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Offbeat north goa | Offbeat things to do in North Goa
unique things to do in north goa

unique places to visit in north goa

Goa is the most famous vibrant destination in India.There are many unique places to visit in north Goa apart from the beaches ,water sports and famous forts. In this travel blog I will start from North Goa and then proceed to Panaji and finally end my journey in South Goa to explain the best offbeat and unique places to explore in Goa. There are many unique things to do in North Goa for travellers about which I have also written in my blog further.So lets start our journey from North Goa.

Monsoon in India brings heavy rainfall in the western part of India,and likewise the greenest scenes of the most famous tourist destination state in India i.e Goa occurs in this season in India. North Goa received a heavy monsoon last year and accordingly I planned my travel blog to explore the rural countryside to visit the best fort in North Goa this monsoon.

unique places to visit in north goa


SIOLIM- paradise to village to explore as one of the unique places to visit in north goa:-

I started my journey for North Goa sightseeing in exploring the best offbeat destinations as well as to visit some of the best forts in Goa from Siolim which is very near to Vagator. On the way to Siolim, I found this Chapora sunset viewpoint and a chapel just beside the cliff.

The view from this chapel in North Goa was just exquisite with the Chapora river meeting into the Arabian sea creating a difference in density of water thus a variance in the colour of the water, as in my travel blog. The mountain on the left side is Chapora and that on the right is Morjim as shown in the picture. This region boasts of some of the best forts in Goa.

From the viewpoint in North Goa, the green grasslands created an alluring scenery consisting of a narrow red lane leading to this white chapel. The entire place of this region in North Goa was devoid of any crowd so it was pretty suitable for me to capture the precise landscape in my camera.

This romantic view point is a must visit place among the mentioned best places to visit in North Goa for couples.Enjoying the Chapora sunset viewpoint is a very interesting thing among all the unique things to do in North Goa .



CORJUEM FORT-History revisited as one of the unique things to do in north goa:-

In North Goa situated in a rural village called Aldona we found a dilapidated Portuguese fort, which now is in ruins and not frequently visited by the tourists. Surrounded by iron-rich hills all around, the view of the hills was majestic when we reached on the terrace of the fort. For me, this fort is one best fort in Goa.

Built in 18th century this beautiful fortress was used for defence and military by the Portuguese from the neighboring Maratha rulers in the vicinity of Panjim. The fort in North Goa overlooks the Aldona river and is situated on an island separated by the nearby Mandovi river.

This is one of the only two forts in North Goa surviving which have been made form laterite soil so now it is a protected monument under the Goa, Daman and Diu archaeological society.

Though the best fort in Goa is very small when compared to the other major forts of North Goa in order to see the brighter side of beautiful rural Goa, this is truly a heritage site for tourists visiting this wonderful state. I moved towards visiting another famous fort in Goa. Corjuem fort is surely one of the best unique things to do in North Goa for couples.

AMTHANE DAM- monsoon paradise as unique things to do in north goa:-

I took advantage of the heavy rains and planned to visit a dam for my travel blog in North Goa which will be perhaps filled with plenty of water in its reservoir.

Amthane dam in North Goa serves as the main source of water for the nearby rural villages and the valley named after the village Amthane is painted with numerous water streams that get activated from the rainfall in the monsoon season.The road trip from Anjuna to Amthane in North Goa is an hour trip which brings out two significant different landscapes in the monsoons.

On the way to Amthane dam in North Goa first we get to see roads in between flooded plains with patches of green grasslands.

So driving through these roads creates an experience like spending moments in backwaters which perfectly suits with the scenery of the monsoon plains in rural Goa.

Then after half an hour, the hills arrive with utmost greenery due to the fresh grasslands that covers the valley of the Western Ghats in the monsoons. The patches of black colored rocks show its faces in between the grasslands creating an out of this world experience.

Amthane dam and amthane valley are the best places to visit in north goa for couples.

The experience was truly the best in this monsoon road trip and I concluded these memorable scenes as I captured the huge reservoir from the circular platform ,relevantly constructed for the panoramic views of the dam in North Goa.I would suggest this dam should be one of the best unique things to do in North Goa for couples especially in the monsoons because it seemed quite a romantic place to me.

Amthane dam


CUBE GALLERY- only art gallery to explore as unique places to visit in north goa:-

To my surprise I discovered an art gallery that proves how versatile the people of Goa are ,to set up such a masterpiece in the villages of Goa , a place which makes every blogger spellbound spell bound on the innovative creative genius of the contributors of this art gallery. Cube gallery is the first of it’s kind Avant grande art gallery situated in Moira ,a rural village in North Goa .

The terrific artwork both as paintings and from materials creates an unique experience like never before. Some talented artists have put up their creativity inside this gallery that blows away the innovative genius of a human mind.

best places to visit in goa

Take a note in the picture below that depicts Jhansi ki Rani in a different art form and how the craftwork symbolizes symbolises the splendid interpretation of patriotism for motherland. Cube gallery is surely the best offbeat place among the mentioned best places to visit in north goa for couples.

Likewise, the award-winning oil paintings are abstract but are award winning pieces of art,and many of such masterpieces can be seen here in detail. The building architecture in North Goa, lights and colour combination of the walls,all have been put to the highest level of creativity for which this place is must-visit destination for not only people who love art but for people who want lesser-known to see the creative genius of human art. Forts in Goa boast of beauty and grandeur.

SHIRDONA CHAPEL- Panoramic view in unique things to do in north goa:-

I explored a lesser known beautiful chapel in the outskirts of Panaji that also lies in north goa district. Siridao or Shirdona as pronounced in Konkani is a small village located just 7km north of Panaji which is famous for the chapel of Jesus of Nazareth.

Scholars believe that the architecture of the chapel resembles that of Jewish style and so in the pre-Portuguese era, the place might have been inhabited by the Jews. This chapel is located on a hilltop overlooking the Siridao beach where the zuari river meets the Arabian sea.

Shirdona chapel
Shirdona chapel in north goa

Just like the statue of Jesus in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, there is a Jesus statue standing tall on this hill. The beautiful white and sky blue color combination of the chapel and the stairs makes it an ideal destination for the photographers who can also get a panoramic view of the Zuari bay.

It is recommended to visit the chapel early in the morning to catch the reflections of the sunlight on the white color of the chapel and watch a beautiful sunrise from the horizon.

Unlike other chapels, this chapel is smaller in size but the surrounding area is huge with avenues of coconut trees. The statue of Jesus is an added attraction as it stands on the highest point of village want lesser as if giving his blessings to the society and culture of around 2200 people living in this quaint village.

If I had not visited North Goa , I would never have known that there are so many unique things to do in North Goa.