This travel blog on Yuksom tours will cover in details about places to visit in yuksom which was the first capital of west sikkim. Yuksom is a town in West Sikkim, it was the first capital of Sikkim in the 17th Centuary. It not only forms an important base point for the famous Goechala trek, but also has a rich historical background.

We reached Yuksom and checked into Hotel Red Palace which is situated 1 km uphill inside the pine forests of Yuksom bazaar. It is the one of the best hotels in this hill area offering some out of this world views of the Himalayas . The hotel offers rooms starting from Rs 1600 which are wooden and spacious, each having a wide angle view of the West Sikkim valley. Most surprisingly the Chenrezig statue of the skywalk in Pelling is visible from the hotel and the Mount Kabru peak of the Himalayas.

How to reach Yuksom – Nearest railway station and airport is Siliguri,from there a cab will take 5 hours to reach yuksom.

Best hotel to stat hotel to stay :- Hotel red palace near Yukom bazaar.

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1. Norbugang Coronation throne- Historical remains in yuksom tours

The first tourist spot that we visited in Yuksom tours was the Norbugang coronation throne.The spot was previously a trekking route but now the spot is motorable through a cobbled road . The tourist spot has an adjacent monastery which has a huge Buddhist statue overlooking the Yuksom valley.

The coronation throne is more like a park which has a rich history dating back to the 17th century when Yuksom was the capital of the Sikkimese king. Here the king Lhatsen Chempo was coronated by three lamas and it was believed that when the king received the gifts from all the people of the area ,these were buried in the chortens that was build with woods and stones collected from all parts of Sikkim.The throne known as Norbugang is situated below a large pine tree which is now believed to be more than three hundred years old.The coronation throne which was built with stones is whitewashed now and decorated with numerous prayer flags all around.

yuksom tours, WEST SIKKIM TRAVEL BLOG 2020 | YUKSOM TOUR, Tours And Journey, Tours And Journey

2. Kathok Lake:-

Adjacent to this holy park in yuksom tours there is a lake called Kathok which also derives it’s significance from Buddhism practiced by the lamas living in the area. The sanctity of the lake can be understood by the numerous prayer flags that fits in with the pristine green grassland and the surrounding mountains in the vicinity of the lake. I was even surprised to see the colourful orange fishes inside the lake that thrive on the algae and organic plants on the lake. The lake can be reached through by a meagre 50 metres walking through a rough terrain of rocks and roots but this little effort will lead us to a wonderful location of utmost natural beauty in this part of Sikkim.

yuksom tours, WEST SIKKIM TRAVEL BLOG 2020 | YUKSOM TOUR, Tours And Journey, Tours And Journey

3. Dubdi Monastery:-

A half an hour drive in the direction of the helipad of Yuksom will lead us to the oldest monastery of Sikkim called Dubdi monastery. The road to the Dubdi monastery from Yuksom is extremely rough and patchy through dense forests. From the motorable road one has to trek uphill for 400 metres to reach this ancient monastery. The trek is through dense jungle and extremely steep so be careful to hold your breath and keep your time to reach your final destination. The monastery is situated in a completely isolated place and most of the tourists come here to spend their time in solitude.

The monastery in local language meaning the retreat was established by the first king of Sikkim in the year 1701 .The monastery has a beautiful architecture which contains ancient manuscripts and the three statues of the lamas who established Yuksom as the first capital of Sikkim in the 17th century. Relevant to it’s historical importance the monastery is situated inside deep forest providing astounding views of the Himalayas in the background.

yuksom tours, WEST SIKKIM TRAVEL BLOG 2020 | YUKSOM TOUR, Tours And Journey, Tours And Journey

4. Phamrong Waterfall:-

Phamrong waterfalls as our last destination in this circuit. Phamrong waterfall is situated deep into the forests ,7 km from Yuksom on the highway towards Tashiding. This is the highest waterfall of Sikkim and the splendid view of the gushing waterfall flowing down from the Himalayas can be captured from a bridge just on the front of the waterfall ,adorned with prayer flags.

For travellers seeking to get a closer view of the waterfall have to trek around 200 steps after which there is a view point. The trek is a little bit scary as the steps are almost damaged and one has to cross some precarious terrain of rocks and boulders.The pathway is through dense jungle but after some 15 minute of hard work one gets the delightful opportunity to spend some priceless moments with the alluring scenery of the mighty waterfall. From here one gets to capture the waterfall in their photo frame from different angles and admire the greenery of the surrounding Himalayas.

After my short stay in West Sikkim I returned back through the same route via Jorethang to Siliguri taking back beautiful memories of the most religious circuit of Sikkim. It is also advisable to stay for another day in Yuksom as after my numerous adventures in the Himalayas I found this quaint village as one of the most scenic and cleanest village in North East of India. The hill station provides some stunning views of the Himalayas and is also an important gateway to the enigmatic Kanchendzonga national park.



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