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Places to Visit in Panjim Goa | Things to do in Panaji
Places to visit in panjim goa

Unique places to visit in panjim goa

There are many unique places to visit in Panjim Goa. The Konkan coast historical structures are among the best places to visit in Panaji. These structures date back to the majestic rule of the Maratha rulers and the Portuguese settlement in Goa. While driving from Mumbai to Goa, many forts pass by. Across the coast of the  Arabian sea but as we arrive in Goa the style of architecture changes as the famous fort in Goa was mainly built by the Portuguese. In this Panjim travel blog, I have explained about all such important historical structures and places to visit in  Panjim Goa.


places to visit in panjim goa

places to visit in panjim goa

Mandovi river view

One of the most famous fort to visit in Goa from where we can get a stunning view of the Mandovi river and the Arabian sea is Reis Magos fort. In Goa reis, Magos fort resort is one of the best tourist spots.

Recently restored by the government, this famous fort in Goa lies a few km within the heart of the capital city, Panjim. It gets overshadowed by the tourists due to the fame of Aguada and Chapora Fort. The entry fee to this famous fort in Goa is 50Rs per head with 250 RS extra for a single camera. This famous fort in Goa is very much visible from the Panjim side of the Mandovi river. While Panjim can be seen from the Eastern terrace of the fort guarded by three canons.

This famous fort in Goa was a residential place for the viceroy’s traveling to and from Lisbon. It was later converted to a prison, the reminiscence of which can be seen just at the entrance.

There are three large rooms inside this famous fortress that displays the brief history of the fortress. It was built in the 16th century which has been well preserved by the tourism government of heritage Goa as one of Panaji’s top tourist attractions.

This famous fort in Goa was never captured by the Maratha rulers but was briefly conquered by the British army. Though smaller in size than other forts to visit in Goa, this famous fort in Goa stands tall with elegance. It depicts the architectural brilliance of the Portuguese and how they used to prevent the conquests from the nearest estuary of the Mandovi river.


places to visit in panjim goa
church of St. Cajetan old goa

Church of St. Cajetan which is also known as the church of Divine Providence is a roman catholic church. It shows the brilliance of architectural designs in Old Goa. As I was exploring the more famous tourist attractions of Panaji so I selected some particular places which have delicate uniqueness in its location and history.

As far as location is concerned the church is located near Mandovi river. It has beautiful plantations of coconut trees creating a serene atmosphere along the road.

There is a coconut avenue in front of the exquisite riverside of the Mandovi river. It provides an ideal opportunity for capturing the Riverside promenade of Old goa.

This church is now a world heritage site that looks like the famous St. Peter’s Basilica of the Vatican city. This is because the church was exclusively designed by the Italian architects and was completed in the year 1661. It was believed that the dead bodies of the Portuguese soldiers were kept here. In a vault inside the complex of the church, before they were being transferred to Lisbon.


St Augustine tower old goa

There are many famous churches I chose to visit the remains of the St. Augustine tower. Due to its stupendous historical significance and ecstatic structural remains that still boast of a delicate church of the past. The church was built in 1602 and now the remains belong to the society of world heritage site.

In the early 19th century the church collapsed owing to the negligence of the then Portuguese rulers. They were on the verge of rigorous repressive religious policies. The bell from the tower of this church was moved to our lady church of the Immaculate in Panaji Goa.

The church finally collapsed in 1935 and to date. The haunting remains of the complex are the most visited tourist attractions in Panjim Goa due to its sheer fame among photographers.

The church has also been a famous location for the shooting of numerous Bollywood films. Of the four towers, only one remains now which is made of laterite bricks and has a height of a four-storeyed building. Other than that the complex had eight chapels and four altar


In this Panjim travel blog, I would like to share some information about the Chapel of the Lady of Mount in old goa. It is a 16th-century chapel and was built by Afonso the Portuguese general after his conquest over the Deccan king. Therefore, making it one of the oldest chapels in old Goa.

Every year in the month of November the music festival is celebrated in this chapel projecting the Indian and western classical music. In other times the place remains isolated with the stairs leading to the chapel covered with green grass or algae.

The chapel is located on a hilltop providing panoramic views of Panaji town, Mandovi river, and Divar island. Due to its isolated location, the place is ideal for the tranquility of mind. Especially in monsoons when it is not much visited by the tourists and we get a suitable time to capture the dark clouds floating over the flooded plains of the Mandovi river.

Although there are a number of stairs to climb up and reach the chapel. After reaching that the front of the chapel the panoramic views of the old Goa and Mandovi river are worth every inch of hardship to climb the stairs. I was fortunate enough to reach the chapel just before the arrival of the rains and capture the most astounding scenery of old Goa under the moisture-laden clouds.

places to visit in panjim goa


panjim travel blog
things to do in panaji
Estevam fort in panaji
thinga to do in panaji
things to do in panaji

Many parts of central goa consist of river islands of which St. Estevam island is a uniquely rich cultural and agricultural place. In ancient times this island was known for the unity of the villagers and the highest GDP among all the places in Goa.

This island is also known as Zuem, Xhakecho Zunvo’ (Island of Vegetables) and Ilha de Verde (Green Island). These are all local names. But mainly this island is famous for producing a special variety of seven ridges green ladyfinger. Due to which the villagers were known by the name Bhendi.

The island in Panaji has a fort with the same name constructed by the Portuguese in the seventeenth century. It is situated on a hillock providing magnificent views of the nearby Divar island and flooded plains of the river.

In the monsoons, this is one of the top places to see in Panaji as from here we can see the nearby plains get flooded by the cumburjua canal. Whereas, the backwaters of the Arabian sea due to which the entire plains of the nearby Vanxim, Divar, and Chorao island looks like green plants floating over a river.

Besides the fort, there is also a small church called Christ the King monument. The church has some exceptional delicate arc-like structures protruding from the top of there church below the statue of Christ.

This fort is not much famous in Goa and there are neither proper signboards leading to the location of the hillock. It is better to take the help of the locals to go to this village. After a certain point, the road becomes rough and narrow and so steep trekking for about 10 minutes is required to go at the top to reach the fort.

things to do in panaji


I am really eager to share information about Fontainhas in this Panjim travel blog. Because Fontainhas is my favorite place among all the places mentioned in Panjim travel blog. Fontainhas is the area at the base of Altinho hill in Panaji Goa which is considered as a world heritage site. Portuguese named it Fontainhas after a natural spring from the Altinho hill which means Fountain of Phoenix. It was this area where the Portuguese lived after they shifted their capital from Old Goa to Panjim. So, one can find numerous heritage buildings of the Portuguese era.

The blend of both Indian and Portuguese architecture in the buildings that lay on either side of the lanes in Fontainhas. It makes this place so colorful and most sought out place for photographers.

Small cafes and pubs with bright colored walls and white window panes make the lanes a perfect ambiance for portrait photography. At the night, this tourist spot in Panjim becomes illuminated with neon lights from the European style architecture walls. The best of which can be captured when we go towards the Old Patio bridge in the circle facing the Down the road riverfront restaurant.

Where to stay:- Hotel Maetus is the perfect hotel to stay in Panaji in Fontainhas owing to its vicinity to the beautiful portuguese colonies and the elegant restaurants in panaji. Link is given below for booking.

A walk down the memory lane of the most heritage and colorful place of Panjim is a must activity to imbibe the romantic vibes of Goa.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):-

Which is the best area to stay in Panaji?

Fontainhas is the best area to stay in panaji

Which is the best hotel in panaji?

Hotel Mateus is the best hotel to sstay in fontainhas panaji goa.

Which is the best fort to visit in panaji?

Reis magos fort is the best fort to visit in panaji.

Which is the best waterfall near panaji?

Harvalem waterfall in Cudnem river is the best waterfall near panaji.

Panaji is in which district in goa?

Panaji or panjim is in north goa.

What is the approximate taxi fare from Dabolim airport and madgaon railway staion to panaji?

It costs around rs 1100 from Dabolim airport to panaji and rs1500 from madgaon railway station to panaji.


I hope that travelers find this Panjim travel blog informative and enjoy reading the blog.

things to do in panaji


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