Pelling to Yuksom-Stunning route of West Sikkim

pelling to yuksom


As I left Pelling towards yuksom towards Rimbi I came across an ancient tribal village called Darap . It has now grown into a famous destination to explore the Himalayas.

There are many home stays which have come up in this village providing an ideal peaceful retreat. Therefore Tourists coming here to see the snow capped peaks of the north east Himalayas.

pelling to yuksom, Pelling to Yuksom-Stunning route of West Sikkim, Tours And Journey, Tours And Journey
pelling to yuksom, Pelling to Yuksom-Stunning route of West Sikkim, Tours And Journey, Tours And Journey


The intense greenery of the Himalayas and the pollution free environment lead us to the next village called Rimbi in west sikkim.

However Rimbi is famous for it’s orange garden and the Rimbi river. It provides a charismatic landscape for the tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Eastern Himalayas.

Just before the Rimbi orange garden I came across the Rimbi waterfall on the highway.

The waterfall is not so huge. But due to the surrounding scenery and the unique alluring nature this spot can be easily considered as an enchanting retreat for all the tourist. In other words pelling to yuksom highway in west sikkim is a treat to the eyes.

pelling to yuksom, Pelling to Yuksom-Stunning route of West Sikkim, Tours And Journey, Tours And Journey

pelling to yuksom, Pelling to Yuksom-Stunning route of West Sikkim, Tours And Journey, Tours And Journey

Place of tranquility in pelling to yuksom –RIMBI ORANGE GARDEN :-

Just after a  5 min drive from here we reached the Rimbi orange garden. Small shops near the highway welcomed us through a small entrance with an entry fee of RS 10.

The area is congested but has been suitably utilized for cultivating organic fruits and crops. The area is mainly marked with orange trees and cardamom plantations besides some few houses of the villagers residing here.

The numerous orange trees starts to bloom with oranges from the month of November to february.

However the organic farming surrounded by the Himalayas was mesmerizing on the banks of the Rimbi river.

Rimbi river:-

The pathway leading down to the river banks is covered with numerous flower plants with rose being the primary flower tree.There are cozy seating places a,with small shops selling organic Himalayan tea and water bottles for the tourists.

I reached the banks of Rimbi river and the sound of the rapids formed by the flowing of the river through the mountain rocks allured us . We recorded the surrounding in our go pro camera to take back the memories of the natural ambience.

In other places such banks of the rivers has been transformed into picnic spots. But the Sikkimese people has done an effective ethical work in maintaining the cleanliness of the place.

In fact the state of Sikkim is the first state in India to have transformed into completely organic . Itmay be considered as one of the cleanest state in India.

The Rimbi orange garden provides a tranquil place amidst the organic farming . It also helps us with some effective time with nature on the banks of the free flowing Rimbi river.

pelling to yuksom, Pelling to Yuksom-Stunning route of West Sikkim, Tours And Journey, Tours And Journey
Rimbi Orange garden


After that we proceeded more towards West Sikkim to one of the most famous destination in West Sikkim known as Khecheopalri lake.

Khecheopalri lake is situated in the village with the same name at an altitude of 1700 metres above sea level. It is a sacred lake for the sikkimese people.

The Khecheopalri lake forms the pilgrimage site of the most important pilgrimage tour for the sikkimese people . It consists of Yuksom,Dubdi monastery,Pemayangtse monastery,Rabdentse ruins ,the Sanga Choeling monastery and Tashiding.

The local name of the Khecheopalri lake refers to “Oh lady sit here” . It refers to the footprints of Goddess Tara blessed by Guru Padsambhava. Hence due to the sacred history of the Khecheopalri lake it is also known as wish fulfilling lake.

There is a white stupa on the walking trail to the Khecheopalri lake and a grey stupa just in front of the Khecheopalri lake.

There are symbols and prayers marked on the walls on the way to the Khecheopalri lake. It symbolises the religious sacredness of the place for both the Buddhist and the Hindus.

Khecheopalri lake:-

The vicinity of the Khecheopalri lake is marked with numerous prayer flags of various colours which adorns the beautiful natural scenery in a splendid way. Khecheopalri lake forms a major part of west sikkim travel blog,enroute pelling to yuksom.

A hike at the top of a mountain will take us to a view point. From there we get to see the entire periphery of the Khecheopalri lake . It looks like the footprint of the local God Tara. Hindus also believe it to be the footprint of Lord Shiva who meditated in one of the caves of the nearby sacred hill.

Now a jetty has been built marked by prayer wheels. It lead us to the front of the Khecheopalri lake where tourists may offer incense sticks and worship the sacred goddess of the lake.

The Khecheopalri lake in West Sikkim on pelling to yuksom highway is believed to be free from any leaves of trees . It is believed that the birds in the vicinity pick up the leaves which fall into the Khecheopalri lake.

The Khecheopalri lake contains numerous fishes that thrive which can be easily seen from the jetty.

The road to the Khecheopalri  lake is through dense Himalayan forests. One has to take a 10 min walk through the dense forests from the monastery at the starting of the village.

pelling to yuksom, Pelling to Yuksom-Stunning route of West Sikkim, Tours And Journey, Tours And Journey


Our next destination was Kanchendzonga waterfall which is situated at an hour drive before Yuksom just beside the Pelling Yuksom highway.

The first stream of waterfall is a narrow one from where the local people has set up zip line adventure sports.

As we walk further inside through the rocks we come across the main waterfall which is of much greater volume. But lesser in height than other waterfalls in the rest of West Sikkim.

But the huge volume of water gushing down to the gorge below the highway is a magnificent attraction which allures every tourist visiting Pelling in West Sikkim.

As we proceeded towards Yuksom ,we crossed numerous iron bridges which are frequent here in the highways across north east of India.

People of Sikkim adorn them with prayer flags. However It makes them look more beautiful with the background of the Himalayan mountains.

We crossed the fast flowing Rathmong Chu river that later meets the Teesta river in the south of Sikkim and entered the quaint village of Yuksom through the meandering roads.

The road quality is pretty good except some rough patches which is common due to the landslide zone of the Himalayas.



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