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Daringbadi Odisha Tourist Places

Daringbadi Odisha Tourist Places

Welcome to this blog on Daringbadi Odisha Tourist Places which will show you a hidden gem of odisha. Chasing the clouds and the waterfalls from the raindrops of these clouds is what one can expect from odisha. Odisha is a gem of a place in India with hidden treasures everywhere like untamed waterfalls,rich biodiversity and sun kissed eastern ghats. Daringbadi and phulbani is the highlight of untamed odisha which are still fresh and unexplored in beautiful odisha. Let me show you some places in Daringbadi to cherish some beautiful memories.

Daringbadi Odisha Tourist Places

Selfie point and hotel utopia :-

If you are looking for perfect moments of tranquility then hotel utopia resorts near sunset point is the place for you. The resort has well furnished rooms with balconies providing stupendous panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. There are nearby trekking routes in the villages and selfie point is one of them. Selfie point is a brand new unexplored hill top which provides stunning views of the eastern ghats. There are  rock boulders on the mountain top the makes the geography even more enchanting.

After watching the sunrise from the hotel balcony head for the 15 min trek to selfie point. In between you can also see farmlands of turmeric,rice,cabbage,and various local vegetables. After reaching the peak of the mountain, the view from here is just amazing. Clouds will be surrounding us,coupled with the mesmerising views of the eastern ghats. Utopia resort is the perfect place to stay and enjoy scenic beauty if you are thinking of  a Daringbadi Odisha tour plan.

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Mridubando waterfall :-

A cascading waterfall easily accessible in road and 15 kmn from daringbadi ,this waterfall provides an ideal place for the travellers to experience the greenery of odisha. The shape of this waterfall makes it more unique. One has to trek down for 10 mins amidst dense forest to reach the waterfall site. Steps have been made to assist the travellers to reach at the waterfall.

The waterfall is on river baitarani a major river in odisha. From daringbadi town it will take approximately 30 mins on highway to reach the parking spot from where then we have to take the steps. Mridubando waterfall makes Daringbadi even more special hill station of India.

mridubando waterfall in daringbadi odisha

Pine forest and Doluri river :-

The highlight of Daringbadi is the pine forest just 4kms from the main town. People have cultivated the pine trees and created a great tourist spot in Daringbadi. The tall trees with green grasses provides a serene atmosphere for all the travellers visiting this unique forest. Why daringbadi is called the silent valley ,the answer can be fetched on visiting the pine forest.

While walking further inside the forest we will come across a rapid formed by the river doluri ,a tributary of baitarani river. The brown colored water flows at a great speed cutting through the rocks and creates the rapids. These rock formations are common everywhere in odisha due to the plateau of the eastern ghats. Such versatile geography makes Daringbadi a dream destination. Your Daringbadi Odisha tour plan would be incomplete without visiting this beautiful river.

doluri river daringbadi odisha

pine forest in daringbadi odisha

Sunset point :-

Near to our hotel utopia there is a sunset point on the state highway from where we get astounding views of the silent valley and a sparkling sunset. The mountains and the valley form different colours of nature and the colourful sky at the time of sunset creates memserising views from the hill top. Though in our trip due to moisture ladder  clouds and the rain the sunset was not so clear we took beautiful memories of the stunning views of the landscape.

sunset point in daringbadi odisha

Hill view park and emu park:-

These two parks makes Daringbadi stand apart from many tourist spots in Odisha. From hill view park one gets to see astounding views of the gorges of eastern ghats while in the emu park emu birds have been kept to add the attraction besides a serene scenery . The hill view park is situated at a higher elevation that provides stunning panoramic views of the gorges.

Inside the park there are also medicinal plants and statues of kinds tribes and animals. These adds in attracting kids to the park. Besides these two park there is also a park of coffee plantation. Really this is unique in terms of geography of eastern ghats where coffee is grown. There are numerous coffee trees which have been planted by the local people

Lovers point -highlight of Daringbadi Odisha Tourist Places :-

This is the best romantic place I have ever been to in Daringbadi. Rapids of the baitarani river crushing into the rocks and creating streams is a much pleasant site. Surrounded by eastern ghats  all around this tourist spot is only 10 kms from the main town and can be accessible from a 2km diversion from the main state highway. A mesmerising place for couple this spot provides stunning views of ths river that gushes down through the rocks of the eastern ghats.

If people are coming to Daringbadi they must also explore some offbeat places around it. Likewise phulbani falls just beside the highway with excellent connectivity of roads to explore the heart of western odisha. Phulbani is a tribal district where farming is the main source of income for the local villages. Green paddy fields, excellent waterfalls ,deep gorges and dense forests with numerous flora and fauna what makes phulbani a must visit tourist destination.

lover's point in daringbadi, Daringbadi Odisha Tourist Places

Phurlijharan waterfall- First waterfall in Daringbadi Odisha Tourist Places

Just after crossing the Kalinga ghati road we come across a 12 km diversion from the National highway to reach thus waterfall. This waterfall looks majestic in the monsoons as tge turquoise water of the raindrops creates huge volume of the water to fall down the eastern ghats rocks. The trek to the waterfall is about a hundred number of steps or 10 min walk. This 10 min walk may be stressful but what we get after that is a sight to behold.

phurlijharan waterfall kalinga ghati

Putudi waterfall :-

This famous waterfall of odisha is situated 26 kms from the main town of phulbani. There is 14 km diversion from the state highway which is an extremely offroad driving to the site of the waterfall. As it was the monsoon season so there was huge volume of water gushing down through the rocks that creates a stunning sight for the travellers. The newly construct road takes directly to the view point of the waterfall so unlike the other tourist spots of Odisha one need not have to do a trek for this.

putudi waterfall in daringbadi odisha tour plan

Mandasaru-a getaway in Daringbadi Odisha Tourist Places :-

This place is called as the silent valley and rightly so if you visit this gorgeous place. The best view of this valley can be seen from the mandasaru nature camp view point. This view point provides a panoramic visual glory of the phulbani forest gorge . This gorge contains numerous species of animals like civets,leopards,deers,wild cats and numerous species of flora and fauna.

Mandasaru is 40 kms from daringbadi and the route to this village offers many photogenic moments. Ghat roads,thick dense sal forest,green paddy fields paint the roads in such a way that makes this visit to silent valley a memorable one. Mandasaru is indeed a glorious place to visit and enrich ones affinity with the local tribal culture and imbibe the natural beauty of the place. I hope that my readers liked this blog on Daringbadi Odisha tour plan.

mandasaru view point, Daringbadi Odisha Tourist Places Daringbadi Odisha Tourist Places