September 26, 2021 2:52 am
Covid free destinations

Covid free destinations to travel

Planning a trip to a foreign country? Well, the coronavirus crash was a huge blow. In times like these, you cannot travel. As in the previous year, everyone entered the jail and was banned from leaving. Many COVID-free destinations are now opening up new locations and lifting the ban.

Thanks to the Covid-19 vaccines, we are finally able to complete our travel plans. So if your vacation was interrupted last year, you may be able to return it. But listen, you need to know if your destination is on the list of COVID-19-free destinations. In recent months, many citizens have received passes to travel to these places. Well, this is a great and fun experience.

Plan your trip to these COVID-free destinations


The pandemic has affected not only all countries. Thanks to the regulations, several countries were saved, and if you really want to, you can go to these places.

Be sure to take the necessary precautions when traveling. Places like the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Bahrain attract tourists. While some countries previously restricted travel for primary purposes only, many have now excluded them as secondary. But, if you are traveling to one of these places, you must take the Covid-19 test.

Also, after passing the test, you will be quarantined. So, you may not be able to immediately see the beauty of this place, but you will definitely do it. has compiled a list of places you can go to. So let’s go.


Who wouldn’t want to visit the Maldives? We all dream of visiting the Maldives. It is often referred to as a dream destination by many for the right reasons.

The Maldives was completely isolated for four months but reopened its borders in July to welcome tourists from all over the world. Thus, the Maldives became one of the first COVID-free destinations in the world where travel is allowed.

The Maldives is known for its luxurious beaches and white sand beaches. And we cannot simply deny the beauty of corals and the purest blue waters of the sea.

Unlike most COVID-free countries in the world, tourists are not required to undergo quarantine and testing. However, travelers must sign a health declaration. When roaming, the use of masks is mandatory.


In addition, tourists visiting the Maldives during this period must obtain confirmation from the Ministry of Tourism regarding their booking. While there are no strict travel laws in the Maldives, there are some rules you will need to follow when returning home.

Unless you are a tourist visiting the Maldives, you will need to isolate yourself and place yourself in quarantine for 14 days. In addition, they must also register on the Haalubelun portal to comply with the safety rules.


Oman, or Sultanate of Oman, on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, is one of the COVID-free destinations.

While the country is gaining in importance, they are also taking steps to develop tourism. According to them, for this, citizens from 103 countries will not need to provide an entry visa to stay in the country for up to 10 days. However, tourists who visit this place must follow some rules and provide all the details of their trip.

Travelers must also provide proof of health insurance to the Sultanate of Oman in order to obtain an entry visa. Since there is no COVID here, you can plan your trip here.

But why go to Oman? Well, Oman does have some great places to visit. Some of these more popular ones include the following


  • Wahiba sands
  • nutmeg
  • Salalah

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