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Lower Assam tourist places and picnic spots.
lower assam tourist places

Lower Assam tourist places

The land of versatility and most ancient history, this is India for you and in this blog, I will explore the northeast of India, the hidden treasure of our country. Assam is the main state of the seven states in northeast of India. Being the hub of north east this state is visited by tourists all around the year. Assam has so many reserved forests and beautiful hill stations along with picnic spots. It is also the getaway to Bhutan. In this blog I will take you down to some of the most undiscovered lower Assam tourist places:- 

lower assam tourist places


Saralpara is one of the most popular lower Assam tourist places. A superb naturally bestowed place located in Bhutan border near Kokrajhar Town of Assam. It comes under the bodoland territorial organization. This famous picnic spot can be visited by driving through the deep forests of ultapani where elephant sighting is a common thing. The road is quite bumpy and rough but as it says that tough roads leads to heaven. This is true in this case. A local river flows from Bhutan and forms rapids in saralpara. Surrounded by Bhutan mountains ,the provides an out of this world experience.

Chandubi lake- one of the beautiful lower Assam tourist place:- 

Another freshwater lake ,Chandubi lake is located only 60kms from the heart of guwahati. The lake is located on the foothills of Garo hills close to the Meghalaya border. The lake now is a protected eco friendly site through which the local tribes thrives and promotes eco tourism in Assam. Chandubi lake is now a major tourist site of Assam government where every year in January the chandubi festival is organized to promote local eco tourism of the state. The locality is surrounded by the deep forest of the Garo hills.

The picturesque scenery is free of any pollution and can be visited all through the year. The lake was formed from a massive earthquake when five hills collapsed to form the waterbody. Infact in khasi language chand means five and dubi means to drown, and thus the lake is known as chandubi lake. I was mesmerized to see the picturesque landscape of the mountains and the waterbody.

The colourful boats added to the scenery a delightful touch for perfect photogenic memories. I was awestruck by the freshness of the air and the cleanliness of the surroundings. The road to the lake is through thick dense forests and elephant corridors. So apart from the waterbody ,people visiting here can also enjoy the greenery.

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Manas National Park :-

If you are a wildlife lover, this is one of the perfect lower Assam tourist places for you. One of the recently declared national parks of India this national park is a gem of its kind. It is really unique as the grasslands are tall surrounded by Bhutan mountains. I saw rhinoceros, elephant,Indian gaur,and golden langur. Amidst the beautiful natural scenery the sighting of the animals made the trip even more beautiful.

Much part of the sanctuary lies into Bhutan separated by the manas River. The manas River is a tributary of brahmaputra river and runs along the manas National Park. Safari timings are from morning 7:00 A.M till 3:30 P.M and the cost of safari is rs 3800. The best place to stay near manas national park is musa jungle retreat. It provides cosy rooms and delectable food at rs 5000 rs per night for two. The highlight of the manas national park is its long tall grasses and when you see the mountains of lower himalayas coming slowly toward’s you ,the feeling is just awesome and then suddenly you will see elephants amidst those dense grasslands. 

Raimona National Park:-

A recently declared national park by the government of India it is a hidden gem of lower assam near bengal border. You must visit this place because it is among the best lower Assam tourist places. Spotted deers,wild elephants and golden langurs can be spotted in plenty while visiting this national park. The safari takes 3700 rs for 2.5 hours but there are no staying options. Nearest big town is kokrajhar which is 2 hours. So stay experience in kokrajhar and drive early in morning to raimona.

Before reaching the park main gate reach the forest office and book safari from there. There are many golden langurs in this park which is a wonder of lower assam. Raimona national park is also situated in close proximity with Bhutan hills. At the end of the safari we will reach the border indo Bhutan and standing there provides a shivering feeling to any traveller. On its western part lies the buxa tiger reserve and on its eastern part the manas tiger reserve. Together they form a forest land of around 2400 sq kms. This is a rich biodiversity land and a inescapable world heritage site.

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Bhairabkunda is another beautiful lower Assam tourist place situated around 95 kms enroute bogmati ,from guwahati. Bhairabkunda is a rapid formed by Dhanshiri river flowing from Bhutan. The place is surrounded by Bhutan hills and is situated in Assam arunachal and Bhutan border. A gem of a place bhairabkunda is gifted with natural scenery all around with pristine colours of the water forming the rapids.

A dam for irrigation project has been built on the river to help irrigate around 40 hectares of field. There is also a hanging bridge connecting to the Bhutan city of Daifam where tourists can click photographs and capture sweet memories. So tourists here can even cross on foot to enter into Bhutan. The water is so clean that the rivulets after the rapids gives stunning images on the camera and the turquoise colour of the waves forms an ideal backdrop for panoramic photography surrounded by the mountains of Arunachal.


Situated around 95 kms from the heart of Guwahati ,Bogmati is a famous picnic spot among nature lovers in Baksa district of Assam. It is surely one of the best lower Assam tourist places. The main attraction of the place is the Barnadi River that forms rapids in rocks and boulders. The enchanting scenery is surrounded by the Bhutan hills and is covered with thick dense forests. The road is extremely good and for me the monsoon is the best time to visit this place as there are no crowds ,which changes rapidly in winter months and the spot gets covered with numerous tourists.

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The entry fee to the spot is Rs 50 in a car which is used to maintain the cleanliness of the place and to maintain the roads leading to the picnic spot. Bogmati in monsoon is the perfect place to spend some peaceful moments with your family and friends and hearing the sound of the rapids and basking in the views of  hills of Bhutan.

Chandrapur- nirvana in lower assam tourist places:-

Chandrapur is situated only 25 kms from the heart of guwahati offering mesmerising views of the brahmaputra river valley. The best place to stay here is aroohan river valley resort which offers cottages at a price of 10000 and it is the must place to stay near guwahati for a weekend destination. Places to visit in chandrapur is ganesha temple ,Tapoban picnic spot and Bhogobati hill top. Ganesha temple is a must visit destination where one can see numerous langurs and take the blessings of lord Ganesha and enjoy the enchanting views of brahmaputra river.

In fact the peaceful surroundings is coupled with scenic views of the mighty river and the holy ambience of the hindu temple. Next one may visit the tapoban picnic spot which offers enchanting views of the river. The panoramic view of the river is ideal for photogenic lovers. Next visit the aroohan river view resort and have your lunch there in the floating restaurant. Floating restaurant ,wooden cottage and basking views of the river at sunset makes this trip even more mesmerising.

Mawnabill picnic spot- beauty at its best in lower assam tourist places:-

 Another mesmerising place which is also a famous picnic spot,it is situated near Bhutan border in the gelephu side. It is one of the most famous lower Assam tourist places. The road to reach this place is in extremely bad conditions but the road is through beautiful countryside,green paddy fields with Bhutan himalayas lying in close proximity. At around 1.5 km before you have to leave your car and walk through river rapids and forests to reach the picnic spot.

Much like saralpada this picnic spot has a flowing river but its speed is much more and the breadth is more. Nearest city is kokrajhar from where it takes 2.5 hours to reach this spot. The roads are in pretty bad conditions but covering such roads is worth when you will reach this destination. Free flowing river with clear turquoise water ,surrounded by deep forests and himalayas makes this place an out of this world experience.

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Chakrashila wildlife sanctuary is among the most amazing lower assam tourist places:-  

A recently declared wildlife sanctuary situated near kokrajhar which boasts of being the inhabitants of the indigenous golden langurs. Just cross the kokrajhar town and move towards salakati ,you will reach the outskirts of chakrashila. Chakrashila has many hidden waterfalls and two huge lakes called the deeply been and dheer beel. These two lakes are surrounded by mountains and looks best at the time of winters when the lakes are covered with lotus flowers. One has to take a stroll into the forests of chakrashila to see the golden langurs. This forest is full of biodiversity like waterfalls, lakes, golden langurs and spotted deers. It is truly a hidden gem of lower assam.