Tabo to Kaza memorable road trip in Spiti valley
Tabo to Kaza

Tabo to Kaza Road trip | Tabo to kaza distance

The journey of Tabo to Kaza road trip began. Our pit stops increased along the journey from Tabo to Kaza as we followed river Spiti. The distance from tabo to kaza is only 48km. But we took a delightful route via Pin valley to cover the distance between tabo to kaza. The scenery was gradually turning into martian which stimulated us to make more memories of this alien terrain enroute Tabo to Kaza. I have never seen such mountains with colours of sand and tinge of vegetation adding borders amidst arid lands in Spiti valley. So we can tell September is the best time for spiti valley bike trip. Tabo to Kaza road trip is a great route. One should definitely visit it by road.

We were amazed to see small villages after a span of 80 km taking its shelter on the foothills of the gigantic Himalayas. How people live here with minimum resources is such a stunning experience for the metropolitans.

It was the best afternoon of the setting sun to view. I was standing high above the ground on the winding roads. I glanced the tiny villages in the Spiti valley area. Soon the light became dark and thus began the Himalayas adventure part of our Spiti valley tour.

Tabo to Kaza Road trip | Tabo to kaza distance

Landslide enroute Tabo to Kaza road trip:-

We came across a checkpoint of a village called Sumdo during Tabo to Kaza road trip. We needed to cross the river. Just before the crossing, we saw two cars waiting before us. Due to distant-blowing dust, we realized a landslide is going in between us and the crossing. We were puzzled and I was strictly against moving in the forward direction.

Then some military officers arrived and asked us to move forward as soon as the landslide stops for a moment. So adventure and the natural beauty both accompany us in the month of September which is the best time for spiti valley bike trips.

Yes, we expected high adrenaline in this Trans-himalayan highway but not like a fatal one. It was already dark and then we drove for an hour in the dark. It was even more adventure with the moonlight showing us the narrow lanes along the river. This experience is a must for anyone to know about the best time to do spiti valley bike trip

Tabo is the main village in Spiti valley district and the second habitable tourist place after Nako as we enter Spiti. This is the main town which should be included in your trip to Spiti valley from Tabo to kaza.

Tabo village in the Spiti valley region has an ancient monastery and the whole town is situated in the vicinity of the monastery. Fortunately, we got petrol in one of the shops to refuel our tank to Kaza during Tabo to Kaza road trip.

Journey Towards Kaza-scenic part while covering the distance from Tabo to kaza:-

Then as we drove towardsTabo to Kaza and after 30 km, we came across an uphill road. It was leading to the Dhankar monastery which is precariously built on a cliff. There was a uphill road from the main highway. It gave us splendid views of the confluence of the Spiti and Pin river. I found this amazing spot on the uphill road to the monastery.

The monastery is now a UNESCO world heritage site.Due to clear weather september is the best time for spiti valley bike trip

It is now being reconstructed by the local people to prevent it from breaking down due to the erosion in the hills in Spiti valley. Its exciting to explore new places on the earth. But its sad that the pollution created due to the heavy influx of vehicles destroys it. Electric vehicles should be the priority in planning for a Spiti valley tour.

Dhankar to Pin valley-introduction to covering the distance between tabo to kaza

Tabo to Kaza


After Dhankar monastery, we diverted our path to follow the pin river towards our destination i.e The Pin Valley. Before coming to this tour, I always dreamt about this place and searched google images impatiently.

Pin valley is the home to snow leopards, Himalayan Tahrs and the wild yaks. I was very excited to stay in one of those mud-roof top homestays in the villages of the park. The diversion for this valley starts 18 km after Dhankar village from the main Tabo to Kaza highway.

As we went onto the other side of the river we get to see these martian shapes of the mountains standing up high like huge piles of sand and dust. The formations were of a single colour, unorganized but the geography will surely transform you into an alien land.

The introductory view towards my dreamland left me spellbound. It  wiped out my flashbacks of the dreams only to be replaced by more colourful ones.

Mud village in Pin valley in Tabo to Kaza highway

Mud is the last village in pin valley national park of the Spiti valley district where we stayed in the summers of 2016. Despite the village’s remote nature, its people provided excellent homestay facilities for the travelers. Due to sunlight and clear sky september is the best time to watch the natural beauty and spiti valley bike trip (Tabo to Kaza).

Mud village is a major base camp for many trekking routes including Pin Parvati. From Dhankar to Mud one has to travel a total of 55kms along the Pin river. Trust me the views are the best in this world in terms of landscape panoramas.
The sky and water revealed kaleidoscopic reflections of the numerous colours in the mountains. There were wild horses and yaks grazing in the field. At intervals, there were small villages with farming grounds and mud thatched roofs with trees of yellow colours.

road trip to pin valley

After the last homestay in Mudh, one can walk towards a rift created by a waterfall that flows into the Pin river. The water is chilling cold being formed by the melting snow high up into the mountains.

Tara Homestay in Mud

In the night, we climbed up into the roof in a ladder and enjoy the starlit galactic sky which looks ever so clearly visible at such an altitude. This was the best out of this world heavenly experience in our Tabo to Kaza road trip.

The villagers at the Mudh village in the Spiti valley area provide awesome food with numerous choices of dishes which really surprised me. There were porridge, custard, momos, cornflakes, and many other delectable dishes for breakfast.

The villagers here do farming in the morning and provide a helping hand as a guide for travelers. Spiti valley tour is obviously incomplete if you haven’t visited The Pin Valley National Park.

So a bit of advice to all the riders is to refuel the tanks, check your gears in the workshops of Kaza. It is also advisable to have an oxygen saturation level check-up in the district hospital. After this place, the route will be to even more high altitude level roads.

As we drove towards the major town, the Spiti river got broader and the colour changes to that of the sky. The mountains are still dry as sand but it holds the colours of Spiti valley. The colour of the river is best in september so this is the best time for spiti valley bike trip.

Tabo to Kaza


Highest villages of Kaza and Key Monastery-Best part of Tabo to Kaza road trip

Tabo to Kaza Road trip


Kaza offers a wide range of commercial hotels and it is the major pit stop to visit the key monastery and the three Spiti villages of Langza, Komic and Hikkim. After checking into our hotel, we continued our bike trip to the high altitude villages of Spiti. We took an 18 km uphill drive from a diversion from the Kaza Kunzum highway. We had to reach the three high altitude villages of Spiti valley.

The three villages had distinctive features. Langza welcomes us with a Giant Buddha Statue with the snow-capped Sheila peak in the background.

Komic is the highest motorable village in the world and Hikkim has the highest post office in the world.

Travelers will surprise to see such disciplined farming at the top of the Himalayas. It is only possible due to the tough life and hardworking people of the mountains.

Many historians once believed that Spiti valley was the part of the Tethys sea millions of years ago from where the Himalayas was born. We can also find some local people selling ancient fossils that are worth to be taken as symbols of ancient lifeforms.

As we reached a height of more than 14000 feet, the land became flat like a football field surrounded. It had surrounded by snow-capped peaks with panoramic views of the valleys.
Don’t forget to send your postcards back to your home from the highest post office and carry water as much as you can due to the low levels of oxygen in these places.

Key Monastery-The most iconic tourist spot in Tabo to kaza road trip

Now here is the wallpaper of Spiti Valley -The Key Monastery. I always dreamt about visiting this place whenever I scrolled over the google images and used to come over this symbolic wallpaper. Key monastery is the largest monastery in the district which is a half an hour drive from Kaza.This is the most famous tourist spot in our Tabo to Kaza road trip.

As soon as we entered the monastery we saw several monks of different age and gender assembled together to listen to the evening speech by their head monk. The Tourists need to dress properly and behave decently inside the premises as per the rules and regulations.

The monastery has made up of several rooms decently piled up like small boxes that make this picture most photogenic symbol of Spiti.

On reaching the gates of the monastery one can see such mesmerizing views of the Spiti basin below with the concrete winding road looking like a crawling snake. Visit the monastery at the sunset to have a glimpse of the last rays of the sun on the valley. It is the time for the last prayers of the monks. As we got clear sky and ample sunlight so undoubtedly september is the best time for spiti valley bike trip.

As soon as we entered the monastery, we saw several monks of different ages and gender assembled together to listen to the evening speech by their head monk. Tourists need to dress properly and behave decently inside the premises in conformity to the rules and regulations. The monastery has made up of several rooms decently piled up like small boxes that make this picture the most photogenic symbol of Spiti.

I hope my Tabo to Kaza road trip blog and covering the distance from tabo to kaza will provide you with all the relevant informations to explore the best part of Spii valley.

komic village in spiti valley

highest post office hikkim

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