This monsoon has been a special season for me. I never imagined I would be able to explore  serene greenery near my home. Hope this blog about keonjhar travel guide is a reference for the best road trip in odisha. On my way I arrived at Pallahara after which the untamed nature of Odisha unleashed itself into the most surreal form. Vast stretches of the rice fields with palm trees relinquished all my previous experiences in monsoon. The clouds seem to hover over the mountains bringing in rainfall after colliding with the peaks of the Eastern Ghats. 

As the clouds appeared to move away the distant vision of the paddy fields forced me to capture more hidden peaks of the green mountains. They acted as a catalyst to paint the landscape with a green wall. Altogether the serene nature bestowed me with fabulous picture of the mesmerizing monsoon here in Odisha. A one hour drive along the Kanjipani ghat road is mandatory if anybody is travelling from southern odisha to keonjhar for the shortest route. Kanjipani ghat is situated 30 kms from keonjhar. It offers a spectacular view of the Eastern ghats amidst dense teakwood forests.

keonjhar travel guide, KEONJHAR TRAVEL GUIDE | SITABINJI FOREST, Tours And Journey


I was so fortunate to discover such an amazingly historical place in Odisha. An eager traveller finds everything sufficient enough to enlighten his mind by visiting this historical place. Sitabinji has an amazing history which dates back to the primitive age of human settlement in this remote area of Odisha. It is believed that Sita, wife of Rama lived here while in exile giving birth to her two sons Luv and Kush. 

The evidence of such early civilization can be seen in the form of Fresco paintings discovered by the Archaeological society of India. There are fresco paintings which have been drawn by the ancient people using colours from dye and leaves of plants. The paintings are are drawn on the surface of a rock which is perfectly balanced on top of a boulder.  ASI has also excavated remains of an early culture and a temple, dating back to the age of Ramayana.

keonjhar travel guide, KEONJHAR TRAVEL GUIDE | SITABINJI FOREST, Tours And Journey

Fresco (plural frescos or frescoes) is a technique of mural painting executed upon freshly laid (“wet”) lime plaster. Water is used as the vehicle for the dry-powder pigment to merge with the plaster, and with the setting of the plaster, the painting becomes an integral part of the wall. The word fresco (Italian: affresco) is derived from the Italian adjective fresco meaning “fresh”. This type of painting is the first of its kind in odisha and we can find this prehistoric art in the remote parts of keonjhar. The deep forest and the undulating land with different kind of rocks and boulders depicts a hidden story of the pre historic age that has survived its culture and history till date.

As we enter the this beautiful village we encounter some extraordinary landscape in the form of paddy fields. We can see local farmers with their plougs and ox driven carts sowing the golden crops and if you visit in the monsoon you can see the greenest part of india. The huge rocks reaching at heights more than 100 feet looks like peaks of the eastern ghats guarding the fields.Deep rooted in this stunning landscape of rocks,boulders and paddy fields is a history dating back to the pre historic age of the treta yuga in the past,the resemblance of which we can find in the mythological stories of india.

keonjhar travel guide, KEONJHAR TRAVEL GUIDE | SITABINJI FOREST, Tours And Journey

The latest excavation of the ASI has shown that this place depicts its remainings to the golden era of the gupta period.The major attraction of this town is a 150 foot high rock that stands tall like a pillar temple where Mata Sita wife of Lord rama and her two sons luv and kush is worshipped.Proceeding little ahead we find two balancing rocks like an umbrella where the fresco paintings are there depicting the great battle of Lord ram and ravana. The rocks and the forest proves the historical stories of the rich culture that was present in this land years ago.

Sitabinji can be reached from keonjhar which is a major town in the north western parts of odisha. The village is just 25 km from the main town so tourist visiting this place must stay in keonjhar overnight to explore other parts of this beautiful district.


There is also a huge waterfall near to sitabinji known as gundichaghai waterfall that looks scintillating at the time of monsoon.The road leading to this waterfall is through a 9km diversion from the main highway of Harichandanpur towards the famous Tarini temple here in Keonjhar. We had to take a deviation from the highway leading to Duburi from Dhenkikote towards Tarini temple.

The road meanders through dense  Sal forests of tribal settlements, most of the time giving glimpses of fertile rice fields and ponds created by the rainfall. Entry fee to this waterfall is Rs. 30 for parking the cars where we get a fascinating view point from an iron bridge of a huge gorge made by the river after creating the waterfall. This is a must visit place for this best road trip in odisha and especially in the monsoons in keonjhar travel guide.

Harichandanpur is another town which can also be visited that has similar landforms like sitabinji. The undulating rocks potruding from the surface with temples on the top of such boulders are natural wonders that is found in plenty in this part of odisha.

Harichandanpur,Gundichaghai and sitabinji together provide an unusual experience for a traveller visiting keonjhar and trying to explore the remote districts of odisha.keonjhar is a mining town rich in coal and iron providing the power house for the industrial development in odisha.

However behind the scenes of such daunting industrial setttlement a traveller will find serene landscape and rich history of a well developed civilization that once migrated here in odisha from different corners of our incredible country.I hope this travel blog will shower the best of informations about this religious and mythical town of odisha that is a must visit destination to explore untamed odisha. Surrounded by waterfalls, high boulders reaching upto 150 feet ,fresco paintings and serene landscape of rice and paddy fields make sitabinji a wonderland amidst industries and bustling populations.

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