Best view of Kanchenjunga from North Bengal | Kanchenjunga Mountain Peak
view of kanchenjunga from north bengal

Celestial Holi Celebrations with Mt. Kanchenjunga from ‘Dinajpur House’

This stunning travel blog is all about the view of Kanchenjunga from north Bengal or kanchenjunga mountain peak. Since my childhood, I remember my grandma’s description of the mesmerizing views of the peaks. What could have been a better time to witness the celestial colour plays in the morning and gorgeous views of the entire range on a full moon night. In other words, This is the best view of Kanchenjunga from north bengal. (view of Kanchenjunga)


view of kanchenjunga from north bengal

view of kanchenjunga from north bengal
view of kanchenjunga from north bengal

Dinajpur House’ is located on Ringkingpong Road, at a beautiful hill top near Kalimpong. Perched at an altitude of 4100 feet above sea level, it is around 80 kilometres from the Bagdogra airport. It was not my first visit to Kalimpong though. However but yes the first stay at the vintage bungalow for sure.

We boarded a local taxi from airport after loads of bargains and filthy negotiation with the prepaid brokers. Because honestly speaking, where so many foreigners visit round the year, the transport authorities must work towards strengthening the governance.

view of kanchenjunga from north bengal

view of kanchenjunga from north bengal
view of kanchenjunga from north bengal

On the way to Dinajpur:- Place for view of kanchenjunga from north bengal.

We continued on NH10 for major part of our journey, crossing a rail bridge near Sevoke. A chilly wind pierced our skin as we kept soaring up the hills towards Ringkingpong. We avoided the overcrowded downtown area by taking the Kalimpong Bypass route.We were on the way to get the best view of kanchenjunga from north bengal.

The hotel entrance was beautifully lit and decorated with flowering plants to add a festive touch. Our check-in was hassle free. We were given a garden view room at the third floor. The antique woodworks of the hotel lobby and reception area were noteworthy. However, the room quality and cleanliness must be improved compared to the tariff.

Keeping aside the hotel amenities, the building has a very attractive fact attached to its existence. Centuries ago, ‘Dinajpur House’ was inhabited by the Maharaja of Dinajpur as his summer retreat.

In other words It is strategically positioned around a kilometre above the Kalimpong town, with a panoramic view of the landscape from the main podium. It still belongs to the Dinajpur royal estate. However a portion of it has been recently renovated and leased out to the luxurious Park Hotel group for tourist accommodation.This is the best accomodation to get the best view of kanchenjunga from north bengal.

best view of kanchenjunga from north bengal


Dinajpur house:- view of kanchenjunga from north bengal.

The heritage aspect of the hotel was the most attractive part of our stay. It was quite evident from the well maintained trophy room and outhouse turned to bar.

There were wonderful antique collections of furniture, utensils, grandpa’s clock, a Victorian wall clock, a magnificent fireplace and stuffed animals etc to add up to our grand experience.But  from one of the hotel boys we came to know that the building has been often portrayed in old and new Bengali films including a recent release.

Alarm echoed sharp at 1am and we dragged our tired bodies to the top floor observatory.But It was dark otherwise, except a glowing snowline at a stone throwing distance.

Couldn’t believe our own eyes – it was absolutely cloudless that night and we could clearly see all the peaks of the entire Kanchenjunga range. Therefore Mr. Kumbhakarna at extreme left to Mt. Pandim and the main Mt. Kanchenjunga peaks at the centre. Oh, what a lifetime view it was! Our midnight celebrations were revelled with a toast.

However next wait was for another three and half hours – the fire plays of rising sun kissing the snow peaks with saffron and silver colours. But Alarm buzzed sharp at 5.30am. Morning sun’s first glows started appearing and slowly the blue outlines became visible. It was right at 6.15am when the Mt. Kanchenjunga main peaks became feebly visible.

By 6.30am, the outline of the entire Kanchenjunga range was visible on our left while the sun rose from our right. The view of the changing colours on the white snow was not just great, but splendid. It seemed like as if Lord Krishna took the form of the Sun, to play Holi with his beloved Radha in a white dress, waiting to be drenched.

kanchenjunga mountain peak

kanchenjunga mountain peak


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