Saputara Hill Travel Guide
Saputara Hills Travel Guide

How is Saputara hill station | How to Reach Saputara Hill Station

Welcome to my exploration of how is Saputara hill station. Have you always wanted to witness the Gira falls at the Saputara Hill station? This Saputara Travel Guide will help you to know more about how to reach Saputara hill station. Desired to spend some thrilling moments while mountaineering in Saputara hills??  If its yes by all means!! Then I would suggest you to not miss out any opportunity and make a Beeline towards saputara Destination.

As a travel blogger I can’t resist to travel an amazing hill, meet new people, and learn about different cultures. I travel for the destinations and to experience the mother nature. Gujarat‘s only hill station – saputara hills, the thick green forests and gushing waterfalls provide a legitimate feel of the state. There’s so much to do here; from trekking to paddling your way across a river to admiring the exhibits at hills around or taking a stroll through a beautiful adventure park.

Alright now let me begin my trail. In August 2018 I traveled to this beautiful destination and had such an amazing unforgettable time here. I did experience the night camping, mountaineering and waterfalls. Yes, it was a trekking toe.

How is Saputara hill station | how to reach Saputara hill station

How to reach Saputara Hill Station

One of the most common question that everyone asks me is how to reach saputara hill station??? And a lot of people usually want an option on a low budget So, here is everything you need to know to plan your trip to the Great hills of saputara hill station. There’s no railway station at the saputara exact. The Waghai railway station at Billimora is the nearest railhead from Saputara hill station. (approximately 50 kilometers away).

About the suitable mode of transport- Roadway is the best mode of Travel to saputara via amba Bari. we started this journey from Baroda to saputara. – we took a roadmap and started at night so that we can reach in the Morning to aspire morning beauty of monsoon hills.

Reaching Amba Bari towards Saputara hills

We reached Amba Bari in the morning we found a nice hotel to get freshen up and started for the day. Amba Bari has an indefinite view and weather, especially in the month of August. And we started our trek from this place. Here is the trek begins to Gotiyamal in Saputrara hill station.

Heading to Gotiyamal in Saputara hills

saputara hill station


We reached to Gotiyamal via trekking. You can also reach here via bus. Depending on what you prefer. It will take you around 1 hour 15 minutes via bus or car. We chose trekking to reach gotiyamal.

Once you reach “Gotiyamal” you’re one step closer to eminence of nature. Now, once you reach here, you might wonder what is there to see around here except for the wide expanse of nature. Well, don’t worry because there are several things for you to do here to keep yourself entertained and interested.

Here are a few top things that you should definitely try when visiting the Saputara Hills.

Walk around the great Gotiyamal

saputara hill station


One of the best and most amazing things to do in here is to roam around the greenery. You will find several people over here doing the same. But don’t worry, the place is so huge that you can easily find some peace and solitude from the crowd.

The view of Saputara hill station looks so intimidating as you move forward and away from the land. There is absolutely nothing to see for miles except for the green shrub and u can see the beauty of wooden house, people were so kind there who all were living their routine lives there. It was looking so beautiful I wonder how will it feels to have a home in between mother nature.

Take Cliched Photos in the Gotiyamal forest in Saputara hills

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I love taking pictures and if you do too then this place is an absolute gold mine for photography. You can take numerous funky and creative pictures here and have an amazing photoshoot with different props and outfits. Trust me, even though you get a green background, you can really get a lot out of this backdrop in Saputara hill station.

Staying in the Tent surrounded by green field – Baradpani

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If you wish to, then you definitely should stay in Tent or the resorts or hotels are always available to nearby location. Both places are said to be one of the most beautiful and extravagant places to stay at. You can have numerous entertainment activities like, Bonfire, late night talks along with delicious meals and memorable souvenirs.

And since you stay near the saputara hill station mountains, you can spend a long time in the greenfield and can also witness the moonrise and sunrise here.

Saputara lake- Enjoy the boating to explore how is saputara hill station

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One of the most famous parts about visiting this lake is it’s sight-seeing.

which I witnessed was like way to amazing. You can see the picture above I took boating ride to feel the sight-seeing via lake. You get to behold at mountains and locals who all are busy working with their day to day activities. You get to shop beautiful Gujarati attires and accessories and can gorge on the delicious food.

You also get to witness a local performance and have several stalls to admire and indulge in in enjoying your exploration of Saputara hill station.

Sunset point- Witness a Beautiful Sunset in the tour to explore how is Saputara hill station

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I am unquestionably and beyond doubts obsessed with sunsets. So, you can imagine my excitement when I watched the sun setting in the hills. I was absolutely blown away by that sunset and guess what? People can actually do witness how the sunlight affects the plant?

Plants have three basic responses or reactions to light. They are photosynthesis, phototropism and photoperiodism. Growth hormones are produced which cause the stem cells on the side away from the light to multiply causing the stem to bend.

Gira Falls in How is saputara hill station

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The main reason behind the trip in Saputara hill station would be amazing in rainy season is waterfall. This is something way more astonishing or beautiful. As we stopped and went in from parking, it was simply superb. worth stopping by and beautiful fall to feel around. This waterfall was created by the Ambika river flowing through it. It is mostly visited by tourists.

This waterfall comes alive during the monsoon season that attracts a lot of people. Avoid going during the summer season as there is no waterfall available, only a big rock is seen and the river remains dry. Near the waterfall are some stalls selling bamboo handicrafts which is worth buying as a souvenir to take back home. Also, there are some wooden stalls and tribal huts as well. This waterfall is an ideal place for families, couples as well as friends. It is a must visit and should not be missed while this trying to explore Saputara hill station.

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I hope you have enjoyed my saputara travel guide. If you have any question about my saputara travel guide. Please comment below. Also You can read more travel guide in the following:

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