Things to do in Diver Gujarat 2020
Things to do in diver

Things to do in Diver Gujarat

Well hey there from travel junkie!! I’m humbled you’re up to read my new blog of things to do in diver gujarat here. If you are also a travel lover and want to explore in the direction of Gujarat than you’re at the right place. Because this is who I’m, adventure seeker, nature lover & customer for all things edible. (Seriously)

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sunset in diver gujarat
sunset in diver gujarat

There’s something utterly addicting about travel. It’s like nicotine, but more expensive. Though it’s probably a little better for our lungs.

Let’s just say that the more places we travel, the more places we want to see.

Each place I’ve visited has given me the reasons to fall in love. For some it’s the landscape, in others it’s the food or culture, and in others still it’s the people. Sometimes I have enraptured by it all. Those are the places that are hardest to leave.

But most of all, I love how travel shows us just how much good is in this world. There is kindness everywhere if you seek it. And the more we travel, the more hope we have for the future of this planet.

Encircling Diver –

The “Diver” is an excellent destination with so much to offer for travellers. However, each season has its unique draws and drawbacks. We’re going over the pros and cons of each season to help you determine the best time to visit the ‘Diver’ for YOU!

This place is in the Gujarat. It has everything you could possibly want in a short trip. The ‘Diver’ has plenty of street food stalls at grey sand beach. Catchy sunshine view

to get Mindboggling clicks for a photophilic or photographer. Riding route for cyclist, freshwater lake to dive into.

In fact, this humble place gave me more to fall in love with than most places I’ve travelled near Vadodara.

cycling in diver gujarat
cycling in diver gujarat

Best time to visit Diver. When to go & when to avoid!!

There are two suitable seasons to visit the place. The rainy season and the dry winter season.

This may sound pretty straight forward… you want to visit ‘Diver’ during the dry season right?? Well, we think the answer is just a bit more complicated than that

There are pros and cons to visiting during both seasons and as with any destination, the weather is never as predictable as we’d like it to be.

So this begs the question…

What time of year is best to visit ‘Diver?’

In short, you’ll have the best chance of comfortable weather during the coolest months of the dry season and pick raining of the season (August – February). It is advisable to avoid visiting from March through July as this is sunny season. My personal pick would be to visit the Diver during the shoulder season months; but more on that later…

Truthfully, as with all questions of this nature, there is no correct answer. Each month has its own unique draws (and drawbacks too).

But fear not…

We’re going to go over the pros and cons of visiting ‘Diver’ during each month to help you decide which time of year is ideal for YOU.

Do you mind a bit of rain?

Are you easily bothered by crowds?

Are you negatively affected by high humidity?

Do you prefer to spend your time watching awe inspiring sunshine and getting clicked yourself or nature?

Are you into quick lake dive into person?

Thinking about your answers to these questions is going to help you start to determine when to visit the Diver.

things to do in diver gujarat
things to do in diver gujarat

Let me give you some Geographic information for things to do in diver gujarat

Location: Diver

Tehsil: Shinor

District: Vadodara

State: Gujarat

48 km towards south from Vadodara district, 9 km from Gandhinagar. This place is the boarder of Vadodara district & Narmada district.

Let’s simplify you journey here.

To reach the destination you will have to be on the roads first!

Finding a good Railway route can be as important as finding a good food station in the town.

If you’re travelling from long distance you will have to take a train route from your location to Vadodara or Gandhinagar. And from there you will have to take road way which you can cross by hiring local transport (Cab/ Auto Rickshaw).

Vadodara, Gujarat to Diver – 51kms

Gandhinagar, Gujarat to Diver – 182kms

things to do in diver gujarat
things to do in diver gujarat

Investment in travel is an investment in yourself – if you’re up for air way transport to nearby locations.

You can take any flight which can take you to Vadodara or Gandhinagar [SVPIA]. And from there you can hire a cab or can go with any public transport you prefer.


Vadodara airport [BDQ] to Diver – 60.0km

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport (SVPIA) to Diver – 169kms


Road trip therapy in things to do in diver gujarat

Ultimate route is a whole road trip.

Because the part of the road trip isn’t arriving at the destination but it’s all the way fun and village view stuff to enjoy.

Done with route and journey now if you are organized to explore more for nearby tourist places- Here you go,

Vadodara – “Vadodara formerly also known as Baroda, is the third largest city in the Indian state of Gujarat.” The city got its name because of the copious amount of Banyan (Vad) Trees present here. The city is also famous as Kala Nagari (the city of art) of India. British that recognised the Kingdom as a Princely state and allowed the Maharajas of Baroda.


Kevadia Narmada – This town is within the vicinity of Statue of Unity and ‘Valley of Flowers’ and a Tent City with 250 tents. Which includes the whole history about Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and his good deeds to our India.

things to do in diver gujarat
things to do in diver gujarat

Lastly you can end the trip by exploring,

Pavagadh trek – there are dozens of heritage structures on the hill. The highest point of the hill presents an undulating forested topography in the direction of Jambughoda. The path ascending the hill passes through many old gates and cuts through natural ledges of rock like a staircase, with precipitous sides.


In this Diver travel guide, you will find all the important information on transportation, and other essential amenities. Hope you find my guide useful!!

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