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Welcome to the best website on offbeat destinations in india which is India toursandjourneys. The fast pace of our lives often become tiresome. We, humans, tend to concentrate so much on earning. However,  we neglect the need for a vacation. It is important to take breaks in order to function efficiently. We tend to overlook the time expectations of our families.

There are various activities that families can do together which helps in ensuring better family relations. Travelling is one such activity. ‘A family that travels together stays together’. But we, at india toursandjourneys, have something for all.

You may be a solo traveller, a family man, or someone who likes travelling with friends. Irrespective of the kind of traveller you are, we india toursandjourneys, have got you covered.

Toursandjourneys is a website that looks after all your travel needs. We have blogs that cover almost every part of India. Our blogs are easy to read, informative and extensively well researched.

We travel to the destinations first hand in order to bring the best places to you. There are many travel websites on the internet which cover the same places. But our exceptional love for travelling and discovering offbeat locations makes us stand out.

We cover the tourist attractions as well as the places that locals treasure. Our blogs help you see the unseen. Be it pristine rivers, hidden caves, or unknown temples of ancient remains.

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What we believe!

India Toursandjourneys is your one-stop destination for all your travel plans. Our website helps you plan your trip efficiently without any hidden cost.

We believe in keeping our readers updated.  Therefore, the website helps you in choosing the right location according to your mood, budget, and preference. We cover offbeat locations, so you’ll often come across places that aren’t crowded.

Travelling is therapeutic and we take pride in providing you with the best possible content. Some of the places that the website covers are Orissa, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Goa, Nilgiris, Rajasthan, Kerala and Uttarakhand.

We have places that can be covered in a day, for people who are always on the go and have time restraints. There are also destinations that would require a few days off from work. Our website has a wide variety of road trips too.

Road trips are fun and often come with beautiful landscapes. Additionally, Children can learn better in new environments. It exposes them to a world beyond their comfort zone, and pushes them to adapt.

Trekking is a soft adventure sport which anyone with a basic fitness level can try. Our website has quite a few trek options that you can choose for your kids. There are easy-graded treks for beginners, while experienced trekkers can opt for moderate or difficult treks. You can even get in touch with us for any travel-related queries.

How we can help you to plan trips better?

Our expert travel enthusiasts are well versed with most of the places in India. We even help you plan the trip and assist you with hotels, car rentals, guides and more. Moreover, we have a quick response rate, so the wait is negligible. Read, learn and travel your desired destination with ease.

India Toursandjourneys is a travel website which shows all the information related to the important travel destinations in India. Our aim is to explore not only the popular tourist places but also the beautiful offbeat places which many people might not know about.

India is versatile land in terms of tourist attractions which include hill stations, beaches, historical places and many other amazing destinations.

In our website, we have put down our interesting experiences in the mighty Himalayas , vibrant and exotic beaches of Goa,the breathtakingly beautiful tea gardens in the hilly areas of Southern India, naturally beautiful Odisha and many other extravagant places  in India.

You will get to know about best accomodations, ways to reach the destination, famous sightseeing places and each and every other detail about these places from our website. This will help you can to plan your next trip. Our travel blogs and vivid images will surely inspire you to visit these enchanting places.



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