Sindhrot Gujarat trip 2020
Sindhrot heaven of vadodara

Sindhrot – the heaven of Vadodara

Travelling to Gujarat to explore “Gujarat’s Pride” is always a good idea. There are total 185 river basis in Gujarat. The major rivers of central and northern Gujarat include Narmada, Sabarmati, and Mahi. Here we are going to admire the mother nature at river “Mahi”. The pride areas of this Indian state come to life during winter, monsoon time. travelling to the pride regions of Gujarat is a celebration of sorts. Ahead, I will share the facets of the pride spot of one day trip at waterway named “Sindhrot” in a series of pictures.

Let me introduce the blog location First – There is one wonderful sight over the waterway Mahi at Sindhrot Village. The place name is “Sindhort”

It has stunning land with beautiful waterway of Gujarat, India. whose history and diversity in beliefs and traditions sets it apart from the rest of the Indian locations. The place has some of the most astounding sunset views which has attracted nature lovers from all over the world. Sindhrot is blessed with a bountiful supply of river Mahi which adorns the entire state. This river is like worshipped and held sacred to the India.

15 kms from Vadodara city. If you are up for a long drive towards the serenity of nature, then this is just the right place to drive to. However, avoid visiting on High Tide. Don’t miss out the sunset time.

With good scenery and beautiful spot, the Mahi River bank gave good memories. But ensure safety measures due to risk factors.

Best Time to Visit Sindhrot


Although Sindhrot has never disappointed the visitors as it can be visited during any season, the best time is considered during monsoons and early winters. During the monsoons, the refreshed surroundings of this waterway enhance its beauty. So, you can actually witness the first light of the day and great sun down moment here.

Joy of joys if you travel to this place on a Full Moon or a day when the moonrise is a little early in the evening. This is because the sun under the water in the moonlight is certainly one of the most beautiful and magnificent sight ever.

Know Before You Go

Reknowned for:- Nature lovers

Entry fees :- No tickets.

Timing: Open on all days (Avoid going on High tide time)

Duration of Visit: Four to Five hours.

Reaching Sindhrot via Train

Best suitable way for other state’s traveler is by taking a train to Bajva (Code- BJW), Vadodara (Code– BRC), Anand (Code- ANND), Vallabh Vidyanagar (Code- VLYN). However, you will not get any direct trains to the Sindhrot so, you need to reach any one of it first.

The nearest railway station to Sindhrot is Bajva which is located in Vadodara and that is around 9.1-kilometer distance. The following table shows other railway stations and its distance from Sindhrot.

Bajva railway station 12.9 KM.
Vadodara railway station 13.3 KM.
Anand railway station 36.2 KM.
Vallabh Vidyanagar railway station 32.2 KM.

From there you need to reach the bus stand of that city and you can take bus to Sindhrot bus stand or hire a cab or auto rikshaw from outside the railways.

Reaching Sindhrot via Flight (Vadodara)

There is only one Flight way to reach the destination that is via Vadodara airport. For those who are travelling from another state or county or who wants to spend less time in travelling. One of the fastest ways to reach Vadodara city is by taking a flight to the Vadodara airport which lies 15.9 km outside of the city. You will get flights from major cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, etc.

Sindhrot‘s nearest airport is Vadodara Airport situated at 15.9 KM distance. This way you will reach to Vadodara city and from there you will need to hire a cab or auto rickshaw to Sindhrot.

Reaching Sindhrot via Bus

You can also reach Sindhrot easily via bus. There are no direct buses to Sindhrot. Prefer any bus Which can take you to the nearest bus stand (Bajva, Vadodara, Anand, Vallabh Vidyanagar). You can get a Gujarat state bus or some private bus depending on what you prefer.

From this bus stand you need to take another bus to Sindhrot bus stand. You can get the bus tickets from the bus stand of (Bajva, Vadodara, Anand, Vallabh Vidyanagar).

Please note: There is no continuous buses to Sindhrot. So kindly confirm it to the bus stand inquiry via call to whichever city you’re arriving at.

Take your own vehicle

If you own a vehicle and if the distance is less from your place and if you don’t have a problem with a road trip then you can definitely do that too. Getting your own vehicle will definitely make the whole trip more convenient for you. Also, you will save a lot of money in the process.

The road to Sindhrot is really smooth and doesn’t have many obstacles. So, you would have a lovely time driving on this road.

Stay near Sindhrot

Here You will not get any stay facility in Sindhrot village but you have an option to stay in some near cities around. If you have other plans nearby to visit any places like the statue of unity or any riverbank or any waterway than you might think about the stay.

So, you can easily rent a room in budget-friendly hotels the way you prefer also guest house in Vadodara or bajva is the cheapest stay one can have.

Ideally, the cost of the stays during weekend or holidays will be higher so plan your trip accordingly.

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Admire the प्राचीन वासियों के अनोखे रीति रिवाज(culture and beauty) at Sindhrot Village.

Riverside Cleaning



In prosperous parts of the world riverside washing went on well into the 19th century, or longer in rural areas too. You can catch the exact sight of this. Washing clothes in the river is still the normal way of doing laundry in many less-developed parts of the world. You can have a look in the picture attached here – where women are carrying their clothes in a big iron clothing tub along with special tools to the river to help the work: like a washing bat or a board to scrub on.

Tribute to women vitality



I was surprised to see what appeared to be human-like forms running or walking quickly with some unwieldy stuff on their heads.

As the destination approached and we reached down near a level crossing, the sight had become brighter. I saw more clearly. The human forms were women. There were dozens of women carrying large bundles of unwashed clothes on their heads the headed to the Sindhrot along with other visitors.

When I researched about this later, I got to know about old age tradition of women carrying pots filled with water on head. Which they are going to use for their ordinary work like floor cleans-ing and washing kitchen utensils.

Traditional Net Fishing in River

Additionally, you can have a glimpse of “Fishing Activity” Where a fisher man who Clutches the fishes with fishing net so deliberately. Fishing is among the oldest production activities of humankind. Historical research shows that fishing—both freshwater and ocean fishing—was widespread in ancient time. This is something that humanity performs for at least 40,000 years and it was (and still is) important for survival and quality of nourishment.


River Boating



While a day spent enjoying on a waterway, soaking up the sun and Buzzards soar overhead at a great height. sounds like the perfect trip for many. But for travelers any waterway is incomplete without boating where location is having such boating sight-seeing option. You can take a boat ride if you are able to find one early in the morning or evening.

Adore a Beautiful Sunset



The specialty of this place is that it is the most serene point of the city and so watching sunset from here is definitely a magical experience. In fact, it is a beautiful spot for both sunrise and sunset, as watching first rays of the sun is an experience that is quite something else. so, this makes for a unique spot to watch the sun rise. the very sight of the rising sun sitting by the banks of River Mahi, will give you goosebumps. Evening view is quite magnificent with the numerous flickering illuminations on the river bank. I am however deeply impressed by the serene calmness of the place. Much less crowded and quite relaxing I say.

Stop Eat and Go

There are numerous little shops for restaurants. You get Vadapav, Dal-Vada, Potato chips, corn, seared and simmered peanuts and so forth. You get to eat amazing food and watch entertaining performances. And, you can also shop for amazing Gujarati dresses and accessories at a reasonable price.

Overall, this is a good place to stop and admire about local art. which will help you understand the bygone tradition a little better.

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