Essential Things for Trekking | A Complete List

When you are planning to go on a trek, apart from checking the weather conditions there is another thing to do which is very important. Before anything else, it is essential to arrange a self-sufficient trekking gear which will be helpful when there is nothing else around. When it comes to packing for a trek, it should be done in an efficient way so that you have maximum flexibility with minimum weight. You can follow the following trekking packing principles and philosophy for your trekking guide.

Some of the important things to take while trekking are trekking shoes, water bottles, and medicines. There are also other things that make a great backpack and beneficial for you in this adventurous journey.

The Backpacks and Bags:

Let’s start with trekking bags. They have to take all your essentials and practically your whole life in it for some days. The ideal backpack shouldn’t make your neck, shoulders, or you’re back hurt in any way, no matter how heavy it is. Ideally, it should also have an attached a daypack which can be left in case you need a smaller bag to carry around. The material is also important to ensure flexibility and durability.

Essential Things for Trekking

Depending on the duration of the trek, a 45-55 litter rucksack should be enough to carry all your trekking essentials. You also never know if it’s going to rain or snow. So, make sure to prepare for the worst condition and make sure your essential will always remain dry, and take a waterproof cover for your bag.

Water Bottle:

There is no doubt in this that a water bottle is one of the important things to carry while trekking. During the hike, we should keep our body hydrated throughout the time as at the high altitudes it is very difficult to find places for water. The only way to find water at this altitude is the natural streams. While going through these natural streams one can drink water and refill their bottle to keep them hydrated. It will be good to avoid using plastic bottles and rather buy a sturdy water bottle that does not leak.

Trekking Shoes:

A good pair of trekking shoes is one of the main things to carry while trekking which ensures comfort in the rough and tough terrains. The right trekking shoes will be easy, sturdy, and lightweight. Also, it should be waterproof which gives protection to the ankle and also provides a firm grip in trekking.

For small duration treks when you’re walking on a vehicle going roads, your shoe should have built-in cushioning and a cross-contact sole with good grip. Also, your shoe should have traction in case of wet hard ground, ankle support, and a soft sole to enhance the motion of the foot, ideal for easy treks.

Expeditions need boots with highly durable materials and assemblies. Preferably a Vibram sole for better grip and traction on hard and wet ground will be a good choice. Similarly, a rigid sole to favor foothold in rugged areas and for cushioning will be ideal for this purpose. In the case of different weather conditions, you will require waterproofing.  It will be of no use if you do not make sure it’s waterproof whether your shoe is warm or not.


It might sound like an extra thing, but this has to be one of the important items in the list of things to take while trekking. In the dark, it is always good to have a flashlight handy in the backpack which will prove useful in walking on the trails with quite ease. A flashlight is also an important item to find the path to the campsite.

The Tent and Sleeping Bag:

If you’re planning to buy a sleeping bag, take one that can keep you warm in all temperatures, even for -10°C.  As for camping tents, most treks these days offer them, but if you choose to invest, the following is what you need to keep in mind while buying.

The sleeping bag should be sturdy, and not able to blow away with a strong wave of wind. They should stand strong even under heavy rain or snowfall and should have a mosquito net. These are going to be your living place for the few days of the trek so ensure that they give you adequate safety and comfort.

Trek Pants:

Just like buying trekking shoes, it is essential to carry a good pair of trek pants which is relaxable and breathable. The cargo style trousers which can dry quickly are the best choice for trekking. On the other hand, people who are going for a snow trek can go for treks that have in-built gaiters to protect themself from the snow.

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Sun Protection:

You should always pack with you and wear sunglasses and sunscreen. If you are not doing this measure, it can result in sunburn and/or snow blindness in the short term and potentially premature skin aging, skin cancer in the long term. Quality sunglasses are very important in the outdoors to save your eyes from potentially damaging radiation. If you’re going for prolonged travel on snow or ice, you’ll need extra-dark glacier glasses.

Spending many hours outdoors can expose you to ultraviolet rays. This can cause sunburn, premature skin aging, and skin cancer. Using sunscreen is recommended to help limit your exposure to Ultraviolet radiation.

Personal Medical Kit:

It is considered as one of the essential things to take while trekking which will be a savior for minor health issues. The medical kit must have things like burns, bruises, antiseptic lotions, bandages, and band-aids. In case of any emergency, these items are the life saviors which will definitely help you and other fellow hikers and trekkers.  Also, make a list of medicines to take while trekking and ensure you’re carrying them all.

Essential Things for Trekking
Essential Things for Trekking


You should carry few quick-dry t-shirts (both long and short-sleeved) and a fleece jacket and wind-cheater; waterproof outer jackets and pants for trekking. A pair of comfortable but rugged pants with pockets will also be a good choice for you. Also, during trekking, it is important to carry headgears like a woolen cap or muffler to protect the head and face.

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