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Top 10 Must Haves of Solo Travel Kit

Whether you are a first time solo traveller or experienced, be it a local night out or a world tour, do not forget to carry these essential items once you set out of your home after the COVID wave is over. Some genius said, a well-planned travel kit can be the best companion. Here’s your checklist.


  1. Smart luggage with number lock:

Do not overload yourself with anything more than bare minimums for the tour. A waterproof backpack with a 360-degree wheeler (20 inch size) should be more than sufficient up to seven day solo tour. Do not miss to check the approved dimensions if you are travelling by international flight.

  1. Sipper:

I always prefer a sipper than common water bottles because of its dual usage. In cold countries, you can carry your share of warm water while on the deserts, your cool relief lies in your side pocket. Also, sippers often weigh lighter than the thermos.

  1. Quick bites with reusable disposal bag:

Don’t forget to carry enough packs of fruits, cookies, cakes and munchies in a solo trip. It can help you overcome travel boredom. Keep the waste in a reusable bag and dispose of at the next roadside bin.

  1. Camera with good optical zoom:

If your tour includes visit to wildlife or mountains, a DSLR with good optical zoom (50x or so) is a must. It can help you capture those lifetime snaps to cherish years after the trip. If you are not a photo freak, even a standard smartphone should make your lips smile.

  1. Selfie Stick:

Oh, this is a must have for solo trippers. To capture a beautiful photo with the background, a selfie stick is a must have. You don’t need to depend on others to lock your best smile. Don’t forget to check your smartphone compatibility before making a purchase.

  1. Power bank and travel adapter:

If you solo trip includes travel to international destinations, do carry a heavy power bank (10,000mAH or so) with travel adapter. It can save you from getting lost even in the remotest corner of the world.

  1. Windcheater and goggles:

Well, in adverse climatic conditions, a windcheater and goggles can soothe your travel weariness to a great extent. Umbrellas may not be a good consort in solo trips.

  1. Sleeping bag and air pillow:

The perceived benefit of a sleeping bag with air pillow vis-à-vis their spatial volumes is unrivalled. With these two in your backpack, you can enjoy a sound sleep anywhere, anytime.

    1. Money:

Carry enough mix of cash and card balance in solo trip to avoid multiple public (ATM/bank/Exchange) transactions.


  1. First aid kit regular medicines:

This is last but not the least. Carry enough quantity of regular medicines (especially blood sugar, BP regulator, inhaler, feminine kit if you are a solo female traveller), because you never know, in case of any emergency stay, whether your brand will be available at your stopover point. However, no need to break your head on the first-aid items; you can simply buy a standard kit from any online shop. Thank your stars if you don’t need medicines in the tour but in hours of crisis, they can make or break your trip.