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Trip to the Land of Coffee

Mullayanagiri Chikmagalur Tourist Places | Chikmagalur tourist places

This Blog, Trip to the Mullayanagiri Chikmagalur tourist places will take you through the coffee capital of India.In this blog I have described the nearby tourist places to visit in Chikmagalur.  This is the birthplace of Cafe Coffee Day, the famous coffee outlet chain in India. Chikmagalur is a quiet hill station nestled in the western ghats amidst thick coffee forests. My trip to Karnataka in exploring the coffee hill stations would never have been complete with only visiting Coorg.

This hill station is by far the best hill station for base camp to many treks in western ghats. In fact, one can also see the highest point in western ghats from this hill station. Apart from the peaks, there are temples and valleys, and waterfalls to explore this romantic destination full of natural wonders. So let’s not waste time and go into the details of how to explore this quiet hamlet.

Chikmagalur nearby tourist places to visit

Where to stay in the Land of Coffee, Chikmagalur:

Tresca a luxury hotel. By far the best place to stay in Chikmagalur apart from the homestays, as it falls directly on the route to Baba Budangiri where the main destinations of Chikmagalur are situated. Hirekolale lake is also nearby. Thus the vicinity of the tourist spots and neat clean budget rooms makes this hotel a perfect place to stay in Chikmagalur.

Hirekolale lake: A beautiful lake in mullayanagiri chikmagalur tourist places

Hirekolale lakeA beautiful freshwater lake surrounded by coffee plantations, this place is a delight for the photographers. One can also go through a foot-over bridge into the lake on a floating jetty. The lake is a must-visit destination for all the travellers coming to Chikmagalur since it offers a stunning landscape of water and coffee plantations together. There is a sugarcane vendor at the entrance of this lake and the having the fresh juice of sugarcane from the localities of Chikmagalur is a must-do thing.

Normally travellers think of boating inside a lake in a tourist spot but here there are no facilities for boating for which one can say it is a boon as the lake is clean and the water is turquoise due to very little pollution. Hirekolale lake is near Chikmagalur town which is only 8 km. Walk through the muddy pavement, click panoramic views, and then stand in the floating jetty to enjoy some moments of solace and tranquility that are offered in Hirekolale lake.This lake is a beautiful nearby tourist place to visit in Chikmagalur.

Coffee world:

chikmagalur tourist spot
The first impression on entering this Cafe in the heart of Chikmagalur market area is like playing with the adjectives to describe the awesomeness of this place. I was awestruck by its decor and beautifully painted walls in this cafe. The Cafe goes by its name as it is also an outlet of different flavors of coffee beans so travellers can shop here and take back the famous coffee beans of Chikmagalur.

The true essence of Chikmagalur is hidden in these coffee beans so without tasting and exploring the various flavors of the coffee beans of Chikmagalur this trip is not complete. One can also have different choices of breakfast in the restaurant.

mullayanagiri chikmagalur tourist places
The restaurant is beautifully carved with painted walls and European styles of decoration like the windows and the doors, thus providing an ideal place for solo photography. The unique style of the interiors and the coffee outlet makes this place a real wonder for all coffee lovers who want to explore Chikmagalur.

Jhari waterfall: An offbeat destination in mullayanagiri chikmagalur tourist places

chikmagalur tourist spot

Every hill station in Southern India has beautiful waterfalls that make them more versatile. Chikmagalur boasts of a beautiful waterfall en route baba budangiri known as Jhari waterfalls. Reaching this waterfall is not that easy due to uneven roads surrounded by deep forests. Only jeeps has allowed that takes Rs700 for an entire vehicle to reach the waterfall. The car will drop at a place on the baba budangiri highway after which one has to avail a jeep. It is a 15 min drive and a further 5 mins walk to reach the waterfall.

The waterfall falls in two steps from a height of around a three-story building. Surrounded by coffee plantations and thick forests the waterfall has formed by the springs coming down from the mountains. The waterfall is also known as buttermilk falls due to its shape and form. A pool is also present beneath the waterfall where one can take a bath. As the name suggests (buttermilk) this beautiful waterfall offers delightful moments for photography and adventure in Chikmagalur.

Mullayanagiri Peak Top in Chikmagalur nearby tourist places to visit:

chikmagalur nearby tourist places to visit

 Mullayanagiri is one of the highest peaks of the western ghats. So owing to its feat this is a must-visit place in Chikmagalur. Cars cannot go beyond the base of the peak after which one has to trek several steps to reach the top where there is also a temple. In order to reach the temple, the stress is on the higher side but what we get on reaching the top defeats everything due to the astounding views of the whole valley of the western ghats.

The lush greenery and colourful flowers and grasses give us some wonderful moments of rejuvenation. A traveller always seeks to find everything at a place to carve out a beautiful blog with photography and this place has everything to offer starting from viewpoints, temples, and trekking. Adventure and solace both are available in Mullayanagiri peak top.

Baba Budangiri: Most scenic place in Chikmagalur nearby tourist places to visit

chikmagalur tour guide

 The most famous spot in Chikmagalur, it consists of vast stretches of empty valleys of western ghats. There are numerous trekking routes to viewpoints available here. Travellers can also do hiking and camping in these spots and watch a stupendous sunrise early in the morning. The view of the western ghats is terrific from this mountain top and the valleys will fetch us a panoramic picture of the grasslands. Baba Budangiri is the last spot on this famous highway that consists of Mullayanagiri, Jhari waterfall, and numerous temples.

It takes 2 hours to reach baba budangiri from the center of the town. Both Mullayanagiri and Baba Budangiri form a part of the Dattatreya Peetha mountain range and together they are Chandrayani mountains owing to their shape of a crescent moon. Dattatreya Peeta is a holy place for Hindu pilgrimages.

Bhadra wildlife sanctuary: Only wildlife sanctuary in Chikmagalur nearby tourist places to visit

chikmagalur nearby tourist places to visit
 A surprise package in Chikmagalur is the safari in the Bhadra wildlife sanctuary. At Rs 400 per head, travellers have given an adventurous tour into the jungle for 1.5 hours. Bison, elephants, deers, and even leopard sightings are common in this tiger sanctuary. The thick canopy of huge trees and river streams had always accompanied us on the safari.

After asking the jeep driver he told us that there are a total of 39 tigers in this sanctuary, so if one is lucky enough tiger sighting is also possible! Apart from the animals what astonished me was the pristine and serene colours of the forest. The thick canopy of trees and the fresh rejuvenating smell of the soil was highly attractive for me to explore this forest. A giant teak tree of about 300 years old is a major attraction in this forest and that is where we spotted numerous sambar deers. The thick vegetation at an altitude of about 900 meters on average with the Bhadra river whistling along the forest makes this place an equally mesmerising place near Chikmagalur town.

Hope you liked the Blog, Trip to the Land of Coffee, Chikmagalur.

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