Vizag tourist places


This Vizag travel blog  contains my experience about Best Beautiful Places To Visit in Vizag Attractions,  vizag tourist places .City of Vizag, also called as Vishakhapatnam , is the capital of Andra Pradesh and is the third-largest city on the east coast of India after Chennai and Kolkata. Vizag serves as the headquarters of the Indian Naval Command.

Some say, “I love the sea” and some say, “I love Rocks”. But I say “I love Vizag”. This atypical combination of beaches and hills have more than enough surprises to quest the thirst of a resilient adventure lover. Vizag (aka “Goa of the East”) is the 2nd largest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This ‘city of destiny’ has beautiful beaches, a hill-station and 150 million years old, 800 meters below sea level, an underground cave and oldest shipyard, and the only natural harbor on the east coast of India. But those are not enough to fall in love with this city until I visited the city. I hope  that my experience and the information that I have shared in this Vizag travel blog further is of some use to my readers.

Vizag tourist places

Start of the Journey for vizag tourist places

As usual, before starting my journey, I also went through many articles and found a brief history of this beauty. In the 6th century, the city was a part of the Kalinga region, and by the 18th century or to be more historically specific 260 BC, it was already becoming a bone of contention between French and British colonial rule. The past says that Kalinga had lost this region to King Ashoka in the goriest battle.

It is due to King Ashoka who embraced Buddhism in the latter part of his life, that we see Buddhist influence in the surroundings of the city.  It was subsequently owned by the Vangi kings of the Andhra region. The region was later ruled by the Pallavas, the Cholas, and the kings of the Ganges. And after this, a lot of blood and battle was our next destination.


Day 1

Vizag travel blog

After all planning and fixing, we boarded the Yashwantpur Express on Friday, the 13th March, at 8:30 PM from Howrah. It was a 14-hour overnight journey, from Bengal to Andhra over Orissa. The pantry food changed from Aloo chops and Samosas to Idlis and Upma over-night. After a lot of chit-chatting, leg-pulling, and gossips we reached Vizag station at 10:30 AM sharp.

While choosing a place to stay, people are thus divided between staying close to Rishikonda or R. K. beach, where we choose the main city and found a hotel just closer to the R.K beach named Hotel Rio Beach as it has a pretty decent review.

Vizag tourist Places I visited on Day 1

So it was time to rejuvenate our body after a long rest in the hotel bed after such a hectic train journey. Later on, in that evening we also explored the locality enriched with some tourist attractions like Submarine Museum, MatsyaDarshini (A fish museum), Kali Mata temple, and rest of the day was completely passed by sitting in the cozy air and clean sand of the beach. No doubt I will count it as one of the cleanest and calmest beaches I have ever visited. A perfect place to relieve your soul from the hustle of a city shore.

  • INS Kursura Submarine Museum – It is nothing but an original Submarine (Kalvari-class diesel-electric submarine of the Indian Navy and fifth submarine of India) which after its dedicated and devoted service for the Indian Naval Services made his way as a museum and professional guides take you inside and give you a tour of the whereabouts on how a submarine works, at wartime how to launch torpedoes, engines machinery how life is inside a submarine and lots more, which will give you an immense idea on a submarine and our navy.
  • MatsyaDarshini– A fish museum with many beautiful and rear to found fishes and is quite enjoyable for children.
  • Kali Mata temple–It is just Opposite to RK beach bus stop. It is a moderately big temple of the idol of Kaali maa. It looks like a small replica of Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Kolkata.


Vizag tourist places I visited on Day 2 

The next day we arranged the Andhra Pradesh Tourism bus (APTDC – Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation) for visiting the heritage town a bit more organized. It was a “Visakhapatnam Heritage Tour- AC” bus which departed on clock 9 AM. Now the route is as follows:


Simhadri or Simhachalam temple is a Hindu temple which is dedicated to the incarnation (avatar) of Vishnu known as Narasimha (the man-lion). The top of the hill has a famous temple said to be the abode of Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swami, and hence the hill itself is called (Nara) Simhachalam. The sculpture surely reminds us to bow down towards ancient Indian ancient architects. It is truly jealousy for the modern engineer as well as the artists.

Vizag travel blog

2. Kailasagiri – Vizag tourist place

There is a really big Shiva statue of Lord Siva and Parbati along with a well-maintained public park on the top of the hill station. But even if you are not a religious person and wouldn’t bother to go up a hill to see Shiv Parvati, I recommend you to visit this place just to get a bird’s eye view of the entire Vishakhapatnam city and the Arabian Sea, Ramakrishna beach, Kailasagiri beach, and other beaches along with ships in the sea. This view from the hilltop is just mesmerised me. There is a ropeway and toy train service (AC or Non – Ac) to beat the heat which gives you a closure visual to the city. I recommend taking the ropeway as it offers you a heavenly beautiful site for your trip.

Shiva statue of Lord Siva and Parbati


3. Thotla Kond- hidden place among vizag tourist places

This Buddhist Complex has a valuable history and cultural value with a mind-blowing architectural wonder. At about 15 km from Visakhapatnam (Vizag), it had its heyday between 3rd century BC and 3rd century AD with a religious cum academic center. It accommodated about 100 Buddhist mendicants or monks with arrangements for storing food, medicine, clothes, and another necessity. One of them which drew my attention was a Water reservation. It was built in such a principle that fills with hot water only in the winter season and never spills out ever. That is a true wonder of Indian ancient architects.

4. Rishi Konda Beach-jewel of  vizag 

It is a self-proclaimed-day spendable tourist location on its own. Mainly in the evening the cool breezes from the sea’s soothe you from the scorching heat of the sun at noon. It has become even better with lots of facilities like shower rooms, lifeguards, and ample parking. And also, the typical seafood shops will add flavor to the quality time you spend on the beach. One more attraction I must say is that the hand to hand location of the rock and the sea. And despite having this odd coexistence you will find that the beach has a very low wave and tide. It results in you feeling like a swimming pool which is ideal for taking bath for any age.

5. VisakhaMuseum

An old Dutch bungalow turned into a museum (Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation Museum) and was opened to the public in 1991. The location is just in front of the famous RK Puram Beach. Although there is a lot of stuff to wonder in this museum, apart from the weapons, paintings, manuscripts, coins, dress, jewellery, pots used by the former rulers of this region. But there are some things, which are displayed in the museum really thrilled me as a visitor. The shell of the bomb that was dropped upon Visakhapatnam by Japan during World War II is still kept here. If you are fond of the history and culture of the Navy and warship, then this museum offers you something you are not expecting.

Vizag travel blog

6. Kursura Submarine Museum

As I previously told we had visited it already, but this is also in their route. So, I honourably mentioned it here, in my Vizag travel blog.

This was the end of the second-day journey and for the rest of the day, RK beach was enough to enjoy the night breeze of the shoring sea.


Day 3

This is the most exciting part of this Vizag travel blog. We decided to return back to Rishikonda beach and spent the whole morning there. Later on, we hired an auto after burgeoning obviously and took a trip to the dolphin nose which is clearly visible from RK beach. There is also some local spot to visit.

  • Yarada Beach– Yarada Beach is one of the popular beaches of Visakhapatnam that offers an exceptionally romantic and soothing environment. It is the calmest and peaceful beach among all the other popular beaches here.
  • Lighthouse –If you once climb straight up to the lighthouse then I bet you will experience a never experienced sea view.

vizag tourist places

Day 4

We boarded VSKP KRDL Passenger departing at 06:50 from Visakhapatnam Railway Station. We arrived at Araku Railway Station at 10:50 the same day. After reaching there we hired a taxi to travel a route toward Bora Cave. It is a whole day long trip and you can hire the same cab to return back to Vizag again.

After the full journey being over as I already told we took the same cab to come back to Vizag town. And it was time to bid a warm goodbye to the people of Vizag and set back toward home town. We had a train reservation for YPR BGP ANGA EXPRESS at 8:50 pm. So, we checked out from the hotel and the trip was coming to its end. But no doubt we were taking back some beautiful memories with us to share. We have made the whole trip in 6 days but if you wish to spend more time you definitely have other places to visit around Vizag. I hope that you liked this Vizag travel` blog.


vizag travel blog


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