Must have travel essentials in India
Must have travel essentials in India

Must-have travel essentials for India

This Blog consists of the must-have travel essentials in India for different types of trips. Starting from the mountains then I will move on to the beaches and finally, in the monsoons. I will give you the best tips for what to carry to keep yourself comfortable from the weather and climate of the surroundings. These travel essentials are necessary for traveling in harsh weather conditions. In order to travel comfortably and write stories and experiences, one must carry these items for a comfortable journey. Therefore, I have listed some products from Amazon which I think will be extremely useful for traveling.

Things to carry in Mountains of India

Mountains are the favorite travel destinations for most of us. We all know that the climate in the mountain region is extremely cold. So it’s better to be prepared with the essentials like jackets, gloves, boots, beanie hats, etc. I remember visiting Shimla in the month of November. It was chilling cold. Thank God I was carrying all the essentials from Amazon. It was super stylish and comfortable. Moreover, It was a front open, quilted, zipper jacket. The jackets are lightweight and comfortable with smooth texture material inside. For adventure trips in the Himalayas, the weather and road are extremely treacherous and so one should also carry medical equipment like oximeters to keep oneself alert from the oxygen saturation levels. These clothes also take care of your style quotient.


Essentials for Beaches in India

Most of us love beaches. The enjoyment and excitement of going to beaches are double when we have all the required arrangements like a hat, sunglasses, beachwear, etc. Amazon offers an exclusive range of these items at affordable prices. Another important thing that some of us tend to forget is sunscreen, before going to beaches. I personally prefer lotus sunscreen with SPF 50. It is easily available at Sunscreens are necessary to keep ourselves protected from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun. also, sunglasses are necessary to protect our eyes from UV rays. I have chosen Fastrack products for sunglasses which are extremely comfortable, lightweight to wear, and also very stylish.


Travel items for Trekking in India

Many of us like trekking. Trekking is a thrilling experience. But before going for treks, it is extremely important to think about health and safety. Keeping all these factors in mind, one must carry/wear comfortable jackets which are quilted, trek pants, proper shoes, water bottles, and a travel bag to carry all these items. The one-stop solution for all the stuff is Amazon. It has all the essential items for Trekking. Be it trekking or road trips in the Himalayas these items are essentials for adventure trips like trekking or motorcycle and cycling trips. For adventure it is very important to keep safe from the harsh terrain in India, pertaining to road conditions.

Travel essentials for visiting Waterfalls in India

As we all know, there are many beautiful waterfalls in India. I have been to many of them like Pandavkada  Waterfall, Mandap Waterfall, and also many of the beautiful waterfalls in Odisha and Sikkim and the southern part of India. I carried all the essential items like shorts, special sandals, and a shrug(for women). I bought all these items from Amazon at the best prices and super-fine quality. For men, I would suggest cool t-shirts with waterproof jackets to get close to the waterfall and splashing water. Most of the waterfalls like in the western ghats are seasonal. The waterfalls become active in the monsoon so raincoats and umbrellas are the most essential items to carry. In order to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun, UV protection sunglasses are also necessary.

I hope after reading this you will get a complete idea of must-have travel essentials to carry in India for visiting the versatile tourist destinations. These travel essentials are extremely researched and by my own experiences in traveling, I have jotted down these items which I have felt are necessary. (must-have travel essentials in India)

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