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Devaliya Gir Offbeat places in Gujarat

Devaliya Gir and Offbeat places in Gujarat

Welcome to Devaliya Gir and offbeat places in Gujarat my solo trip in Gujarat offbeat destinations. Let us explore the colours of Devaliya Gir in offbeat places in Gujarat in a different way.

I admiringly got up to chirping of birds early in the morning with merciful gust in handcrafted cottage which is made of dry grass & traditional outdoor jhula. An alluring surroundings of coconut trees. It was an amazing experience of eating out heavenly desi food cooked with home-grown ingredients.

I’ve been travelling to Gir district and collecting memories, there’s been a lot of self-talking as well as group discussions about these offbeat places to explore.

It was a great pleasure, the anonymity of being somewhere nobody knows me. In case if you all had read my previous blog- Gir Somnath. You all know I truly enjoyed the Gir a lot in Gir and it influenced me to explore the places in Gir from there. Here are some spots by to be added in the Gir trail.

Let’s jump on to my itinerary. Which will help you plan your itinerary when visiting Gir. This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing districts of India. Trust me.

These places are one of the most culturally and historically rich spots of Gujarat.

Where to Stay in Devaliya Gir and Offbeat places in Gujarat :-

Devaliya Gir and offbeat places in Gujarat

Woahh wondering where will you get such stay in Gir? 

Places to see in offbeat Gir District near Devaliya Gir:

As mentioned before, this district is filled with amazing architectural gems and historical spots which makes this a fascinating district to visit. Here are a few places that you must visit when exploring this stunning Gir district.

You will fall in love with grandness and timeless architecture. The energetic and colourful markets will beckon you to buy beautiful ancient fabric, shoes, jewellery, and so on.

Seashore puts a mind at ease:

Along with world-famous Gir Temple, Gir Beach forms an important part of the itinerary to a visitor. It is famous for its beautifully sparkling waves and long stretches of grey sands. Travelers can unwind here after a long day of sightseeing, although, swimming is not recommended. Sunsets are particularly beautiful and add a fascinating touch to the end of a great day.

Beauty, Truth & Meaning of our pilgrimage -Prabhas Patan :

This is well worth a stop. This museum has protected the parts of earlier Gir Temple. It is a great job by the Gir Trust. The archaeology lovers must visit this place and see the sculptures from the old Gir temple. This museum is a hidden gem of Somnath. It is about 15 minutes’ walk from the Gir Temple.

It is maintained by the government of Gujarat. It was found in 1951. There are nearly 3500 objects exhibited in a raw. The museum also houses an assortment of seashells and pottery shards. Heavy stuff the museum is closed on Wednesdays/public holidays and open from 10:30 to 17:30 hrs on other days.

As we entered, rows of fragments from pillars and walls of the destroyed temple of Somnath, greeted us. Left open to the elements they were blackened and severely eroded. They were a depressing sight.

But there are two covered buildings, the one to the left, housing the stone slabs with inscriptions collected from around Prabhas Patan, and the one directly in front where the Gujarat government has reconstructed the temple chambers with pillars and domes. Though the labelling is pretty poor so you need to have an eagle eye to find the museum. Some of the exhibits seem to have been restored (faces restored but the body damaged).

We spent more than an hour here. In the end, we were left wondering what would have caused the attackers to damage such beautiful sculptures.

Devaliya Gir and offbeat places in Gujarat

Don’t forget to Immerse yourself in Triveni Sangam near Devaliya Gir:

Very nice view especially in the evening and don’t forget to feed something to the birds to see their Gathering.

The confluence of the three rivers Hiran, Kapila, and Saraswati this is the point where the rivers meet the mighty Arabian Sea. At Triveni Sangam, you will see a lot of white birds which make it a very beautiful place as birds will be all around you flying chirping, etc.

Triveni sangam in gir

Another corner which can make you rejoice- Kamnath :

Stunning, that’s what came out from this Rahee’s heart and I started dancing while capturing the beauty- just like a peacock, who dance with an open mind and loving heart.

The unbelievable truth here is, this Shiva linga is self-proclaimed and it’s 5000years old. This spot has crazy footfall in savan month. It has been said that Lord Krishna stayed back a night here to do Pooja as it was the last visited place of Krishna avatar. From this, lord Krishna headed towards Bhalka tirth for another green of god.

Devaliya Gir and offbeat places in Gujarat

Tirth which can’t be seen with material eyes but by mercy- Bhalka Tirth:

I fondly remember walking up to this I was wondering how they did this. What an incredible architecture. It is the most recognizable scene of my so-called heard virtual story of Bhalka tirth.

Is the place where Krishna was hit by an arrow shot by a hunter named Jara, after which he is said to have left the earth for the heavenly abode, an act referred to in the Puranas as Shri Krishna Nijdham Prasthan Leela.

It has the everlasting mesmerizing moves of Lord Krishna.

Devaliya Gir and offbeat places in Gujarat

Devalia Gir Park:

Did you assume another famous spot of Gir, from my background?? Apart from Somnath!

A nature reserve in Gir National Park & Wildlife Sanctuary. Which is Located 13 km from Sasan. Devalia Park provides a whole wildlife experience to tourists and reduces tourist overload from Gir National Park. Sighting of the Asiatic lion and other wild animals of Gir is easy, within a short period, and at cheaper charges.

Devaliya Gir and offbeat places in Gujarat

Do you all know? What can make this nature trip even kin- Savni waterfall:

It was the last day of our one-week long trip and there is no way I am going home without admiring this stunning waterfall at Savni. I truly agree to Roland R. “There’s no better place to find yourself than sitting by a waterfall and listening to its music”

Savni waterfall is a must-visit place in Gir district with a stunning waterfall. I no longer need to describe the sight which I captured here.

Savni waterfall in Gir

Shivalingas at the beach!! Surprising? It is Ban Ganga:

Shivalingas on the seashore, at low tide. The seashore here is not sandy but pitted and rocky, hence we have to watch our step.

Some steps lead us from the beach to the Shivalingas. Some vendors sell milk to be poured on the Shivalingas as Abhishek. Insistent photographers don’t lose an opportunity to click your snap as you perform Abhishek, even if you refuse them!

By the time you have prayed, admired the vast seascape, and bought a pearl necklace from vendors selling pearl accessories and other knick-knacks, your large keepsake photograph is printed and ready wohh ha-ha! Jai Shiva Shankar.

How to travel locally in or near Devaliya Gir:

One of the best part about this district is that you would find numerous budget-friendly traveling options to explore the GIR. You have local rickshaws, Cab, etc. which are usually cheap and connect almost all the places in Gir or nearby.


There are auto-rickshaws here which you can take if you want to reach a place quickly. However, they will be nominal by cost and will often quote a price of 100 for a 5 km distance (Personal Auto). Sharing auto option is one of the cheapest ways in Gir which may cost around 10 INR per head.

Taxis and Cabs

You also have private taxis, cab, etc. available here but the price for them is again high. Also, you might have to wait a long time before you get a private cab or taxis so it would be better to choose another transportation mode.

Best season to visit in Devaliya Gir and offbeat places in Gujarat:

Winter Season

Unsurprisingly, the best time to visit Gir district is in winter from October to February. During this time, the climate is pleasant during the daytime although the nights are slightly cold. However, it is bearable with a thin jacket.

This is the peak season to visit GIR so you would find the places crowded as all the tourists flock to the city to experience its culture and history.

Monsoon Season

The monsoon season lasts in GIR from July to September it receives high rainfall. During September, the temperature is cooler and there is little but manageable humidity. So, if you want to visit GIR before the crowd starts coming in then August – September would be a good time to visit.

Most of the places are open and you can enjoy a quiet time in this beautiful city. Except for the Gir Sea!!

Summer Season

Probably one of the worst times to visit Gir is the summer season which lasts from April to June. The summer months are hot and dry and it is almost impossible to go sightseeing during the daytime.

If you do decide to visit during this time, make sure that you keep yourself adequately hydrated and eat lots of fruits for energy.

Conclusion of Devaliya Gir blog:

GIR district is one of the most popular districts on the western coast and has a lot to offer, in terms of both sightseeing and historical knowledge. So, if you are a history or cultural buff or if you just have a general love for photography then this should be on your itinerary.

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