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Must-Visit Offbeat Places In Meghalaya 2020

Welcome to the travel blog on best offbeat places in Meghalaya! This meghalaya travel blog will describe in detail about the best offbeat places near Cherrapunjee in Meghalaya. So lets start the journey.

        “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the

                                     adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.” – Jawaharial Nehru

Meghalaya Travel blog

A trip to offbeat places in Meghalaya is very easy and low to your pocket, as compared to the other seven sister states in the North East. Meghalaya is a gem; you can witness beautiful waterfalls, ancient bridges, caves, small villages and taste some really unexpected food. Here are some of the must-visit places, you all must visit when in Meghalaya

  Visit Cherrapunji

     Cherrapunji, also known as Sohra, and this high-altitude town in Meghalaya is the heart of this state. This is the wettest place on the earth, but still, the beauty of this place is amazing. Your soul will be filled with peace after visiting this place.

nohkalikai waterfall in offbeat places in meghalaya
nohkalikai waterfall in offbeat places in meghalaya

How to reach

Cherrapunjee is approximately 2 hours or 53kms far off from Shillong. The roads and transport are very good. From Bada Bazaar you can take a shared auto or taxi to Sohra. The climate of Cherrapujee remains the same i.e monsoon throughout the year. It’s raining all the time but mostly at night, so you can use the day to visit this beautiful nature created place. There are many tourist attractions in Cherrapunji, you can visit

     Nohkalikai Falls-one of the best offbeat places in meghalaya

The fourth-largest waterfall on this planet is a couple of kilometres away from the second wettest town in Cherrapunji, Meghalaya. The beauty of this place is just like a fairytale picture; do visit this place to understand the tragic story behind this place.

    Double Decker Living Root Bridge-must visit offbeat places in meghalaya

  Well, this is one of the most beautiful places I have visited. This 3 km long bridge is a mix of nature and engineering at its best. The bridge is 2 layer and the upper bridge is 20 meters long and is naturally made by the entanglement of the roots. You will find many root bridges here made of the natural rubber tree. To reach this place you need to trek from Tyrna, a small village and cross the umshiang river. This trek is a must if you visit Meghalaya.

double decker living root bridge in offbeat places in meghalaya
double decker living root bridge in offbeat places in meghalaya


This is Asia’s cleanest village. This village is approximately 90kms far from Shillong. The best way to reach his village is to come by taxi/cab and enjoy the green view throughout your journey to this place. Its beauty is to die for; the roads are so clean and green. This small village is also famous for its betal nut plant.

There are many more attractions nearby and you have spent some 1-2 days and enjoyed the trek to living root bridges, waterfall. You will even find many homestays which are traditionally built in huts or even proper houses. If you are a nature lover then this place is a must for you.

    Dawki River-elegance in must offbeat places in meghalaya

 This is a very famous tourist destination for its crystal clear water. This river makes its way to Bangladesh and you will find the most expensive fish. You can rent tents and stay near the riverside and enjoy the view of green covered mountains and river.

Key Point

While trekking or visiting any places in Cherrapunjee, you should carry fewer things in your backpacks. Note you will find a lot of places to eat on the road, snacks and others so you can place your trip accordingly.

Roads and transportation are very good and reasonable if using local taxis and cabs. You can even book a self-driven cab like zoomcar etc, and enjoy your trip here.

You can even plan your trips with tour agents for better homestays, food and local travel. Or else Airbnb, zoomcar is fully functional for fuzz-free travel.

Do try the local cuisine and staple food of this state rice and spicy fish or chicken curry.

The Best time to visit this place is from November to March. But if you love to see the green and fresh smell of wetland you can visit Cherrapunji after the rainy season. You can avoid the rains as this is already the wettest place and due to heavy rains and foggy climate, you will find landslides and will have to be stuck and not enjoy exploring this beautiful state of Meghalaya.

There are many more tourist spots to visit, Shillong is also very beautiful. Away from Cherrapunjee you can explore these below offbeat destinations also

   Laitlum Canyon

If you love to trek then this place is a must-visit for you, Laitlum which translates to ‘end of the hills situated at the edge of a cliff, this is a true beauty of Shillong.

Trek to this place is very beautiful, passing through amazing natural terrains and beautiful views all round. Lush green valley, flowers, etc. You can even take bikes and reach a certain height to enjoy the view. You are advised to trek to this place any time of the year but avoid monsoon as there is heavy rainfall and will create difficulty levels high.

This is one of the best treks in Shillong and very short, so anyone can come and enjoy.

You can climb this steep peak and reach a small and less populated village Rosong, the villagers are quite humble and polite, and very hardworking. Facts About this place the nearest market from this village is 3000 numbers of stairs… Really crazy the locals here use the old school ropeway pulley systems to transport daily essential items.

Life is really a struggle for these villagers.

 This is one of the best places where you can find really nice and beautiful heart people. Add on this place to your next to visit list when coming to Meghalaya. Or why waiting for this 2020 explore this beautiful state, for the love of natural beauty.