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Sanchi Stupa tourist attractions

Places to visit in Sanchi | Sanchi Stupa Tourist Places


Welcome to best places to visit in Sanchi and  Sanchi Stupa Tourist Places. In this post i will describe about the best places to visit in Sanchi Madhya Pradesh. Once I had a get-together with school friends and decided to go for a short road trip. We unanimously said Sanchi as it was only a 45 km ride from Bhopal. Sanchi is a quite small village in Madhya Pradesh, India, in the Raisen district. It is 45 km from Bhopal and 10 km from Vidisha. Our Sanchi trip was very exciting, with a lot of chatting and teasing going on our way to Sanchi.

We know the Tropic of Cancer to be that determining latitude which divides the world’s geographic zone. The Tropic of Cancer is said to pass through a designated place, and the Placard is visible as you travel along the Bhopal-Sanchi Highway. We took a picture of the same. Soon we reached our destination.

I had read about Stupa of Sanchi in books and had heard a lot about it through people. But I had never seen it. When I was returned, I told my friend that I never saw Sanchi’s Stupa. So should we go, he says, why not? Yes. And then we returned of the car towards Sanchi.

places to visit in Sanchi and  Sanchi Stupa Tourist Places

Something about best places to visit in Sanchi and  Sanchi Stupa Tourist Places Attraction

This Buddhist memorial Stupa is the great Stupa of Sanchi, which is located near Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. There are many Buddhist monuments here that tell about Buddhism. Most importantly, this Stupa is known for its architectural art and history. Moreover, the Stupa is so famous in India that more than five hundred people come here every day to visit here.

There are three stupas here, and they are one of the most preserved stupas in the country. Sanchi stupa is the best UNESCO World Heritage site. Moreover, a historical framework for the development of Indian architecture starting from the Mauryan period.

The Great Stupa of Sanchi, which is one of the best-preserved stupas with its four entrances. Moreover, it attracts tourists from all over the world. Many tourists spend hours on this wonderful site of Buddhist architecture.

History of Sanchi Stupa With Image

places to visit in Sanchi and  Sanchi Stupa Tourist Places

According to history, all Sanchi Stupas were built by Emperor Ashoka of the Mauryan Empire to pay homage to Lord Buddha. Emperor Ashoka had kept the remains of objects associated with Lord Buddha in these Stupas. Moreover, Sanchi Stupa is made of a semi-circular rock, which we can also call a round dome.

The artifacts on the stupor depict all the great men associated with Buddhism and their life journey. These domes are considered a symbol of the dome of heaven on earth. Sanchi Stupa is a fine specimen of medieval architecture. Which is considered a symbol of love, peace, and courage in India

Sanchi is one of the best and famous places, which is not only recognized in India. But all over the world having the best center of Buddhism. 

Architecture Trip of Sanchi Stupa – UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Sanchi Stupa is a huge half-circular dome-shaped chamber. It has a decorative depiction of events from the life of the Buddha and his previous birth. Printed Picture has also been taken special care of in Stupa. It is a symbol of a rich heritage of architectural dignity. It is constructed from stones in the medieval era.

The construction and style portray the nature of love and the historical period during the improvement of the Stupa. The entrance of the Stupa has a wonderful depiction of architecture in the form of male and female trees, which we find very attractive to see. This place is quiet, and Stupa is also very beautiful.

One of the most interesting features of all these sculptures is that there is no image of Buddha here in human form. These artisans have an amazing vibrancy and show a world. Where humans and animals live together feel joy, harmony, and plurality. The beautiful depiction of nature is amazing. Mahatma Buddha is symbolically depicted here in figures beyond human.

places to visit in Sanchi and  Sanchi Stupa Tourist Places

India is one of the finest & oldest cultures in the world with much-colored diversity & rich cultural heritage. It has also evolved in response to changing circumstances. The Stupa is an ancient monument that shows the record of the origin of Buddhist architecture and culture—covering the entire range of Buddhism in India. It represents amazing proof of various artistic works of Buddhist monks.

The place was made one of the important centers of Buddhism, which is worshiped not only by the Indian people but also by people from all over the world. In terms of art and craftsmanship, it has as much importance in Indian Buddhist pilgrimage. Today, as it did when it was a major center of Buddhist religions. It was world-famous for its elevation in Buddhist monuments till the Plains. And today, it has become the most important historical monument for India.

Some important Information before traveling

Before traveling, you should have some important information so that you will not have any problem traveling. Owing to rising demand, the availability of private transportation has increased. From people wishing to enjoy the beauty of this place. Depending on the requirements and financial constraints. To get to Bhopal, you can take any mode of transportation.

Best time to visit Sanchi stupa – Choose the winter months of October to March to visit Sanchi stupa. As the weather of the rest of the year is always hot and dry.

Best Hotels in Sanchi – MPT Gateway Retreat, Aaram Baagh, Hotel Sanchi Green.

Since it is a small village, one does not have more options for hotels. If you want more luxury hotels, then you can stay in Bhopal.

places to visit in Sanchi and  Sanchi Stupa Tourist Places

How to reach Sanchi stupa

Sanchi Stupa is near the Madhya Pradesh city of Bhopal, which is well connected to other parts of the country. In terms of transportation, whether by train, road, or air, The availability of private transport has increased due to the increasing demand from people wishing to enjoy the beauty of this place, depending on your needs and financial budget. Even you can choose any mode of transportation to reach Bhopal.

By Air

The nearest airport is Raja Bhoj Airport, Bhopal. The airport is connected to all the other major airports, and flights arrive here every day. Sanchi is 48 km from Bhopal. Once you land here, you can easily reach Sanchi by hiring a taxi.

By Train  

First option – The nearest railway station is Vishisha, which is 10 km from Sanchi. Vidisha is a convenient station located far away.

The second option – Bhopal Junction railway station is at Bhopal, Habibganj, which is connected to all the major cities of the country. This is 48 km from Sanchi.

By Bus

Bus services are available from Bhopal, Indore, Sagar, Gwalior, Vidisha and Raisen, etc., to Sanchi.

sanchi stupa

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