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Mcleodganj - two day trip to little Lhasa

Mcleodganj Travel Blog- Mcleodganj temperature

I had planned my first solo trip to Mcleodganj during March 2019. So I made an impromptu plan and got headed to Mcleodganj by boarding a bus from ISBT Kashmere Gate, New Delhi. I reached at Mcleodganj Bus Stop at around 6 AM next day and immediately headed over to Zostel, Dharamkot. Mcleodganj temperature at this time of the year was so soothing.Let me explain you all the important things to do in Mcleodganj travel blog.

mcleodganj travel blog -mcleodganj temperature

DAY 1 – Mcleodganj Travel Blog – two day trip to little Lhasa

                  By Yash Sampat

Mcleodganj Travel Blog – As I had done no pre planning on what places to explore, I started walking from Dharamkot to Mcleodganj market (Mcleodganj – two day trip to little Lhasa). In meantime I hired a Bike to roam and explore the vicinity and nearby places. On the first day I visited the Dalai Lama Monastery, which is situated at the end of Mcleodganj Market. The Monastery was a huge complex with open verandas, grounds, and prayer halls.

The vibe was cozy and peaceful. Moreover from the Monastery one could see the mighty Dhauladhar range of Himalayas caped in snow. While roaming through the Monastery that day to my amazement, I witnessed Buddhist Monks holding their traditional debate. It was a fun movement to watch and capture photos of those Monks being engaged in question and answers session individually and in groups with their fellow peers.

mcleodganj blog

By Yash Sampat
Dharamshala to Mcleodganj
By Sampat Yash

Mcleodganj travel blog guide-my 2 day trip to little Lhasa:-

Mcleodganj is also famous for its quaint and cozy cafes and its lip-smacking food. During my solo trip, I visited different cafes where good coffee and good food was served. One of such cafes was the Common Ground Café. That café is situated on the way from Dharamkot to Mcleodganj, just on the back-side before the main cross-roads of Mcleodganj. That café has a Tibetan architecture and in background Tibetan music plays all the time. Apart from that the café contains few large bookshelves and a typical Buddhist seating arrangement. In Mcleodganj though Illiterati Café is one of the famous cafes, there are other cafes that are not so famous but are a good stop. Yak Café in Mcleodganj Market (Mcleodganj- two day trip to little Lhasa) is a hidden treasure to explore. Its desserts and Peach Tea are must try.

DAY 2 Dharamshala-Finest part of Mcleodganj in my two day trip to little Lhasa

I explored Dharamshala. Although, Dharamshala is famous for its Monastery, food and Cricket Stadium, in my limited time I could only visit few places and could discover a lesser-known place. On day 2 of my solo trip, I headed towards Dharamshala and visited Norbulinga Monastery. The Monastery is a living centre of Buddhist learning and one of the most famous tourist spots of Dharamshala.

The place has a café just after the entry that serves good coffee, cookies and puffs. The main Monastery is a huge building surrounded by different trees and a small water body before its gate. The inner sanctum of the Monastery has a huge idol of Buddha and also contains different paintings of Buddha. One can experience silence and peace while sitting in the Monastery.

monastery in mcleodganj

The roads of Dharamshala are famous for their picturesque views and natural beauty. After exiting the Monastery I thought to visit the Stadium and was just roaming aimlessly on my Bike. Though when I stopped to see the maps, I suddenly saw a structure on the map named as AghanjarMahadevMandir and a water structure adjacent to it. I remembered one of my friends Nisha had suggested me to visit the place. Moreover, spontaneously I took my bike towards the direction of this Temple. In the cool Mcleodganj temperature I was shivering like anything in bike but my zeal was at peak.

Dharamshala to Mcleodganj:-

As I drove towards my destination, on my right was a small stream of water flowing through the rocks and on my right were big green mountains laden with trees, flowers, mountain goats and pinecones. After driving on a 3Km long scenic route, I finally reached the place. I visited the Temple, which is believed to be as old as the times of Mahabharata, and has a legend associated with it. Moreover the place has a waterfall adjacent to it.

On knowing the same I immediately rushed towards the waterfall. The source of waterfall was at a good height and the water was flowing in a good speed. The water was crystal clear and chilled. Although there were few people at the spot chilling and relaxing themselves. After spending a good one-hour at that place, I left for Dharamkot. Though I didn’t know the route, I just wandered aimlessly asking people and somehow managed to reach Illiterati café.

mcleodganj travel blog

mcleodganj travel blog

Little lhasa:-

I sat for a while at Illiterati café to absorb the vibes and memories I had made in past two days and by the time sun was about to set I left and by the time I reached Mcleodganj market it had started drizzling. Immediately I rushed towards Dharamkot, which was around 2.5 kms, and by the time I reached Zostel, a hail storm started. This was the higlight of Mcleodganj temperature in march. On the next day as I was supposed to leave for Delhi in the evening, I just walked around the market during the morning, visited the Monastery, explored few more cafes and thereafter boarded the bus marking an end to an amazing solo trip.

trip to little lhasa

By Yash Sampat

Mcleodganj is one of those few places, which despite being touristy provides a refreshing experience to the visitors. The place serves to all kinds of tourists and travelers, be it solo explorers, family, couples etc. Though Mcleodganj is famous for its Monastery and food, one can also explore few lesser known places and heritage places in the vicinity especially near Dharamshala and Kangra. One must visit Mcleodganj (Mcleodganj – two day trip to little Lhasa)if he/she wants to have a long moment of peace and serenity with oneself and enjoy the Mcleodganj temperature.

trip to the Little Lhasa

By Yash Sampat
trip to the Little Lhasa
By Yash Sampat


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