Midst stunning ridge of “Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary” Part-1 | Jambughoda Resort
jambhugoda places to visit

Jambughoda Resort Places to visit

Welcome to my blog of Jambhugoda Resort places to visit part 1 where I will explain my story of exploring Jambhugoda, a hamlet hidden in Gujarat.

Since coming home I have been constantly asked one question – Which is the best part from your Jambughoda wildlife sanctuary?

I couldn’t select any one to answer this as i am in love with each and every corner of the “Jambughoda wildlife sanctuary”. That says, there are many places in “Jambughoda” which i adored.

Here are those places, Let me start with my favourite spot in Jambughoda-“Bhat”

jambhugoda resort places to visit


There are two location which you can explore in “Bhat” 

  1. Gagar mata temple & watch tower: Pride of jambhugoda places to visit

I was unable to find a word to describe this place. Can you see the sunrise in the above picture? I am sure you loved it as I couldn’t take my eyes off for 1 and a half hours from this. This drop is approximately between 60 to 200ft. It’s dangerous if you get too close to the edge. This was completely breathless and surprisingly empty. I am still dumbfounded as to why!

We reached there at 5:30 in the morning to adore the sungames early in the morning not to mention it was totally worth it.

Things to carry when you visit this place:

Hat/ umbrella/ head cover,

Enough refreshments,

Bug spray (In case a bee takes fancy to your hair).

SUVs will fare better than sedan.

The only thing I know, it is incredibly gorgeous and it gives you a moment of tranquility. If you like this combination and have a possibility, definitely worth trying. 

gagar mata temple and watchtower in jambhugoda places to visit

gagar mata temple and watchtower in jambhugoda places to visit

  1. Bhat eco tourism, shivrajpur:

This location is on the way to Dhanpuri from Vadodara. 

Let me make it more informative.

  • Ok so there are some hiking trails around the area which can’t be missed if you’re at jambughoda.
  • Prior online reservations are advisable. Still you can try your luck on site if any stay is available.
  • Stay places are nicely maintained and the best part is the food area is near about 1 km or so. It’s a place near Jambughoda, 30 Kms far from Pavagadh hill.

This place with its rough road is hard for some to love but not for me. Pebbles and stones, this place has an arty feel to it.

Sharing some creative walls of bhat tourism campsite here. It was so colourful and creative to live around. Check out the jambughoda resort images in the following:

jambhugoda resort places to visit

jambhugoda resort places to visit

Let’s move further to our second most amazing location- “Dhanpari Tourism

Situated under the stunning ridge in Jambughoda- Dhanpari eco tourism site is a perfect and a well maintained ecotourism site in Gujarat. 

Also the best available stay facility is tent sites. 

Tents are nicely maintained and the best part is the food area is near about 1 km or so. It’s a place near Jambughoda, 30 Kms far from Pavagadh hills.About the other stay facilities nearby : there are 3 deluxe cottages and 10 normal cottages available with attached bath & toilets. 

One can have veg or non-veg as per the choice with the help of the tourism committee.Landscape & wildlife viewing are its best.But the campsite in dhanpuri has an amazing walking trail.Campfire facilities are available in the winter season. Where you can enjoy some “me-time” under the sky.

jambhugoda resort places to visit

jambhugoda resort places to visit

  1. Chase the sunrise at Cheetah tekri: 

It was a perfect beginning of the day. As the sun rises and it gives me the feeling of fulfillment, of energy flowing through my body and it was just the beginning of the day! 

Some people pay a lot to get such viewpoints. I am lucky enough to live in a city close to such an amazing location. People are so busy these days they just forget how incredible it is. I felt all of those moments which one should enjoy everyday. 

Now when we were there at the location called “Cheetah tekri”  No we didn’t have any excuses for not watching the sun rising. We lived very close to sun beams. We experienced again all these amazing feelings from the prior COVID trips. We saw the sun rays changing from red to yellow. We saw this beautiful sky which we captured for you guys. 

We felt calmer and fascinated and we decided not to skip any moment. Because we had an amazing opportunity and we didn’t want to miss it. 

 jambhugoda places to visit

 jambhugoda places to visit

  1. Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary: 

It is situated in the Jambughoda Tehsil of Panchmahal District of Gujarat. 70 kms from Vadodara  and 20 kms from prominent tourist places such as pavagadh, Champaner 

A bamboo forest among other species of flora and inhabited by large colonies of Indian flying fox, sloth bear, leopard, jungle cat, birds, four horned antelope, hyena and wolf.

The most striking feature of this area is the undulating hills having a good forest cover, with the valleys having small human settlements. The sanctuary is an ideal resort and camping site for the city’s people.

The nearest airport – Vadodara 90kms

Ahmedabad – 180 kms

The nearest bus stations – Shivrajpur 1km

Bodeli – 12kms 

The 130.38 kms area was declared as a sanctuary in may 1990. Jambughoda wildlife sanctuary is home for a variety of animals and plants. The area was a part of princely state of jambughoda prior to independence. 

Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary

Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary

Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary

Jand/Zand Hanuman: Pristine and righteous part of Jambhugoda places to visit.

It was so cold when we visited this destination but that didn’t diminish my love for Zand hanuman/Jand hanuman.

10.5 Km (19 min) from Vadodara 

This Hanuman temple is located in the forest of Jambughoda, Gujarat. The relaxing environment around this temple will suffice your purpose of traveling. The road to the Zand hanuman goes through a wildlife sanctuary and you will need your own vehicle to go because it is a forest area. The entire route to the temple is scenic and you will find many hutt farms and greenery.

Jambhugoda places to visit

Jambhugoda places to visit Jambhugoda places to visit

This summer, try to spend some time in the laps of nature to maintain your sanity to continue with the hectic schedule! Because taking a break is important to keep yourself mentally healthy. So work hard and travel harder. And last but not least, remember to be a responsible traveler by doing your ethical duties while traveling.

Zand hanuman/Jand hanuman is a sea of humanity. Stores in this area are tightly packed together and overflowing onto the streets. This location is a gift to ancient story loving backpackers.

A perfect blend between colourful handicrafts & culture. This is what makes Zand/Jand Hanuman famous for.

Lord Hanuman was present in the Kurukshetra War! – Here are 5 interesting facts we got to know while exploring this place – about lord Hanuman.


  1. Lord Rama had once issued a death sentence to Lord Hanuman
  2. Lord Hanuman covered his body with sindoor for his Lord Rama
  3. Lord Shani protects the worshippers of Lord Hanuman
  4. Lord Hanuman played a significant role in the Battle of Kurukshetra
  5. Lord Hanuman is immortal


History says that Pandavas came here. In Hedamba Van bheem’s chakki which we call – flour mill is also one of the attractive things here. This flour mill is called the Bheema’s flour mill (Bhim Ni Ghanti)

During the period of “vanvaas” the Pandavas came here and these are some signs of their presence at the location. This forest Jambughoda forest is known as hedamba.

Most beautiful Dam of Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary, Kada dam:Scenic part of Jambhugoda places to visit.

Just because I love exploring hidden gems. Such destinations unexpectedly capture my heart. If you are like me and would rather point to a random location like “Kada dam” on a map than this astonishing view point is for you my friend.

The other magical thing about exploring “Jambughoda” is how easy it is to reach “Kada dam” because of all the connected routes of Jambughoda. 

The mountain around the lake looks so beautiful. You will not find any kind of animals in day time so you can sit back and relax while enjoying the view. 

It takes 3 hours to travel from Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary to Kada dam. The distance between Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary to Kada dam is 160kms. 

One easy way to reach Kada dam is, first you need to reach Vadodara and then bodeli and there you will get the route for Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kada dam in Jambhugoda places to visit

There are so many different and adorable places situated in Jambughoda like, targol dam, Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary, Zand/Jand Hanuman, Hathni waterfall, Gagar Mata and many more hidden gems are there to explore. 

Kada dam is the place where one can sit back and relax. It has a huge sitting area with astonishing mountain views. Also it is a well maintained place by the tourists. You can use all the available facilities there. 

Visitors can bring cameras to capture such an Amazing scenery but for that camera users will need to take permission and pay the charges accordingly along with the permission user will get one guide book to follow the rules given into it.

This area is prohibited at night time.

The forest located near the picturesque kada dam makes it an ideal location for camping. 

Things to do: 

Nature trails, 




Wildlife spotting.

Kada dam in Jambhugoda places to visit

Kada dam in Jambhugoda places to visit

Kada dam in Jambhugoda places to visit

Mandvi or custom house at champaner: history of Jambhugoda places to visit

The main motive to build the “Mandvi or Custom house “ was a pure intention to Separate the royal palace from the rest of the other development. This house is situated at champaner in Gujarat.

Nearest airport: Vadodara airport 

Nearest railway station: Vadodara railway station.

Mandvi or custom house at champaner

jambughoda resort images

During Maratha rule, it was used as a custom house and this location is famous for mosques, which represent the olden days.  Champaner is 45 kms from Vadodara. One can use bus or private vehicles. Cars can be hired in Vadodara and can drive to champaner. Which is the best option if you’re not taking your own vehicle and you wish to combine the journey with other viewpoints in jambughoda and champaner. 

Hope this blog helps you plan your trip to jambughoda wildlife sanctuary and places around.

See ya all in the next blog continuing in jambughoda, Gujarat…..

jambughoda resort images

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