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birds of chopta valley

Stunning Birds of Chopta Valley, Uttarakhand

Welcome to the birds of Chopta valley travel blog 2020. Chopta is a picturesque valley of the Western Himalayas, located at a distance of about 230 Kilometres from Haridwar. However, it takes 8-10 hours’ drive to reach by road. A huge number of people visit the place every year for different purposes. In addition, it’s a gateway to the famous trekking routes of Tunganath and Deoria Taal. (Discover incredible birding spots of India with our senior birder Tarun.)

birds of chopta valley


The valley thrives with Rhododendron in the summer. However, it turns into Switzerland of the East in winter. Due to its varying attractions, Chopta valley attracts international tourists throughout the year. Similarly, the birds here move from tree to tree in search of food and often found in abundance. Moreover, seasonal flowers and ripening of fruits are the biggest reasons of bird congregation in Chopta valley.

birds of chopta valley

Ultramarine Flycatcher (011)
birds of chopta valley
Rufous Gorgetted Flycatcher (012)

Flowering time of Rhododendron in the hills become a festive time for the birds. Starting from its rich nectar, insects, it’s tender parts all draws birds like Sunbirds, Tits, Flowerpeckers, Flycatchers etc at a time. In addition, the trees become their feasting places. Moreover, Ultramarine Flycatcher (011), Rufous Gorgetted Flycatcher (012) come in groups. One of the most beautiful birds of Chopta valley.

Mrs. Gould’s Sunbird (013)
birds of chopta valley
Green tailed Sunbird (014)
birds of chopta valley

Two beautiful sunbirds decorate the trees during this time with their beautiful plumage. The Mrs. Gould’s Sunbird (013) and the Green tailed Sunbird (014) are the two.  In contrast, Black throated Tit (015) , Coal Tit (016) and Yellow browed Tit (017) are not easily seen but most audible birds of this time inside Rhododendron trees. Moreover, they move very fast all the time behind dark foliage to save themselves from the predators.

birds of chopta valley

Moreover, in other part of the forest, there a bird is calling incessantly at ascending note and very attractive copper sulphate blue in colour, is the Verditer Flycatcher (018). Especially, the male birds are more attractive in colour.

birds of chopta valley

Verditer Flycatcher (018)
birds of chopta valley
Speckled Wood Pigeon (019)

At the topmost branches of the higher trees, one bird sitting patiently in groups and basking in the morning sun is the Speckled Wood Pigeon (019) . Similarly, these were the beautiful birds of chopta valley.

birds of chopta valley

In the nearby trees of the forest, if you hear hammering sounds of cutting wood, those are woodpeckers. A variety of wood peckers are there in the KWLS. Similarly, Scally bellied Woodpecker (020) and Rufous bellied Woodpecker (021) are easily seen.

            It was time for lunch. Therefore, we decided to take a break here before paving back our way. Furthermore, the beauty of the snow covered peaks from closest points was our added flavour to the trip. However, the extraordinary view of Rhododendron made us spellbound.

One thing we came to know for the first time that the red Rhododendron of lower altitude gets rosy pink as the altitude increases. However, we could take some photos of them. After that, next day it was time for Makku Farm tour. Hope you enjoyed the blog of birds of chopta valley.

Will be back soon!

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  • Stunning Birds of Chopta Valley, Uttarakhand is the worlds best place where we can take our family members and other and enjoy the weekend holidays and other

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