Stunning places to visit Aizawl & Aizawl to Thenzawl

Stunning places to visit Aizawl & Aizawl to Thenzawl

Stunning places to visit Aizawl & Aizawl to Thenzawl. Mizoram is a heaven on earth so I welcome you to this blog where I will explain some stunning places to visit from Thenzawl to Aizawl. The unexplored places of north east is a paradise on earth. So lets not waste time and let us plunge into the beauty of mizoram.

places to visit Aizawl & Aizawl to Thenzawl

Mesmerising Aizawl to Thenzawl

Thenzawl is situated in the southern parts of mizoram and is a quiet hill station with beautiful homestays. The highway from Aizawl to Thenzawl is in great condition and it takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes approx to reach Thenzawl from Aizawl. On the way the places you can visit is the tropic of cancer point from where the latitude 23.46 degree passes. It’s an important geographical location and is a perfect picture clicking spot for travel  lers. Tropic of cancer is the most northerly circle of the earth where the sun directly lies overhead. So at the time of June solistice the sun’s heat is maximum here. This has a great significance on this place.

Tropic of Cancer from Aizawl to Thenzawl.

Moving further we reached Hmuifang. This is a scenic hill station with lots of view points. There is also a park situated in this town with green grasslands to explore. The view points gives a panoramic view of the entire Hmuifang hills and the cliffs that provides and out of this world experience. In the morning if one visits this small town there will be lots of clouds which covers the distant villages in the gorges. Also the road will be misty with clouds passing by our heights. The entire beautiful village is covered with view points and green valleys. If you want to stay in Hmuifang there is a tourist lodge of the government that provides cosy cottages and delicious food.

Hmuifang hills from Aizawl to thenzawl

Moving further I reached Sialsuk village. Like Hmuifang village this is also a beautiful hill station located further south. The Sialsuk peak is the topmost visited place in this town. The entry fee to the Sialsuk park is Rs 160 for three persons including the car. There is a motorable road that takes us to the peak. From the peak the view is just majestic. Lush green valleys and panoramic view of the mountains gives us an out of this world experience. All the green mountains and the entire Sialsuk town covered with clouds can be seen from here. On reaching the topmost point we were surprised to find some graves that dates back to the 19th century. This made the places even more magical. Gorges ,valleys and the pine trees will make every traveller spell bound on reaching to this place. The highway is pretty good and hats off to Mizoram tourism for maintaining this place.

Sialsuk Peak mizoram

Moving further I reached Thenzawl at afternoon after starting around 9 from Aizawl. Thenzawl golf course resort was my first choice for accomodation in this beautiful town. Thenzawl is a larger town compared to hmuifang and Sialsuk and it has a few number of homestays and lodges of mizoram tourism. But my choice was undoubtedly Thenzawl log huts. We stayed at the Thenzawl golf course and resort which is a lavish property in Thenzawl, Mizoram. The property consists of beautiful wooden cottages, i.e., log huts. We stayed in one of the log huts for two days and the stay was amazing. The cottages are spacious, well-lit, and beautiful. They consist of a bedroom and a living room. The log huts provide all the amenities required for a comfortable stay. From the balcony of the log huts, one can enjoy breathtaking view of the meadow in which the golf course is located. The golf course is owned by the government of Mizoram.

Thenzawl golf course resort

During the day, we strolled around the amazing campus of the golf course. The property also consists of a watch tower cum food court wherein you can treat your eyes with the stunning views of the meadows and the mountains surrounding it, while enjoying scrumptious delicacies.

There is also a restaurant in the campus which serves it’s guests with delicious chicken , fish, and egg meals along with pulses and vegetables. The meals cost around 250 to 300 rupees. For breakfast, you can have either parathas or omlette with toast and sausages. Cost for night stay in these log huts is rs 4000 per Hut.

In Thenzawl there are two waterfalls one is vantawang and other one is Tuirihihau waterfall. Vantawang is the highest waterfall of mizoram. I was not able to visit the beautiful Tuirihihau as it was closed on Sunday. Please do remember that on Sundays almost everything is closed in mizoram,so plan your trip accordingly. A boat ride on the river in Tuirihihau will take you to the topmost portion of vantawng waterfall which is a site to watch for in one lifetime.

Vantawng waterfall view point is really a treat to watch. You can reach there after taking a diversion from the thenzawl and serchip state highway. Be careful the road is very narrow but it is only around 1.5 km. After reaching the view point we were mesmerised by the natural and panoramic view of the place. The place is not overcrowded and so the tranquility of the place acts as a perfect catalyst in making the place more tourist friendly.

Vantawang waterfall thenzawl

 Stunning places to visit in Aizawl

Coming back to Aizawl I visited some enchanting places to explore the city and its nearby nature. First day I visited Reik Tlang peak. Wow it was just amazing. The trek to the peak is a little scary through jungle and caves but when we reached at the top it was stunning. There were clouds passing across the body and It was coupled with strong winds and drizzle. The place was so romantic. One could  sit here and relax for hours. On the way to the view point a cave will fall which is a bit scary but the giant cave is a wonder of its own. The name of the cave is Pasalthate puk. Passing underneath the cave felt like a horror movie but it was a different experience. Reaching at the top of Reik peak my mind blew away seeing the greenery around. Lots of gorges and cliffs were visible. The mountains looked beautiful and romantic. Strolling over the peaks and getting a bird’s eye view of the mizoram valleys it was a whole out of this world experience so this is stunning places to visit Aizawl & Aizawl to Thenzawl

caves in aizawl,trek to reik tlang peak

Reik Tlang peak aizawl mizoram

My next destination was Khawhpawp waterfall. A 600 metre trek through the jungle will take you to the foot of the waterfall. The waterfall is one of the most unique waterfall that I have ever seen. It falls from behind a huge hole of a rock that makes this waterfall gain an unique shape. The jungle around and the gushing sound of the waterfall makes the place a perfect outing for any adventurous traveller. The trek to the waterfall is through dense forests which creates a canopy over the footpath. It was greenery all around and devoid of any crowds.

khawhpawp waterfall aizawl

Next I visited the Solomon’s temple which has recently been inaugurated few years back. This is the largest church in mizoram. The white colour of the church and flower gardens makes this place so calm and quiet and beautiful. It is open on all days except Sundays from 10:00 till 5:00 P.M. There are four pillars and each pillar carries seven David’s stars symbolising seven angels of seven churches according to the book of revelations. Each four towers carries a crown which symbolises crown of salvation ,righteousness,life and overcomer. This holy church is dedicated to the lord Jesus of Nazareth and it is the most sacred place in Aizawl.

Solomon temple aizawl

My next destination was Lalsavunga park in the outskirts of Aizawl. This is the best park as of my opinion due to immense views we get from here.It has two hanging bridges taking us to the top of a peak from where the view is even more awesome. This huge park has panoramic views from wherever you stand. Walking through the hanging bridges is a little scary but when we reached at the top ,it was sunset,so we were fortunate to have a even more better experience. Various parts of Aizwal city was visible from the peak. Green mountains ,log huts ,deep gorges coupled with an ecstatic sunset concluded our trip in the best possible way.

lalvasunga park aizawl

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