One day in Jaisalmer solo trip

jaisalmer solo trip

jaisalmer solo trip


Jaisalmer is One of the most spectacular, charming and postcard centric kind of place. Truly a “Golden city”. From beautiful cenotaphs to majestic palaces, Jaisalmer is a pure bliss. Even though it’s bustling colourful city, it’s still enveloped in silence.Going on a Jaisalmer solo trip was on my bucket list and I must say it was a surreal experience .

From Patvon- ki- haveli Haveli’s artistic doors where history of decades etched and engraved on those golden walls to the golden hues and shades in every lanes. The history and architecture itself speaks. A perfect place for studying and exploring sandstone architecture.

jaisalmer solo trip

Patwo ki haveli By Yash Sampat
jaisalmer solo trip
Salim Singh
jaisalmer solo trip
Fort market By Yash Sampat


Thar desert in Jaisalmer solo trip

let me clear you this thing, that Jaisalmer is not just about forts and palaces, its something more than that as in The Desert National park of Thar is also there. Its great place for wildlife enthusiasts, as you can witness some great Indian bustards, vultures etc. and also isn’t it an adventure to explore an abandoned and haunted Kuldhara village?  Or take a peaceful walk and watch the breaking dawn at Gadisar lake standing on the magnificent and artistic carved sandstone archway also known as Tilon-ki-pol. Get some amazing snapshots on the embankment. Take time to do some self introspection and enjoy your relentless freedom. Get immersed in the depths of timeless love while finding beauty in every small thing.

Safari in Jaisalmer Thar desert

Go for some camel safari. I did with Mystic Jaisalmer (mystic came safari). Very hospitable and amazing. Witness the best sunset from the Thar. For me, I have camped in mountains a lot and I still do but it was first time camping in desert, as I ticked my bucket list, I felt amazed as the sun was going down. This Jaisalmer solo trip was one of the most memorable trips of my life so far.Oh what a perfect golden hour It was!

jaisalmer solo trip

Kuldhara By Yash Sampat

I will highly recommend, every one to explore Kuldhara village, which I call as “life amidst the ruins” apart from majestic forts (Jaisalmer Fort, gadisar lake, patron-ki-haveli)  and other palaces. Well, this place is abandoned village and haunted too. Its completely ruined just to get water, villagers have to walk miles. till. This place is believed to be haunted and doomed since 19th century.

Established around 13th century, it was prosperous but because of lots of persecutions and many unveiled mysteries are buried here too. Tourists are not allowed to stay here after 5pm, because of some spooky events.  (It takes 1 hour to reach from main jaisalmer city). Make sure that you go and explore “Bada Bagh” its in the outskirts of Jaisalmer. But a perfect spot for capturing some instaworthy picture. Either go during sun rise or sunset time.

Bada bagh by Yash Sampat

Route guide- Delhi- Jaipur (5hrs)- Jodhpur(5hrs)-jaisalmer(5hrs). Take a break while travelling. Or either take direct train from old Delhi- Jaisalmer (takes 13.5/14.5 hrs).Go between Novemeber first week to march last week. After that the temperature will be unbearable, as it crosses 50 degrees. I hope that this blog is useful for you if you are planning a Jaisalmer solo trip. Thank you.

jaisalmer solo trip

jaisalmer solo trip

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