the fort. All these give a splendid time to experience and know about the ancient history of Coorg.

rajas seat in coorg places to visit
2. Rajas seat and Rajas tomb – Best Places to Visit in Coorg

Rajas seat was built by the Kodagu Kings to enjoy beautiful sunsets with the Queen’s of that time. His seat is perhaps the most popular place in Coorg and is situated close to the city centre near Stuart hill. The car can go right into the front gate and the cost of the entry fee is Rs 10 per head.

Rajas seat welcomes us with a beautiful park where statues of animals have been built so children coming here can enjoy a delightful time. As the name suggests, here the kings who ruled Coorg in the 17th century used to come here with their Queen’s and enjoy a peaceful time overlooking the Coorg valley and coffee plantations.


rajas seat
The place is more like a viewpoint where tourists come here to enjoy the best sunset over the valleys of the western ghats. Rajas seat has a Gandhi Mantap where remains of our father of the nation have been kept. The park and artificial fountains are added beauty for recreation in this place. Raja’s seat has an arch-like platform which acts as a viewpoint for the cliffs and lush greenery of the mountains.

rajas tomb in coorg
Not very far from this place, there is rajas tomb where the remains of the Kodagu Kings have been kept along with their Queen’s.

rajas tomb in coorg
Rajas tomb is just 4 KM from this place with an entry fee of Rs 10 per head and one can reach by car right in front of the gate. The building complex has a statue of Lord Shiva linga and Nandi so one can imagine how secular the Kodagu Kings were as they respected all kinds of religion. The carvings of Lord Shiva and his bull surrounding the tomb in the middle suggests the Indo Islamic style of architecture of those days and the open religion that matters the most for the Kodagu Kings.

omkareshwara temple
3. Omkareshwara temple – Best Places to Visit in Coorg

 Coorg is not only romantic but also a holy place with Rich historical significance. A perfect blend of Islam and Hinduism sculpture can be found in this beautiful colourful temple located in the heart of the city. The temple has a pond inside and with beautiful orange and white coloured walls. The main temple is a mixture of religious blend that proves the open mind of the Kodagu Kings to take interest in sculpture and art. The statue of Nandi overlooking the lake and the gothic structure of the main temple proves that it is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Abbe falls
4. Abbey falls in Coorg-highlight of Coorg tourism

Waterfalls are always romantic and adds to the scenic beauty of a hill station. Travellers are always eager to search for waterfalls in a hill station and this waterfall is the most famous one in Coorg. A series of 150 steps and a walk of around 10 minutes will lead us to the waterfall surrounded by forests of coffee and paper trees. The waterfall is quite wide but medium-sized in height and has a dilapidated hanging bridge in front.

Only 8 kms from the centre of the town Abbey falls is a delight to watch not only due to its cascading nature on the river Kaveri but also due to the private dense forests of coffee and spice plantations that adds to the serenity of this place. The waterfalls have a nickname called Jessy after a British officers wife’s name who lived here. Later it was discovered by an Indian who bought the coffee estates from the government. This waterfall is one of the most famous tourist spots in Coorg.

mandalpatti peak in coorg
5. Mandalpatti Peak – Best Places to visit in Coorg

 An offbeat and adventurous place in Coorg, this village offers stunning views of the western ghats. It is situated at a two-hour journey from the main city centre and one has to book local 4*4 SUVs as private vehicles are not allowed due to the off-road conditions. The visit to this village consists of a waterfall and Pushpa Giri wildlife sanctuary which is a peak of the western ghats mountain top.

kote abbe falls in coorg tourism
6. Kote abbe falls: Hidden place of Coorg tourism

 One can have spectacular sunset views of the Coorg valley and the western ghats from here. Kote abbe falls adds to the versatility of this off-road road trip on Kaveri river. The waterfall is situated deep inside a forest where a walk of 5 minutes through a rocky bed will take us to the waterfall. The height and width of the waterfall are smaller as compared to Abbey falls but the shape of this waterfall is so delicate and unique that photographers try to capture the unique dancing form of the shape of the waterfall.

After a visit to the waterfall, I started for Pushpa Giri wildlife sanctuary which is situated on a mountain top to watch the sunset. Though one has to take a 200-metre trek uphill through rocky terrain, the view from the top is majestic. Mandalpatti has severe road conditions and a traveller may feel stressed out to reach this place, but after reaching the top the views that I saw, my mind and body got rejuvenated to click numerous pictures of the serene beauty of the western ghats. Mandalpatti pictures prove why Coorg is also known as Scotland of the east.

chiklihole reservoir

7. Chiklihole reservoir- unexplored part of Coorg tourism

This is place is a must-visit destination near Coorg and Kushal Nagar. It is only 15 KMS from the main town of Coorg and is easily accessible by road. The dam is built on one of the tributaries of river Cauvery so it is abundant with water all the year-round. Travellers must be careful not to venture into the waters of the reservoir as it is a natural habitat of crocodiles. The place is blessed with huge waters of the reservoir and thick forests so traveller will find peace and solace in visiting this offbeat tourist place near Coorg.

The natural beauty and a perfect backdrop for sunset will surely attract an eager tourist who wants to have some photogenic moments near the reservoir. The place looks best at the time of the monsoons due to the rich greenery and overflowing of the river. Although the dam looks scenic and photogenic all the year round so tourists can visit all through the year.

Places to visit in Coorg Tourism: Madikere fort, Rajas seat, Rajas tomb, Abbey waterfalls and Mandalpatti peak are major places and attractions to visit in Coorg.

Attractions in Coorg: Madikere fort,Rajas seat ,Rajas tomb,Abbey waterfalls and Mandalpatti peak are major places and attractions to visit in Coorg. Chiklihole reservoir and chikmagalur are nearby attractions in Coorg.

FAQs – Best Places to Visit in Coorg

What is the distance between Bangalore to Coorg?

Coorg is situated 249 km from Bangalore.

What is the Coorg known as?

Coorg is also known as Madikeri.

What is Coorg famous for?

Coorg is famous for its coffee plantations and natural beauty.

What is the famous waterfall in Coorg?

Abbey waterfalls is the most famous waterfall in Coorg.

Which is the best road trip in South India?

Bangalore to Coorg is the best road trip in South India.

What are the top attractions to visit in Coorg?

Abbey waterfalls, Madikere fort, Mandalpatti peak, Rajas seat and Rajas tomb, omkareshwara temple are the top attractions to visit in Coorg.

What are the best daytrips from Coorg?

Mandalpatti peak, chiklihole reservoir, kushalnagar, kasargod are best daytrips from Coorg.

What are the best places to visit in Coorg for couples?

Abbey waterfalls, chiklihole reservoir,mandalpatti peak and rajas seat are some best places to visit in Coorg for the couples.

What are the best places to visit near Coorg?

Abbey waterfalls, Chiklihole reservoir, Sakleshpur, Kasargod fort, iruppu waterfalls, Dubare elephant camp, Kushalnagar and mandalpatti are best places to visit in Coorg. 

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Coorg is the best place to visit and spend the weekend holidays to spend quality time with partners and family members. The two places such as Dubare Elephant Camp. Wildlife | Lake & Backwaters and Cauvery Nisargadhama. Lake & Backwaters are the places that everyone should visit with family while traveling. The places are near Coorg.

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