Let’s explore some amazing things to know when you travel to Pavagadh- Gujarat.

I just travel to appreciate ancient sites, people, smiles, small details, culture, and last but not least, history. How could a foodie hooman overlook the local cuisine??

Because I never hate or judge any place. I have compiled some information in this blog which have made me like the place. 

I invite you to treat yourself by visiting one of the best places in Gujarat

Pavagadh is indeed a fascinating corner of Gujarat, with a beautiful culture and ancient history. I hope to visit the same place soon.

How does Pavagadh seem so?

Pavagadh is well known for the Hindu Mahakali temple. Rather than making you all despise my blog, I would like to cover a little portion of the well-known reason, not the whole Wikipedia history- why people come to visit this place?

There’s one more location called Champaner, which is a part of the corner Pavagadh. Champaner was founded at the foot of Pavagadh by King Vanraj Chavda in memory of his wife minister Champa. Later it was ruled by the Patai Raval family, who also looked after the boundary. Mahakali- according to history took the shape of a woman body and danced in a Garba during Navratri. The last Patai Jaisinh looked at her with wicked intentions. Goddess became angry at Jaisinh and crushed him, saying that the town will fall. The Muslim ruler of Gujarat Mahmud Begada attacked the Pavagad Hill and won the hill on the border in the 15th century.

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Some of the structures were designed in ancient times and the style survived during the attack. Cities near the Pavagadh are more developed, with many ancient walls and buildings around.

Mahmud Begada then withdrew his capital from Ahmedabad to Champaner. He developed the hill by constructing the Champaner Fort, Uohra mosque, Mandavi, Kirtistambh, the temple of Shalkh, Jama Masjid, Nagina Mosque, and Kevda Mosque. The walls of Begada’s palace can still be seen near Vad Talav (Banyan Pond) two kilometres (1.25 miles) away from Champaner by road.

Socialist art

Hand-built ancient walls portraying social, cultural, political, and military aspects of the city. 

The Raval Palace’s ashes can still be found in Machi. Machi has rest houses, holiday homes, and small hotels.

Afterwards when Teliya Talav and Dudhia Talav arrive.

The story of Patai Raval is knit together by countless stories, songs, and dramas.

The monsoon season in Pavagadh

On the way from Halol to Pavagadh, there is also a famous Shiva Temple called Dhaba Dungri. Maharshi Vishwamitra’s “Tapobhumi” is another name for it.

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“Virasat Van” is a lovely garden at Pavagadh’s feet.

“Vada Talav” and “Kabooter Khana,” both located at the foot of Pavagadh, are must-see sights.

Things to do

Pavagadh’s village and sights are peaceful, pure, and extremely unique. It has a closer similarity to ancient Gujarat, and I began to recall historical stories about Gujarat from my school books.

  • Nature trails
  • Bonfire
  • Photography
  • Sightseeing
  • Wildlife spotting

The train station is Vadodara- This city is the most convenient city for all the trains be it any route, visitors can easily reach Pavagadh from Vadodara station

Accommodation & Food

The facilities are well-kept, and the best thing is that the dining area is on the campus itself. There are many places in Pavagadh to stay, as well as near corners where you can count, Bhatt, Vadhwana, Jambughoda etc. It’s a little corner in Jambughoda, we booked our stay around a 1-hour distance from Pavagadh Hill. “Vadhvana Wetland Eco-tourism Complex” was the name of our stay. The stay was quite enjoyable and of excellent quality.

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There are different types of accommodation you can choose from, cottages, tents, and rooms, tents are well-kept, and the nicest thing is that the food is provided along with the stay.

An amazing ancient wall still has a great example of ancient architecture well maintained by the locals and visitors.

Highway of the route, although this road never gets stuck with the vehicles. The picture shows the freeway towards the city.

Known Fact

Pavagadh hill is constructed of reddish-yellow stone, one of India’s oldest rock formations.

Hill Top – Pavagadh Ropeway

Pavagadh is dedicated to the Kalika Mata Temple, a well-known Famous religious site. The temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peeths, and it is located on a cliff amid a lush forest. The Maa Mahakalika Udan Khotala (A Passenger Ropeway) has been in operation since 1986 and carries you from Manchi to the hilltop near the Maha Kalika Temple in about 6 minutes, compared to over an hour on foot. The Kali temple is located at a height of 550 metres (1,523 feet). For tourists to reach the temple, a rope-way facility was built. From there, about 250 steps must be ascended.

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It’s a popular destination for all types of people, including adventure-seeking trekkers and those seeking the graces of Mahakali, whose temple sits atop the hill.

Hill Top Station Timings at Pavagadh Ropeway

06:00 a.m. to 06:45 p.m. The last cable car back to the station leaves at 7:30 p.m.

Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological Park  open at 08:30 M to 05:30 PM – All Days

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