India Unboxed – Book Review By Megha Hastir
India Unboxed - Book Review


India Unboxed is a perfect guide book for someone seeking to have adventure in different states of India. Starting from the mighty Himalayas and ending into the Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal the author takes us to every corner of India in the form of road trips. Basically, the book gives you a brief idea of four Indian States: Himachal Pradesh, (Spiti, Kaza) Mumbai, Odisha and Goa. If you want to explore these places by road then this is a must-read book for you. The writer had compiled all his experiences and details in this book.

India Unboxed is written by Souvcik Sen. As the name of the book suggests it will give you some real experiences of the author Souvik Sen exploring different parts of India. He uncovers these places in an experiential way that we can literally feel that we are unboxing the beauty of India. The book mainly covers 3 topics: i) Best Road Trips of India, ii) Offbeat Odisha and iii) Offbeat Goa, other than the various beaches. If you are a person who likes to explore some untouched or less explored parts of India then this is a perfect guide book for you. The book will help you to plan your trips in less explored or untouched places of India like Spiti Kaza of Himachal Pradesh, Western Ghats from Mumbai to Goa, Konkan, Offbeat Odisha and Offbeat Goa- other than the beaches. While reading the book you will get to see some amazing pictures clicked by the Author himself while the constructive content will keep you engaged as you can easily visualize the scenery of the location being explored.

What I liked about the Book

The best thing about this book is it’s very interesting for a traveller like me, who loves to explore places that are untouched. Souvik Sen tried to keep the language simple so that readers could understand it easily. The author has also included small blogs in between which is quite interesting and engaging as well. The author has documented important details related to different places he has visited. In this book the author talked about nature camps, culture of different places, temples, beaches and also some not so famous but really beautiful forts and I felt this really impressive because a traveller does not only explore different places but they also like to know about different cultures and peoples. The way he has explained the freezing cold of Spiti-Kaza in Himachal Pradesh and the chilling monsoon of Odisha while exploring offbeat waterfalls and temples which will definitely blow your mind. While reading the book you can easily relate to the things the author tried to convey. Also, you can see his concern about the environment. So according to me, this is a great book for any traveller who likes to explore not so popular but beautiful and adventurous places in different states of India.

What Could have been better in the Book

Well the writing and content of the book is great but it still needs some refinement. There is no introduction and page number provided in the book. As well as there are so many photos in this book but they don’t have any captions. Which makes it difficult for the reader to understand which place exactly the writer is talking about. Collection of Photos have been put together before starting any new chapter or story of the book and there is no end page or about the author page which gives a sense of Missing endnote.



Overall, I would recommend you to read India Unboxed as it will really blow your mind with some great and authentic images and places about which you may have never heard of. Also, it is a must-read book for people who always seek adventure and road trips to exotic and less explored places in India. Even if you are not a traveller this book can still be a good read. If you live in Goa or Odisha or you like to read about new stuff then you should definitely give this book a try. As you can know about some new places nearby your place. Also, you can plan trips with friends or family and could have a great time.


4 Star out of 5


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