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Pelling Travel guide:-

In this Pelling travel blog I will explain about the best destinations and famous tourist spots to visit in pelling. So lets start the journey.

As the spring season starts in India the immense heatwave arrives in most of the places. Most of the schools start having their summer vacations.

Pelling travel blog consists of the most important scenic and historical places. They have played an important role in the ancient history of sikkim.

Therefore in order to get respite from summer ,however most of the travelers travel to the hill stations and enjoy the cool weather.

The roads in the Himalayas starts to open in the month of April as the snow starts to melt.

Pelling travel blog shows why this hill station is one of the cleanest place in India. Therefore It provides some majestic views of Mountain Kanchenjunga.

Therefore, I decided to explore the Western part of Sikkim . It also has some important base point for high altitude mountain trekkers. However there are a number of amazing treks in West Sikkim for trekker.

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Rabdentse ruins is a protected place by the Archaeological society of India. It is located inside a jungle which is a small bird sanctuary. Even one will get to see rare species of Himalayan birds inside the park ,on the way to this UNESCO heritage site.

However I had to walk for approximately 20 minutes  and cover a steep road inside the dense forest. But the stress will be completely vanquished by the essence and the charisma that this historical place offers to a tourist. Rabdentse ruins is the most important destination to be covered in pelling travel blog.

The three stone pillars known as chortens are the main attraction of Rabdentse Ruins. Here the king and his family members used to offer prayers to their deities.

From this place where the chortens are located, panoramic views of the entire Sikkim valley and Kanchenjunga is visible. Other than this there is a northern and southern wing of this palace.

The northern wing was the residential place of the noble family members of the king. The southern wing was the assembly court where common people used to assemble in front of the king.

Jungle walk on the way to Rabdentse Ruins
Three chortens in the prayer hall of Rabdentse ruins
Colorful buildings inside the monastery



After visiting Rabdentse ruins we took a 10 min drive  to reach Pemayangtse monastery which is the second oldest monastery in Sikkim. It was built after the ruler of Sikkim in 17th century shifted his capital to Rabdentse.

This Buddhist monastery follows the Nyingma tradition. It is the oldest tradition among the four Tibetan schools of knowledge. Nyingma simply means ancient, because it has been derived from the the early Buddhist scriptures from Sanskrit.

This monastery controls every other monasteries in West Sikkim and contains monks of pure Tibetan lineage without physical abnormalities. The monastery has beautiful architecture. The main prayer hall is surrounded by the residential buildings of the monks.

The main prayer hall contains the statue of Guru Rinpoche in his various forms of incarnations. He is considered to have revived Buddhism in Tibet. However at the entrance of the monastery a red wall containing Buddhist prayers. This is a major attraction for all those travelers seeking to click their photos.

pelling travel blog, Pelling Travel Blog-Dazzling West Sikkim, Tours And Journey, Tours And Journey



In the evening it is a perfect time to go to the sky walk which is another famous Pelling sightseeing spot. However It has been newly constructed by the Sikkim government and to the adjacent Sangachoeling monastery. The Pelling skywalk was opened on November 2018 . Since then it has attracted numerous tourist from across the whole world.

This is a first skywalk built in India and it is made of glass. It adds to the adventure to this spot. However the main attraction of this skywalk is the Chenrezing statue. It is 134 meters tall that adorns the skies of West Sikkim. It is situated on top a mountain which is visible from almost major parts of West Sikkim.

One needs to walk numerous steps to reach the statue. From here the entire sky walk and the snow capped peaks of the Himalayas are visible. In fact such large Buddhist guru statues is very common in Sikkim which can be find in other parts of the states . In other words, enhancing the influence of Tibetan Buddhist culture in the state.

However the entry ticket costs RS 50 which also includes the entry to the Sangachoeling monastery situated beside the skywalk. The skywalk opens at 8 in the morning and closes at 6 in the evening. The entire place is well decorated with numerous statues of Buddhist culture. In other words,here are prayer wheels that rotates to shower the Buddhist prayers in the wind.

pelling travel blog, Pelling Travel Blog-Dazzling West Sikkim, Tours And Journey, Tours And Journey
Chenrezig statue-Pelling skywalk
pelling travel blog, Pelling Travel Blog-Dazzling West Sikkim, Tours And Journey, Tours And Journey
Pelling sky walk


Sangachoeling monastery is an ancient historical archaeological site beside the skywalk. It contains a main monastery and few remains of the stupas . It has now been well preserved by the archaeological and tourism department of Sikkim. The stupas are made from grey colored bricks. When one stands in front of the platform on which the stupas are situated,the whole pelling city is visible.

It was built in the 17th century and is known as the place of the secret spells. Like Pemayangtse monastery it belongs to the Nyngima sect and allows men monks only belonging to this particular sect.

This charming place with rich historical values is a place of heritage for the Sikkimese people. Most of the tourist visiting here are requested to remain in silence and enjoy the scenic and mystic significance.

The Chenrezing statue that sits on top of the sky walk and the monastery ,visiting this place is of utmost significance. However due to Buddhist influences such as a monastery,prayer wheels and stupas ,it has a deep impact on any religious traveler.

However After experiencing the mystic culture I understood that the skywalk is only an added measure undertaken to attract numerous tourists. In conclusion, the main significant attraction is the Chenrezing statue and the preserved Sangachoeling monastery.

pelling travel blog, Pelling Travel Blog-Dazzling West Sikkim, Tours And Journey, Tours And Journey
The main monastery of Sangachoeling
pelling travel blog, Pelling Travel Blog-Dazzling West Sikkim, Tours And Journey, Tours And Journey


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