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Road trip to the beaches- East coast Road Trip India

Welcome to the best travel blog of East coast road trip India that will consist of the beaches in West Bengal and Odisha. The blog contains beautiful images of East coast road trip India .

Mandarmani beach- East Coast road trip India

Our short trip (Indian East coast trip) to Mandarmani was indeed a memorable one. We stayed at Hotel Viceroy which is about 100 meters from the beach. Hotel Viceroy offers a comfortable stay with large sea-facing rooms. But the highlight of the hotel is its swimming pool area which is very vibrant and has a nice seating arrangement beside the pool where one can spend some time and enjoy the beautiful ambience.

Apart from that, the hotel also serves good food at reasonable prices. The Mandarmani beach was not very crowded at the time when we visited the beach. There are a lot of red crabs on the beach when there is low tide. At certain times of the day, when there is high tide, the beach looks even more pristine. Mandarmani beach gave me the perfect introduction for East coast road trip India.

mandarmani beach sunrise in east coast road trip india mandarmani beach in east coast road trip india

Mandarmani beach

It is well known in West Bengal for providing a wide range of water sports. Tourists coming here can enjoy the vibe like goa in West Bengal. Mandarmani beach is situated in the East Midnapore district of West Bengal. It is just 25 km from the famous Digha beach and 180 km from the heart of Kolkata, the city of joy. Several buses ply from Kolkata for Digha beach, and in order to reach Mandarmani one needs to stop at chaulkhola bustop. Then from there, several shared trekkers are available for mandarmani beach. From chaulkhola to mandarmani the distance is 17 km.

Things to do mandarmani are-

  • Watching a beautiful sunrise and sunset
  • Doing water sports
  • Visiting the river Suvarna Rekha sea mouth
  • Dining with drinking in the finest restaurants which are famous for its seafood like crabs, prawns, pomfret fry, and a wide variety of dishes.

mandarmani beach

Tajpur and Shankarpur beach- East coast road trip India

Tajpur and Shankar Pur Beach are two offbeat beaches located near mandarmani, around 40 mins drive. These two beaches are located on the way to Digha from mandarmani but the road conditions are extremely bad. Still, the serene atmosphere of the beach is enough to remain us speechless after crossing the bumpy road. Due to the recent cyclone Amphan, the coastline of these two beaches has been destroyed but as the coastline is now devoid of any shops the loneliness of the beaches will leave us spellbound to admire the tranquility and beauty of the east coast. Shankarpur Beach has an entry fee of Rs 20 for a car which is quite minimal for the maintenance of the beach. Both can be considered as the birder area of the state of Odisha and West Bengal and falls in the delightful coastal stretch of East India.

Shankarpur beach

It is famous for its fisheries and trollers fetching fishes loaded from the ice cube factories. The beach also has many factories producing ice cubes which are later transported to the cities through the trollers. Both these beaches are must-visit and a tourist must explore these unexplored Virgin beaches of West Bengal that offer a serene experience. The greatest part of these two beaches is watching a perfect sunrise after starting early from mandarmani. The natural scenery comes into its royal experience at the time of sunrise.Such a beautiful sunrise refurbished my energy to explore more such beaches in East coast road trip India.

tajpur beach tajpur beach shankarpur beach

Talsari and Udaypur beach

Talsari Beach

It is located on the border of West Bengal and Odisha at a distance of just 20 km from the famous Digha Beach. Located in the state of Odisha it is one of the best offbeat destinations. It offers astounding views of sunrise and sunset on a beach. Like the other beaches which I have mentioned in the blog, this beach is also a high tide beach in the morning after 9 and low tide in the evening. Several fishing boats, fishermen can be seen on the beach at the time of low tide. It offers a photogenic experience for any traveler. The beach is devoid of any city going crowd so the loneliness and tranquility of the beach offer a serene view to any traveler seeking solace.

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Udaypur beach

It is another beautiful beach adjacent to talsari Beach. The marine drive under construction from the Bengal border to Odisha leads us to this beach in just 15 mins from talsari. Udaypur beach is the highlight of this trip as I found it the most scenic and unique beach on the east coast owing to the casuarina forest on the coast. The green grassland of the forest and the roaring sea waves create a unique experience for any traveler visiting udaypur beach. The marine drive from talsari to udaypur beach is also a special experience offering stunning views of the green forest and the sea waves together.

talsari beach talsari beach sunrise Indian East coast trip

udaypur beach Indian East coast trip casuarina forest udaypur beach Indian East coast trip

Bhusandeshwar temple is another famous spot near to talsari beach, 45 mins drive from talsari beach. The temple is now under renovation and has the largest Shiva Linga statue in Asia. The Shiva Linga statue is situated on a shelter made of tin situated in front of the temple ruins. This holy spot is indeed unique due to the huge Linga where puja can also be offered.Such a holy place blessed my entire east coast road trip India.

largest shiva linga statue bhusandeshwar temple Indian East coast trip

The coastline of Odisha is indeed beautifully combined with some special features of Hinduism culture and the holiness attached to it. After crossing Bhubaneshwar temple I arrived at the sea mouth of Suvarna Rekha River into the Bay of Bengal. This is also a part of the mangrove sanctuary in bichitrapur, an eco-tourism coastal village. Boating facilities are also available to explore the mangrove sanctuary. The sea mouth of the river offers stunning views of different colors of water, the density difference creating this phenomenon.

Offbeat destinations near Balasore- Indian East coast trip

Chandipur is one of the most famous tidal sea beaches located in the Balasore district of Odisha and one of the best beaches of east coast road trip india. The place is famous for the DRDO center of missile testing for Indian defense. Chandipur beach is best in the early morning hours when it is low tide and one can walk miles into the sea through the black sand. Horseshoe crabs, seashells, starfish, and red crabs can be seen in plenty as the sea recedes. The most astounding feature of the beach is when the clutter of seawater in patches over the black. The sand reflects the sun in the sunrise and sunset time.

The serenity and the huge size of the landscape coupled with a clear blue sky. It makes this place a must-visit destination for all photographers. The best place to stay in  Balasore is Nocci residency, a plush property right on the national highway to explore this coastal city. Noccci residency offers some out of this world food delicacy which is very delectable. They have suite rooms as well to enjoy the luxury of traveling.

chandipur beach Indian East coast trip chandipur beach sunset Indian East coast trip

Sunei Dam

Not far from Chandipur around 2 hours drive will take us to the Sunei dam project. The dam has a huge reservoir built on the Brahmini river which is utilized for irrigation purposes. The surrounding mountains of the eastern ghats and the greenery of the Dyke Road in the dam will fetch some delightful photos for a traveler. The East coast road trip India to this dam is even more enthralling through the deep sal forests of the Eastern Ghats. Throughout the journey, there will be irrigation canals and green rice paddy fields. They attract every moment of capturing the views through a lens.

best road trip in east coast of india Indian East coast trip

Indian East coast trip

Just 19 km from Sunei dam an off-road drive of an hour will take us to sari Soa waterfall. This is a new spot in Bhadrak district still unexplored and unknown to many. The place looks out of this world and the mountains are Martian, but the waterfall vanquishes all those adjectives and gives us a pure earth feeling.

I hope this travel blog on East coast road trip India provides all the relevant features and informations about the beaches in odisha and bengal.

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Indian East coast trip Indian East coast trip

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