Harihareshwar to Ratnagiri
konkan road trip

A stunning road trip from Harihareshwar to Ratnagiri

Welcome to the second part of the Konkan coast road trip from Mumbai. After a surreal sunrise from MTDC Harihareshwar, we took a ferry boat service from Harihareshwar to Ratnagiri. Ferry rides are frequent to avail the shortest route along the coastal state highway in Maharashtra.

To Ratnagiri, the first ferry we took was from Agardanda to Dighi and the second ferry was from Bagmandale to Bankot. The ferry also takes the car on to another side of the sea for Rs 150. Ferry services are available from 9 o clock in the morning till 10 o clock at night.

Bagmandale ferry station provides a scenic landscape with a mangrove forest in the backwaters of the Arabian sea. That attracts a tourist for capturing numerous memories until the ferry arrives to board the passengers.

harihareshwar to ratnagiri

Harihareshwar to ratnagiri Konkan Coast Road Rrip

I was surprised to see such a decent waiting hall in Agardande ferry station. That proves the efforts put down by the government for public welfare. Avail of the two ferry rides before Bankot to enjoy a new adventure in the coastal highway drive to Goa.

The ferry ride will show you the different geography of the Konkan along with the meandering roads in the Western Ghats.

Harihareshwar to Ratnagiri

People may drive back along the backwaters onto the state highway but that will be a much longer route.

After Bankot avail the NH66 highway for a faster route to Ganapatipule.

The famous NH66 highway to Goa was covered in 6 hours as we reached Ganapatipule by the sunset to watch the majestic last ray’s of the sun in the Arrey ware beach road to Ratnagiri.

Therefore instead of going directly to the beach, we came across a panoramic sea view of the beach from a cliff. The view was more than expected as the late afternoon sun rays camouflaged the crystal clear water of the sea with the blue sky.

Ganapatipule beach on the way from harihareshwar to ratnagiri GANAPATIPULE BEACH

harihareshwar to ratnagiri

It is said that Ganapatipule beach resembles that of a crystal clear long stretches of beaches like those in the Maldives.

Well, I haven’t been to the Maldives yet but I am sure enough that this beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Maharashtra with pastel colors of the sea. Undoubtedly the coastal road trip from Mumbai to Goa was fetching me numerous coastal landscapes.


Aare Ware Beach on the way from Harihareshwar to Ratnagiri road trip.

The white sands of Coastal Maharashtra Road trip

As I drove down the highway I saw a signboard mentioning Aare Ware beach road. Prior to my trip, I have heard a lot about this beach. I heard of it nestling in the foothills of the Western Ghats situated just on the Ganapatipule and Ratnagiri highway. In a few minutes, I reached down to the plains of the seashore and arrived at the beach.

Aare ware beach in mumbai to goa coastal road trip

The beach was less populated with white sands glowing due to the last rays of the sunlight. I did not waste any time in capturing the beautiful sunset over the sea. The landscape was new to me as I had never seen a beach at the foothill of a mountain. The Western Ghats and the sea were merging together in the same place. The beach gave me numerous moments of photography as I tried to sketch the kaleidoscopic moments with my shutter and lens.

mumbai to harihareshwar by ferry
Bhatye Beach

Ratna Sagar Beach Resort- Best place to stay in Harihareshwar to ratnagiri road trip.

Where to stay in Coastal Maharashtra- Harihareshwar to Ratnagiri

Our second day of Konkan journey in our coastal road trip from Mumbai to Goa concluded with a sunset hue in Ratnasagar beach resort. The spectrum of clouds lingered in the sky creating rolling waves of hues in the vast sky. The distant hill was dark and looked like a giant whale with numerous neon lights of the city.

The resort offers excellent cottages on the Bhatye beach with free breakfast for Rs. 3500. With respect to the location, I would say that it is quite cheap in Ratnagiri, the mango town of India. I didn’t prebook any accommodation on my Konkan trip except that in Goa. For Harihareshwar, MTDC provided me with an excellent black beach. While Ratnasagar proved to be equally mesmerizing with a vast private clean beach.

After my eyes caught the spectrum in the sky, I rushed out to this lonely beach with my camera and discovered this marvelous property on the beach. One can locate this property on the main highway towards  Goa from Ratnagiri. The property is covered with plenty of coconut trees and well-decorated gardens of flowers.

In this entire trip, I have used NIKON DSLR D3500 camera for clicking the pictures.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ):-

How can we reach Ratnagiri from Mumbai?

The cheapest way to reach ratnagiri is by train and it takes 4 hours 50 minutes and the fastest way to reach ratnagiri is by cab and it takes 4 hours.

Mumbai to Ratnagiri road distance?

Mumbai to ratnagiri road distance is about 326 kms.

Where is the best place to stay in Ratnagiri?

Ratnasagar beach resort is the best place to stay in ratnagiri.

How can i reach ganapatipule from Mumbai?

Ganapatipule can be reached via nh66 from mumbai.

How far is Goa from ratnagiri?

Goa is situated 288 kms from ratnagiri.


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